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MACHYNLLETH. AMBULANCE EXAMINATION.—On Friday evening ttwenty-one candidates sat for the ambulance examination at the Cambrian Railway Station. The examiner was Dr. Thomas, Welshpool. The instructor is Dr. W. R. Williams. RIFLE -RANGE.- Everything points to the pro- vision of a rifle range at Machynlleth becoming an established fact. The ground has been measured and marked out, and it will now only be necessary to secure the sanction of the War Office to the site before putting it to practical use. OPENING OF NEW SCHOOLROOM.—The opening of the new schoolroom at Penybont-ar-Dovey for the use of the Sunday School held at that place in connection with the Graig Welsh Congregational Church, Machynlleth, took place on Sunday last. In the afternoon a special prayer meeting was held, conducted by the Rev. Josiah Jones, pastor, when several persons took part. The building is a com- pact and comfortable one, the contractor being Mr. J. O. Williams, Machynlleth. CYMDEITHAS CYMRrlIGYDDIO-N.-A n other meet- ing of the Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion Cyfeiliog was held on Wednesday evening last at the Town Hall, the Rev. T..D. Hughes (vice-president) occupying the chair in the unavoidable absence of Mr. John Rowlands (president). Two excellent papers were read by Mr. John Jones, Tynybiaich, and 1 'Tegwyn," Dinas Mawddwy, the former upon the subjects of Dr. Davies Mallwyd," and the latter upon Hugh Jones, Maesglasau." Both gentlemen are popular and successful litterateurs. Mr. John Jones was well-known to an earlier gener- ation by the active part he took in many an eisteddfod, while -1 Tegwyn's" compositions are also known far beyond his own neighbourhood. The subject of the first paper is a most interesting personage, as Dr. Davies played a very prominent part in the translation of the Bible into Welsh, pro- duced a gigantic Welsh-Latin and Latin-Welsh dictionary, besides several very important works, historical and theological. He was a ripe scholar in the classics, and the period in which he lived was a most interesting one, historically and ecclesiastically. The old parish church of Mallwyd is very ancient, and the walls are built in two counties, viz., Montgomeryshireand Merionethshire. The altar was formerly in the centre of the church; the famous Archbishop Laud requested Dr. Davies that it should be removed to the east end of the church. Dr. Davies refused, feeling ran high, the Communion table was temporarily removed by force, but not for long, for Dr. Davies soon restored it to its old position in the centre of the church. We do not know whether it stands there still or not. The paper threw light upon the ignorance which then hovered over Wales-the clergy alone had the key of wisdom and knowledge-but even their knowledge of Welsh was for the most part shamefully imperfect. The paper was listened to with very much interest. The second paper re- ferred to another well-known Welsh writer on religious subjects chiefly, a man who published 26 Welsh books under very trying and difficult cir- cumstances. This paper was also very much en- joyed. Interesting discussions followed the read- ing of both papers, and the two gentlemen were afterwards heartily thanked for providing the society with so edifying an evening. The gather- ing concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair- man. Amongst those also present were: Ap Gwyddon" (Dr. E. Davies-Rees), "Wnion" (the Rev. E. W. Evans), Rev. E.- Roberts, Mr H. H. Meyler, M.A., Mr Evan Jones, B.A., B.Sc., Mr D. Evans, solicitor, Mr Jenkins, National Provincial Bank, Mr Edward Rees, chemist, Mr D. Phillip Jones, &c. This Society's syllabus is one of the best we have seen, and the gatherings always prove a source of education and enjoyment. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.-TUESDAY. Present:—Mr. W. M. Jones, in the chair; Messrs. Richard Gillart, Edward Gillart, John Pugh, Rd. Rees, T. Smith, J. M. Breeze, E. Rees, with Mr. John Rowlands, clerk; D. Phillip Jones, assistant clerk; Dr. A. O. Davies; John Jones, surveyor, and W. Williams, collector. COUNTY RATING.. A circular was read from the Clerk to the Montgomery County Council also enclosing the county rate basis, and asking if the Urban District Council had any objectionTto the rating. The returns of the old basis for ttie Machynlleth district was Z6,453, and the new basis was L7196 18s. 6d. The assessable value of the parish being £6443. INFECTIOUS DISEASES ACT, 1889. The clerk read a letter from the Local Govern- ment Board stating that the Infectious Diseases Acts, 1889 and 1889, had now been made com- pulsory for the rural aud district councils. The Acts show that each family should report to the Medical Officer of health, any infectious disease, and if not complied with a fine will be imposed. He (the Clerk) had already bought books, &c., for the Surveyor and Medical Officer. Mr. Edward Rees proposed, and Mr. J. M. Breeze seconded, that the Council approve what the clerk had already done. This was agreed to. PLANS. Plans of the proposed new houses to be built by Mr. Williams, architeet, in Garsiwn were submitted, and referred to the surveyor for recommendation. Mr. Williams, architect, appeared personally and complained that the Council were doing away with his plans every time. The Council were aware that he submitted plans to them on several occasions and were not approved of. He had experienced more trouble with this Council than any other Council. The surveyor had always told him that he had nothing to do with the plans. Mr. Pugh stated that the Council bad done everything that they possibly could to Mr. Williams, and at the same time pointed out that privies. &c., should be put on the plans. There being another set of plans containing the privies, &c.. it was agreed that these plans be re- ferred to the surveyor. SEWARAGE. A letter was read from Mr, J. M. Howell refus- ing to let the field for the proposed sewerage works on his property at Ogofach. Mr. Richard Rees proposed, and Mr. Gilart seconded, and it was agreed, that a small deputa- tion should meet Mr. Howell, and Mr. W. M. Jones (chairman), Mr. Edward Gillart, and Mr. Rowlands (clerk) were appointed. FINANCE COMMITTBE'S REPORT, This report was read and approved of, with the exception of the Gas Co.'s bill for gas for the town. Mr. Edward Rees proposed, and it was agreed, that the Council apply for a reduction in the bill. Owing to the size of the town. he considered it too high. TOWN REFUSB. Mr. Gillart stated that he wished to call the attention of the Council to the fact that the refuse in the streets had not been, carted away in time.. He did not think it was the fault of the carter, but it was the fault of. the inhabitants for not carrying out the refuse in time. The Surveyor also stated that some would have the refuse ready the previous night, and others long after the cart had passed. VACANCY.. The Clerk stated that there was a vacancy on the Council from the north ward. In reply to Mr. Breeze, the Clerk stated that the election would take place about the end of March or beginning of April. The matter was left over till the next meeting. APPOINTMENT OR LAMPLIGHTER. Six applications were received for the lighting of the town for the season. It was agreed that Mr. John Jones, Graigfach, be appointed at Is per night. COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The Collector reported that one summons was issued at the last session against Mr. Jones, Lion Hotel, and was returnable. The second instalment of the district was X480 16s 8d. He was glad to say that E319 10s 3d had been already collected. Other summonses had bean issued for the next police court meeting, and he hoped that by the next meeting he would have a clear sheet (hear, hear). The report was then approved.


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