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ABERDOVEY. BY PHILIP SIDNEY." Is is often said, and with much truth, that we- I now the least of places near to us. Quite so, and I [ daresay thai if Lu", qu^slion as to the population ABERDOVEY. BY PHILIP SIDNEY." Is is often said, and with much truth, that Vr <3 mow the least of places near to us. Quite so, and [ daresay thai il Luc qu^slion as to the population of this famed watering place was asked, nine out ot ten readers would be unable to answer it. Let lock then a little closer into matters, and see what can be said about Aberdovey and its inhabitants. With a normal population of 1,400, and an area of 6 993 acres, it has but three licensed houses, and one grocer's license. In fact Aberdovey holds probably a unique position in temperance matters, and one of which it is rightly and deservedly proud. Is it to be wondered then that its inhabitants are a hardv, progressive, and striving people i In t* directions Aberdovey has made notable progress in recent years. It has 275 inhabited houses, and a rateable value of £ 3.500. Its total indebtedness out of a sum of ZIO,096 borrowed now stands at £ 9.456. and it pays off yearly E520 10s. 8d. Within the last ten years the value of property has advanced quite 25 per cent., and still has an upward tendency. It imports and exports through the safe harbour during the last four years have been heavier than those of the preceding fifteen years. The Cambrian Railway Company are the present owners of the foreshore and right of ferry, the latter of which is let at ZI per annum. Recognising the absolute necessity of an un- limited supply of fresh, pure water, the authorities have lately and successfully expended some Zll,000 on their new scheme. The supply comes from. the springs at Bwlch- gwyn farm, the water being piped thence to the vc new reservoir, thus preventing the possibility of any contamination en route. The holding capacity of the reservoir is 2-g million gallons, a provision equal to 30 gallons per head of the population for 146 days. The freehold of the Bwlcligwyn farm watershed has been recently acquired by the District Council at a cost of P.1,050, and if necessary more water could be supplied. The analysis of the water is excellent, and that the boon of fresh water is appreciated by the town is proved by the fact that the water revenue has increased from £40 to P,130 yearly. The sewerage scheme has also been entirely overhauled, and all the residential houses are now connected with it. By an ingenious and most effective plan the i n,, sewerage which is discharged into the ocean must go out with the ebb tide, and cannot by any possibility be returned through the shutter. Street improvements are continually being made, and those of us who remember the Aberdovey of a quarter of a century since cannot fail to be struck with the advance which has been made in that period. < -———— The places of worship include the Church (there are no "Bells of Aberdovey," only one solitary tinkler in the tower), of which the Rev. John Row- lands, M.A., has long been the energetic incumbent; the Calvinistic Methodists, under the ministry of the Rev. J. D. Jones; the Wesleyan Methodists, in charge of the Rev. J. W. Davies; and the Congrega- tionalism. The Church is dedicated to St. Peter, the late Rev. George Enoch being the first minister. The" Tabernacle" C. M. Chapel was built in 1827, on a site given on a lease of 99 years by a churchman, the late A. Liston Corbet, Esq.. of Ynysmaengwyn, for a nominal ground rent of 5s per annum. When' the new Tabernacle" was opened in 1864. and the congregation removed to it, the building was converted into a Town Hall. This new building stands on a site found by a member of the same honoured family. Soden Cor- bet Esq., at a ground rent of £ 16 per annum but in the year 1876. the congregation bought it for £264, and within 18 years cleared off all debt. The subject of the electric lighting of the town ■will probably before long engage the serious atten- tion of all parties. The vast amount or energy that now runs to waste on the hillsides could be utilized to advantage. Better public lighting would be a great boon to the. town, and it would go far to improve the summer season by extending it well on into early autumn. Colonel Ruck, R.E., than whom no man more deserves the gratitude of the town for his unceas- ing personal efforts to promote its welfare, before being ordered to Malta, made this subject his especial study. The unanswerable facts and figures in favour of electricity which he carefully compiled will form the basis of all further enquiries into the matter. To Colonel Ruck's successful endeavours the town owes its pre-eminence in the golfing world, and when the needed accommodation is ready, which is now being provided'for in th Trefedthan Hotel, the links will be even more patronised than at present. The Golf Links are too well known to require my special word of praise that I can bestow. The Links have proved a source of great attraction; And the careful and judicious way in which they have been developed has been an unquestionable boon to the town. Space will not permit me to dwell on the many and varied beauties of nature that abound in this delightful spot. Here you have within a compact space hills and dales, and rocks and rills of Swiss like beauty. The scenery is exquisite whichever way you turn your eye. The hills immediately above the town command a wide and lovely prospect; and for wealth of colour and grandeur the rock bound coast of the estuary, along the Pennal Road, is simply un- surpassed. Beyond the hills again is the far- famed Happy Valley, hallowed by traditions of el ves and fairies of days of long ago. With its sheltered situation, mild atmosphere d warm southern aspect, added to the energy of authorities and inhabitants, Aberdovey cannot to appeal more and more successfully to the Mention of the yearly increasing number of visitors, 10 find here rest and renewed health for life's kttle.


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