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I ][:I. ABERYSTWYTH. HORSE KILLED.—On Monday evening a horse 'belonging to Mr James Jones, Tyilwyd, which had strayed on to the M. & M. line, was run over and killed by the 6-20 train on Monday last, a short distance beyond Llanrhystyd-road station. BAND OF HOPE.—On Wednesday last a tea and entcrtj.i?/ 0ivci: i:. English Wesleyan Band of Hope, at the Schoolroom. The following ladies presided at the tal)!s:Yliss Moreora, Miss Metcalfe, Misses Northey. Misses Collins, Miss Owen (North-parade), Miss E. Williams, and Miss Edith Wilkinson. In the evening the Rev. A. Burgess presided over an entertainment. RSCHU^H '"•? Eyf-LAy™ TEMPERANCE SOCIDTY. —The weekly meeting of the above was held at the "Ysgoldy" (St. Michael's Place) on Friday evening last. The Archdeacon, who generally preside*, was unavoidably absent. Accordingly the Rev Ambrose Junes, one of the three vice-presidents, took the chair. The programme was as follows:— Address. Mr W. Wright; song, Mr E. D. Griffiths, U.C.W.; reading. Miss A. Morris; song. Mr C. E. Ollett, U.C.W.; address, Mr Cox, Brynmor- road song. Miss Molly Owen; recitation, Mr J. Donelly; quartette, Mrs Panchen, Mi.^s Molly Owen. Mr E. D. Griffiths (U.C.W.), and Mr Ollett. Six new members joined the Society, which has now 76 pledged adults over 13 years of age. Mr Peter Williams (North-road), at the close of the meeting made an explanation in which he stated that on ac- count of the absence of several young men who are prominent members of the Society, Mr Rae Richards, Heart of Oak House, would postpone the discussion of the appointment of a Visiting Com- mittee until next week. and other items of business would have to be adjourned also. Miss Sarah Lewis, 12. South Marine-terrace, was appointed to draw up the programme for next week. The Societv has recentlv been affiliated to the Diocesan Society of St. David's. There is no falling off in y I the attendance at the Society's meetings, but on the contrary, in spite of the extremely wet weather. a marked increase, especially in the number of young men. TOWN T. COLLEGE.—On Saturdav a football match, under association rules, was played on the College ground before a fair assemblage of specta- tors. Although they contested well, the University had to be contet with a defeat of four goals to nil, Wheelan, Barson, and Marshall being re- sponsible for scoring. It might have been ex- pected that the town forwards would have availed themselves of every opportunity for perfecting their Combination and method of attack, which is still open to improvement, in readiness for the forth- coming semi-final. Instead of this their chance on Saturday was allowed to escape, and the best part of the game was devoted to a display of in- dividual gallantry. Marshall was mainly respon- sible for this, and as he is the pivot of the team, •and the key to the situation, it would have been far more pleasant to the spectators,'and more ad- vantageous to the players, if the centre had re- sorted to the old fashioned passing game, and stuck to his position. Success in the semi-final, which is anticipated with eagerness, can only be obtained bv an accurate understanding between the five forwards, but if each one attempts to work Lis way to goal alone they stand good chances of never getting there. It need hardly be said that the half-backs, under John Henry, played a good game, and the popular Captain is to be congratu- lated on his recovery. The teams were composed as follows:—U.C.W., goal, D. H. Barrett; backs. Roberts and J. Bennett; halves, Griffiths, J. M. Hughes. and E. D. Evans forwards, Perrett, F. G. Solway, Nash. D. P. Williams, and E. A. Lewis. Town, goal, W. Davies full backs, Joel Rowlands and George Evans; halves, W. Jones. J. H. Edwards, and D. M. Evans; forwards, Spnrrow, Wheelan, Marshall, George Barson, and Oswald James. Referee, Mr G. P. Williams. Linesmen, W: R. Jones, and Edwards. ENGLISH BAPTIST ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY—A social evening was held on Wednesday week in the English Baptist Schoolroom in connection with the Young People's Christian Endeavour Society. The Rev. T. Williams, B.A., presided, and said that as president of the Society he was glad to find that during the short time the Society had been in existence, which was rather a short period, some good workers bad come and gone. Referring to the death of John Ruskin, he said Ruskin was a man who had set many a good example, and had shown that honest work was no discredit to any man. He hoped all present that night would, after they left, join some branch of this Society. The following is a copy of the programme :—Pianoforte solo, Mr. 4-de Lloyd; song, Mr. Ben Morgan; violin solo, Miss Minnie Jones Song, Mr. T. D. Davies; reading, Mr. Ridge; song, Miss Daisy James; song, .Miss Dallison. At the close, Mr. J. S. Davies proposed a vote of thanks to all who had taken part and to those who presided over the tables. The accompanists were Miss May Jones and Miss Richards, Heart of Oak. With the singing of the National Anthem, the meeting terminated. PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMITTEE.—A meeting of this committee was held at the Assembly Room on Friday evening last, when there were preent:- Alderman T. Doughton (chairman), Alderman C. M. Williams (Mayor), Messrs. Robert Ellis, Evan Evans, R. Doughton, D. Samuel, and Rsv. T. A. Penrv (Hon. Sec.) The Secretary reported having written to Newtown regarding the Gilchrist lectures, and had received a reply from Mr. Wm. Watkins, solicitor, stating that the cost of arranging a series of these lectures at that place amounted to Z29 10s.. while the receipts amounted to £ 38 I8s., and after meeting all payments they had a balance in hand of E8. He (the secretary) bad also received a syllabus of the lectures. If the Committee decided to make application for a course of lectures, the request would have to be sent in by the 31st. inst. The Committee unani- mously decided to apply to the trustees of the Gilchrist Trust to grant the services of a lecturer. —The Secretary reported that he had received three tenders for the supply of the books decided upon by the committee, Mr Jack Edwards and Messrs Evans, Bros., agreeing to give a discount of 25 per cent., and Messrs W. H. Smith & Son a discount of 121 per cent. Inasmuch as Mr Edwards had had the contract last year, it was resolved that it be given this year to Messrs Evans Bros.1 ENGLISH WESLEYAN BAND OF HOPE.—A tea and entertainment was given in the English Wesleyan Church Schoolroom in connection with the Band of Hope on Wednesday last. In the afternoon tea was provided, when the following ladies served :-Miss Morcom, Miss Metcalfe, Misses Northey. Misses Collins, Miss Owen, North-parade, Miss E. Williams, and Miss Edith Wilkimon. In .the evening an entertainment was held. The Rev. A. Burgess presided. The following is a copy of the programme -Hymn, What a Friend we have in Jesus"; song, Miss Ada Griffiths; recitations, Miss Gladys A, Humphreys and Master Morris Jones; song, Miss Lucy Pryce recitations, Miss Ada Griffiths and Miss Mary Smith; song, Miss M. Rowlands; lecture, Master George Jenkins recitations, Miss C. Jones and Miss M. H. Jones partv, Green is the Grave," Messrs F. Williams, T. W. Northey, and R. Corfield, the Misses M. Rowlands and L. E. Hopkins; recitations, Masters J. J. Steel and William Davies; duet, Misses M. Rowlands and L. Hopkins; recitations, Misses L. A. Jones and M. L. Jones; duet, Messrs R. Corfield and Fred Williams dialogue, Masters J. Wilkinson and F. Culliford; recitation. Miss Hnmphreys; song, Miss M. Rowlands: recitation, Master Wm. Shoring; duet, Misses M. Rowlands and L. Hopkins; recitation, Miss M Jenkins; song, Miss Lucy Phillips; dialogue, Sleeping Beauty," song, Master Richard Edwards. A vote of thanks was accorded the Chairman and the meeting terminated. RIFLE CLUB.—A meeting of the Committee of the Aberystwyth Rifle Club was held at the Mas- onic Hall on Saturday, when there were present: Mr. Hugh Hughes (chairman), Dr. Harries, Messrs. J. Morgan, J.P., D. M. Davies, Geo. F. Roberts. J. R. flees, Bearne, W. H. Hollier, and George Davies, (hon. sec).—A letter was read by the hon. sec. from Mr. Henry Fletcher, chairman of the National Rifle Association, requesting the co-opera- tion of the town in the formation of a Rifle Club, and asking for support to a resolution that public funds should be provided to aid the movement. The objectt of the Association are (1) That oppor- tunities should be afforded by the nation to enable every able-bodied man to become an effective shot with rifle (2) That for such purpose funds should be available in every county to provide rifle ranges, arms, ammunition, armouries, and magazines, as may be necessary; (3) That rifle -clubs should be formed wherever possible; (4) That local authorities in counties have statutory powers given them to raise moneys on loan, or annual sums out of the rates, for carrying out the above -qti suggestions.—It was agreed to co-operate with the Association, and that the fee for ordinary member- ship of the Aberystwyth Rifle Club be 2s. 6d., and for HoncrT,r Tnor"bor« 5s per annum. As several members of the Committee were of the opinion that it may be necessary to take out 10s licenses for target practice, it was proposed by Mr. D. M. Davies and seconded by Mr. Hugh Hughes that the Hon. Sec. should write to the President (Mr. Vaughan Davies, M.P.). and if necessary ask him to place the matter before the House of Commons. Lieut. Stephens and Mr. Tom Griffiths were added to the Committee. A sub-committee consisting of Messrs Beams. Lieut. Stephens, Dr. Harries and Geo. Davies was appointed to inspect a suitable site for a Rifle Range. It was further decided to purchase 3 Maritime Rifles and 3 Morris Tubes, also l,r.0G cartridges to be charged the members at cost price. Messrs. J C. Rea, R. Peake, Bearne (senior') anli Bearne (junior), Lieut. Stephens and Geo Davies, were appointed to arrange and super- intend rifle practices, and Messrs. J. C. Rea, Lieut. Stephens, Hugh Hughes, and Geo. Davies to draw out rules for the Club. It is understood that a large _mber have already joined the Club and paid their fees, and practices in shooting are to commence this week. PUBLIC LI3HARY.—Nun;1 er of books taken out for the week ending Nov. 4th. 474. SUCCESS,—The Rev. J. T. Miles, B.A.. Northwich, and son of the Rev. Job Miles of this town, ob- tained his M.A. degree at Oxford this week. A TRIP TO PALESTINE —A nnmber of Welsh divines will shortly be going on a tour to the Holy Land. Amongst those who have joined is the Rev. | T. E. Roberts, M.A.. Shiloh. | JW" — Th«_ iieetin- of the Abe r- ystwyth branch was held on Tuesday evening, when Dr. Cynddylan Jones attended as delegate from the parent society. A resume of Dr. Jones' speech will be found in another eoiuum. SOLTH WALES CUP.—Aberystwyth will play Knightun at Builth on Saturday next, in the Semi- final for the Sonth Wales Cup. It oeems that Whelaii, Marshall and Parry, will not be eligible to play. and tiie team will therefore be considerably weakened. ANNOUNCEMENT.—Those who require plumbing, painting, or glazing work done, cannot do better than consult the well-known tirm of Loveday, 17, Queen-street. This season's pattern books have just been leceived, and they contain the latest designs in wall paper, £ cc. All orders by post or otherwise are promptly attended to. A TRIBUTE.—At the last meeting of the Car- marthenshire County Council, when a discussion took place upon the question of promotion in the police force being made as far as possible from the ranks, Mr. Brigstocke said he ventured to say that there was not a more efficient. Chief Constable in the whole of Wales than the Chief Constable of g Cardiganshire. That Chief Constable, he believed, I had regularly worked his way up from an ordinary 1 constable from the Carmarthenshire force. TIMBKR I-MPOP.T-q.- The i,,tioal table published by the 7iniber Trades Journal, showing the distri- bution of timber imports among the Custom House centres in the United Kinglom for the 12 months ending December 31,.t, 1899. shows that the total quantity of wood imported into this country was less than in the previous year, the figures being- last year, 9,302,803 loads 1898, 8,695,130 loads. The number of loads imported at Aberystwyth during 1899 was 4,065, as compared witu 5,035 loads in 1898. GOOD TEMPLARS.—The weekly meeting of y 11 the 1. O. G. T. was held on Friday evening in the Progress Hall, under the presidency of Mr. J. W. Jones After the usual business, six new mem- bers were enrolled. Songs and recitations were rendered by Messrs. D. Davies, E. W. Davies, Dick Evans, G. P. Griffiths, and a pianoforte solo by Miss Doughton. A vote of thanks was passed for the mayor, Alderman C. M, Willinms, for pre- siding at the Soiree, and to Mrs. J. Walter Evans, Mrs. Rowland Morgan, and "Mr. J. A. Jones, U.C.W., for their kind assistance. This was agreed '\>0. £ \,ad. carried unanimously. B.W.T.A.—A well-attended meeting of the Association was held on Saturday evening at the Corn Market Hall, with Mr. David Samuel in the chair. The refreshment tables were presided over by Mrs. T. W. Powell. assisted by Misses James and Thomas. The programme, which had been en- trusted to Miss Dora Owen and Miss Winnie Edwards, was as follows:—Pianoforte solo, Miss Una Morgan recitation, Mr. Tom Williams; song, Miss May Morgan; address. Mr. O. Thomas, U.C.W.; song, Mr. A. Davies, U.C.W.; recitation, Miss Lily Ewart; song, Mr. W. O. Edwards; address, Rev. J. Evans, Llanfair. THE PAXTON SOCIETY.—The first ordinary meeting of the Paxton society for this year was held at the College on Wednesday evening. In the absence of the President. Alderman W. H. Palmer, the chair was occupied by Mr H. Austin, Abermad. A very interesting paper on Trees and shrubs for town planting," was read by Mr R. Weller, corpora- tion gardener. Several labelled specimens were shown, and a very interesting discussion ensued. The paper was much appreciated, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Air Weller. Two new members, Mr R. Ellis, Terrace-road, and Mr T. Jones, Fronygog, Llanbadarn, were elected. A few early Rhododendron blooms were shown by Mr Hopkins, Nanteos, who will read a paper on the universally interesting subject of "Potatoes." at the next meeting. OBITUARY.—The death took place on Tuesday, the 25th ulto., of Mrs. Sarah Owen, wife of Mr. Edward Owen. Wiiliam-=treet, engine driver on the M. and M. Railway. The funeral took place on Monday, and although private was largely attended by friends and sympathisers. The interment was made in the Aberystwyth Cemetery. The Rev. T. Mortimer Green officiated at the house, and the burial service was conducted by the Rev. John Jones, Llanwnog, Mont., and the Rev. H. M. Williams, vicar of Lledrod (cousin and brother-in- law respectively of the deceased.) Among those present were Mr. C. M. Williams (Mayor), Ir. Thomas Griffiths, J.P., Mr. Owen's fellow-deacons at the Presbyterian Church, and colleagues on the Railway The chief mourners were Mr. Edward Owen (husband), Mr. R. E. Owen, M.A. (son). Mrs. Williams, Vicarage, Lle'lrod; and Mr. Thomas, Aberdare (sister and brother). Much sympathy is expressed with the sorrowing relatives. RADICAL CLUB.— The weekly meeting of the Debating Society of the Radical Club was held on Friday last, under the presidency of Mr. T. B. Hall. In the absence of the openers of a debate the members decided on a novel idea in order to perpetuate the series of successful meetings, which had been held during the winter. A number of subjects on interesting topics was placed on separate slips of paper and mixed in a box, and members volunteered to give an impromptu speech on whatever question would fall to their lot. The following is a list of subjects and speakers :—Home Rule, Edward Edwards; Is smoking injurious to health, Griffith Ellis {War, S. Hopkins Char- acteristics of the Engli-h, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish, Llew. Thomas Miser, J. H. Roberts Man, Morgan Morgans; Volunteers, J. O. Evans; When is the end of the 19th Century. D. H. Pughe; Punctuality, E. T. Williams; Beckett Williams, James Rees; Samuel Hopkins, Jack Price; Is marriage a failure, T. B. Hall; Extension of promenade, T. J. Mason The new premises, J. A. Phillips Should a husband abandon his wife; A. Lloyd Williams; T. B. Hall, Tom Jenkins. SALVATION ARMY.—The Salvation Army Sunday school and band of love members were treated to a tea meeting on Monday afternoon. A large num- ber attended, and the tables were presided over by Mrs Edward Edwards (who bears the distinction of being the first lady Sunday school superintendent in this town), Mrs Hughes, Mrs Shuring, Mrs Astley, Miss Finch, Misses Edwards, Evans, Annie Hughes. Amy Lea, and L. Williams. In the even- ing Councillor J. P. Thomas, presided over a well prepared and enjoyable eutertainment, at which prizes were given as follows :—1 Katie Hughes, Jennie Griffiths, Maggie Griffiths, Alice Ashley, Mary Hughes, Lily Griffiths, May Hughes, Beatrice Meechan. Willie Meechan. Tommy Griffiths. John Ashley, Willife Ashley, Jennie Blair, Horace Blair; 2 and 3 J. A. Griffiths, Willie Harries, Lillie Jones, Annie Hughes, Mary L. Jones, Lily Gatehouse, Maggie Jones, Sarah Jones, Pollie Martin, Richard George, and Johnnie Putt, Alice Edwards, Lily Day, M. E. Ellis, Carl Day. Clara Shurling, H. Edwards, Elsie Ellis. jJessie White, Sidney Finch, M. J. Rowlands, Annie Lewis. The Chairman warmly complimented Captain Simkin on the ex- cellency of the drilling of the children, and on the efficient manner in which each item in the even- ing's programme was rendered. It reflected great credit on the care bestowed on the training of the young. SOIREE.-A soiree was held in the New Market Hall on Wednesday evening last, in connection with the Ystwyth ol' Good Templars. The Mayor presided, and there was a large attendance. The following ladies presided at the tables:—Mrs. H. Hughes, Miss James. Miss L. M. Jones, Miss Cowley, Miss Morgan, Miss P. Richards. Miss A. Evans, assisted by Messrs C. Jones, G. H. Jones. W, Jenkins, J. Rees, and D. Davies. The arrange- j ments were made by Messrs G. P. Griffith, secret- 8 ary, and J. W.Jones (chief templar). Plants were | lent by Mrs. J. Walter Evans. The following was I the programme:—Pianoforte solo, Miss M. Dough-I ton; recitation, Shon Jones a'r bloc," Mr. David Davies duett, Y llusern," Misses Ellen Davies and Maggie Davies; song," Y fellten," Mr. J. A. Jenkins; recitation, "The lips that touch liquor shall never touch mine," Miss H. M. Evans; song, Neges y blodeuyn." Miss Jenkins; pianoforte solo, Miss Nesta Hughes song, Mr. J. D. Jones recitation, Mam yn dweyd gwell peidio," Mr. Jack James (encored); recitation, Mr. J. D. Jones cornet solo, If r. M. r'vans party, Bedd y dyn tlawd," Mr. E. H. Davies and party; dialogue, Miss Richards, Messrs Jenkins and Evans; song," Ad- miral Tom," Miss L J Warrington; recitation, Golygfa mewn ffair.' Mr A. C, Jones, U.C.W. (encored); duetti "Y ar yr afon," Misses Owen; recitation, Charley Fence," Miss M. J. Davies; song, Mr. Dick Evans; solfa-duett, Miss L M. Jones and Mr J. Haydn Jones (encored); song, "Bedd y morwr bach." Mr. E. H. Davies; song, "Loch Lomond," Miss Polly Richards. PETTY SESSIONS. Wednesday—Before Mr. John Morgans and Mr. Thomas Griffiths. DEFECTIVE TEOUGHINOS.—David Phillips, Terrace- road, was summoned ,t the instance of Mr. Rees Jones, borough surveyor, for neglectiug to keep the troughings and down pipes on his premises in good condition. The sanitary inspector (Mr. Evans) stated the work had now i>eeu done.—A fine of Is. 6d. was ordered to be paid. EXTENSION.—An application was made on behalf of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, aibot Hotel, for an occasional license on the occasion of a masonic supper to be held on Thursday evening at the Masonic Hall.—The | application was gran?< >i. | DRUNKENNESS.—Ma;y Thomas, and Ann Jenkins, | Cambrian-street, were churged with being drunk j on the highway on two separate occasions. Both were fined 2s. 6d., ami 6d. and costs. MAINTENANCE.—Davie: Lewis, Caemain, Llandewi, Aberarth, blacksmith. was charged with neglecting to maintain his mother, Jaue Lewis, who was charge- able to the Aberystwyth Union. — Defendant was ordered to contribute Is 6d a week. M SCHOOL ATTENDANCE.—Richard F.vaus, labourer, Skinner-street, was summoned for not sending his son Richard regularly to school, and the Bench im- posed a fine of 2s 6d. VACCiN.riON L;UTIG.V.—W. Dougall, South-road, who had a conscientious objection, was granted a certificate exempting his child from vaccination. TRANSFER.—The temporary transfer of the license of the New Inn, Great Darkgate-street, was, on the application or Mr C. Massey, transferred from Mr C!!<j,ft; x di'ry cu -'J.! x trey uuuu.

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