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I TALYBONT. ADVERTISERS should send their advertisements to the Welsh Gazette. They will find the charges Very moderate. RBADER.-The Welsh Gazette is published every | Thursday and you should get it on that day. | GHNEROSITY.—The Reading Room has found a J timely benefactor in the person of Mr. L. P. j Hughes of Tanyrallt, now at Messrs Schoolbred's, 1 the well-known London House. Mr. Hughes has presented the institution with a large number oi valuable books which are much appreciated by all. t Now then, who next-the more, the merrier. | PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST. Before Messrs T. J. Morgan, D. Howell, and J. M. Williams. THE LATE MR. PRYSE.—The magistrates pre- sent expressed their deep sympathy with Mrs. PrYlle (Lodge Park), and Sir Pryse Pryse and Lady Pryse (Gogerddan) in their sad bereavement in the death of the late Mr. P. P. Pryse, who had been 0 a fellow-magistrate for several years.-Thc Clerk Was directed to convey this expression to the wife and relatives. ALLEGED ASSAULT.—Thomas Jones, Tynewydd, Talybont, shepherd, charged Isaac Davies, Wern, Talybont, butcher, with assault. Complainant said Monday, the 22nd ult., he was at the Black j -Lion Hotel, Talybont, about 8.30 p.m. He was sitting on a chair near the kitchen fire with Oever I others. Defendant came in with a glass of beer in his band. He put the glass of beer on the table and said, It is very hot here." He then took j Off his coat, and put it on the settle, and came to the fire near him, and said, How is the £ 20 man getting on," meaning him (the defendant). After I further conversation, defendant knocked him on the nose, and he fell against the wall, and as the I result of this treatment lie bled considerably. He remained in the hotel for about half an hour after defendant had left. As he was going home, Davies *Qd another man named Owen Evans, came up to kim. The former said, As we have begun we *»ight as well finish it. Come with me to the field." He (complainant) refused, whereupon! Tbavies pushed him into the hedtre. Defendant 9.11, evidence on his ow^ behalf. Ha went Sto the Blnck Lion on the night in question, c heard complainant telling those present that the defmdant had owed him a lot of money for three pr four years. He then went to him and asked him if he was the better man. Complainant arose and OArne towards him, and tried to kick him. He flight hold of him by the collar of the coat, and the man fell on his side. He did not strike him, Neither did he see him bleeding. He (defendant) then went and sat on the settle, and prosecutor tried to get at him again, but a man named John ftiths prevented him. He then went home, and tiid not see complainant afterwards.—The ease was dismissed. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—Two brothers, -aœed John Lewis and Lewis Lewis, living at Tyngraig, Talybont, were charged with being ctrunk and disorderly on the highway on the 23rd January. P.C. Joseph said at 10 p.m. on the date -a.rned he heard a disturbance on the highway at the back of the Black Lion. He went there, and saw the two brothers scuffling on the ground, and » ttowd around them. On being told to go home they both went.-John was now fined 10s. and ,e08e: and Lewis 5s. and costs.





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