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Business Notices. "fl- SALE OF HIGH-CLASS LEATHEB GOODS. GREAT REDI[CTION IN PRICE. LADIES AND GENTS PURSES. CARD, WRITING, & LETTER CASES. WALLETS, AND POCKET BOOKS, LADIES' HANDBAGS, &c. LATES TJJLE SIGNS. ALL GOODS MARKED IX PLAIN FIGURES GYDE, PHOTOGRAPHER, PIER STREET. MRS. J. W. THOMAS, THE M 11,1,1 N E R Y E S T A B LI SII M EN T, j GREAT DARKGATE ST., BERYSTWYTH. SUMMER GUUDS. LATEST STYLES. GREATEST VARIETY WEDDINC AND MOURNING ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. A "PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT l-as been recently opened on the Premises. Photographs of all kinds taken on the shortest notice. MY^YOUK MEDICINES FROM THOMAS, — CAS H CHEMIST 20. GREAT DARKGATE STREET, AND BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT- 60. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Hotels. r .¡r-.r;-o" MYNAWEL PRIVATE HOTEL, Llandrindod Wells (Two minute? walk ffo^he LtLy Station, Pump House, or Rock House Mineral Spnngs). ACCOMMODATION FOR SEVENTY VISITORS. j. i /-vV fv,A iiii Llandrindod Wclis, coinni&^j' cin unintcr- Thi^ Private Circle Te^n^e' Gardens, and the surrounding country. Built with all rupted view of Ye Olde Druid Oirice, I -uicements Centrally situated. Handsome Dining and £ 'n^^P'iv-ite^i^n^^o^i^^fen suit..)-" Smoking, Writing and Billiard Rooms. Tennis Croquet, Drawing K°°m». 1 Flectric Li<'ht throughout. All diet arrangements under the special MR. & MRS. JEFFREY JONES, PROPRIETORS. MR. &: IRS. JEFFREY JONIES, PROPRIETORS, G W A L I A II O TEL, Ltd., LLANDRINDOD WELLS. r|W, Origin of the Llandriiad, £ e ^Ta ra^c^ SeS^he^i^s ha°ve culminated in tho NEW PREMISES, which was opened last year■ (JIJ1> 27th,unrivalled Beautiful outlook, commanding the finest views o^eXfs" ulw'st a?pect. close to Park and Mineral Springs-Saline, Sulphure, and Chalybeate. Heating apparatus, good supply of Radiators on balconies and corridors. ■nr ruirrnim T (cnT T> A^isiRXTi F.RS' LIFT. BILLIARD TABLE. JVJ41 LAU I nlU J- I'k )k I-L EDWARD JENKINS, Manager. AND "GWALIA" UPPER WOBURN PLACE, LONDON. HOTEL^STMINSTER. nIGH-CLA ss FAMILY. COMMERCIAL, AND JJOARDING ESTABLISHMENT, OTC HEADQUARTERS. minutes* walk from Station, Beach and Castle Grounds. Spleadidly Furnished Throughout. Table D'Hote Daily at 1.30 p.m. Electric Light. Tariff Moderate. 1 L. G. PARRY, Proprietress. THE QUEEN'S HOT'EL, ABERYSTWYTH. T.ti>l^ D'Hote, 7.30. Boarding Terms frem 3 Guineas per Week, or 12s. 6d. per day. mHLS Hotel is replete with every modern appliance, and contains Coffee and Dining Rooms, Ladies T Room, Recreation Room, Library, Billiard, and Smoking Rooms and about one hundred Bedrooms. Having a frontage of 150 feet, all the Public and Private Sitting Rooms face the sea and are z!1 Lifted by Electricity. fj PALMER, Proprietor. BELLE VUE HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. (Facing the Sea and close to the Pier.) Is one of the most reasonable and comfortable Family and Commercial Hotels in Wales. TABLE D'Hote, 6-30. Boarding Terms from 2't Guineas per week, or 9s. per day. 'Bus meets all Trains. Tariff on Application to the Manageress. W. H. PALMER, Proprietor. LION ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. THIS improved and novdv-furni.shed Hotel, centrally situated, affords every accommodation to Visitors. Conl^uns upwards of Fifty Bedrooms. Spacious Coffee, Commercial and Dining Rooms, Smoking and Two Billiard Tables. Large Ball and Banqueting Hall. POSTING IN AIJTDEPARTMENTS. BRAKES, WAGONETTES, LANDAUS, VICTORIAS, &c.. SPECIAL TER31S TO FAMILIES DURING THE WINTER SEASON. BOARDING, INCLUSIVE, FROM E2 12s. 6d. THE HOTEL OMNIBUSES MEET ALL TRAINS. RUFUS WILLIAMS, » PROPRIETOR. WHITE HORSE HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. CLOSE TO SEA AND RAILWAY STATION. TERMS MODERATE. Proprietress: M. A. REA. W ATERIOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH, Higfa-Cla s Family and Commercial Private Hotel and Boarding Establishment, Sit*»ted in the best part of the Town, facing the Sea. recently much enlarged and re-furnished, being now one of the Largest and Most Comfortable Hotels on the Welsh Coast. PKRFECT SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS. EVERY MODERN COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE. BATHS, BILLIARDS, and ELECTRIC LIGHT. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. INCLUSIVE BOARD TERMS FROM &2: 2: 0 PER WEEK. BUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. A. E. & A. MORRIS. Proprietresses. TERMINUS HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. THE Hotel is now under new management. It is situate close to the Station and is the most convenient Hotel in Town for Travellers and others. It lias recently been enlarged and is now replete with every MO<fcwri convenience and is lighted throughout with the Electric Light. T. E. SALMON, PROPRIMOII. PENYPONT HOTEL, TALYLLYN. POTWA:* ■ DDKESS—-CORRIS, R.S.O. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS—ABERGYNOLWYN Mtf. V "el, which h equate at the west. end of the rar-lamed Lake. Tour Visitors, and Cyclists will find every accommodation and comfort at moderate charges. v..udes fur Cader Idris. Posting. Lake and River fishing free to Visitors at the Hotel. THOMAS LLOYD, Proprietor. RED LION INN, ABERAYRON. BY DAVID EVANS, AGENT FOR WORTH ON & Co.'S, BURTON ALES, GUINESSES' STOUT, HWEPPS MINERAL WATERS, S FOR HIRE QUIET TO RIDE AND DRIVE. Business Notices. J. GWILYM EYANS, FAMILY GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, THE STORES, HIGH STREET & STATION ROAD, TOWYN. NOTED HOUSE FOR TEA. nEST IN THE MARKET FOR ITS STRENGTH, PURITY, AND FLAVOUR. STEPHEN YAUGHAN DAVIES, £ jORN, F LOUR, AND jpROVISION jyj^ERCHANT, LAMPETER. THE Finest Te Man Brith that can be procured for Is. 4d. per lb. Sole Proprietor of the Tea Brith Stephen Is. lOd. with its marvellous, flavour and Superb Quality, has sprung with a bound into the highest in public flavour. HARFORD SQUARE, LAMPETER. WALTER DAYIES Is now making a Grand Display of the LATEST NOVELTIES — IN Mantles, Capes, Jackets, Mackintosh Cloaks, Furs, Costumes, etc., PLAIN AND FANCY DRESS FABRICS. P.S. Goods not in Stock procured at Shortest Notice by Parcels arriving daily from London and other centre THOMAS POWELL & CO., MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. HOME CURED BACON, SMOKED AND PALE DRIED ENGLISH CURERS OF HOME CURED BACON AND HAMS, STILTON, GLO'STER, AND AMERICAN CHEESE, FRESH MADE SAUSAGES. c AMBRIAN SHOE F ACTORY, L AM PETER. DAYIES BROS.' BOOTS AND SHOES ARE POPULAR IN ALL TOWNS, WHY? Because they FIT well! Because they WEAR well! Because they SELL well Come and see the new Stock of SUMMER BOOTS and SHOES. EVERY BOOT SOLD GUARANTEED. Note the Address—QAM Bill AN FACTORY. LAMPETER. WILLIAMS' PATENT ROLLER FOR BLINDS. till it, A — THE Roller is divided in two pieces with Spring Hinges, D.D. The Blind is easily fixed by placing one end of same over Hooks, C.C.C. The springs securely fastening the Blind, which can be removed when required by lifting one part at A. The Patent Roller does away with the use of nails. Price of Roller, 7ld. If supplied with Roller ends from Id. per roller extra. SOLD BY ————— M. H.DAYIS and SONS, Aberystwyth. SUMMER SALE S. N. COOKE, IS NOW OFFERING THE WHOLE OF HIS SURPLUS STOCK — IN ALL DEPARTMENTS AT SPECIAILY REDUCED PRICES., Ladies will find exceptional Bargain in each Department. S U M M E R SALE. S. N. COOKE, 12, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, AND 20, NEW STREET, AND GREAT WESTERN ARCADE, BIRMINGHAM. IF YOU WANT GOOD, RELIABLE FURNITURE AT A LOW PRICE. GO TO DAVID ELLIS AND SONS, FURNISHERS, 6, CHALYBEATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. R. SAYCELL, FISH, GAME, AND POULTRY DEALER, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. HORNER'S CLOTTED CREAM AND CREAM CHEESE, FRESH DAILY. SOLE AGENT FOR Palethorpe's celebrated Cambridge Sausages in the district TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS SA YCELL, ABERYSTWYTH." TELEPHONE :—No. 6. R. MORGAN, PHARMACEUTICAL & DISPENSING CHEMIST, rjlERRACE JJOAD, ^BERYSTWYTH. All Drugs and Chemicals of GUARANTEED PURITY. PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES FO CASH. Fruit Saline in 6d. and Is. Bottle. Citrate of Magnesia in 6d.; the very beat quaHty, Is. size, 9d. Pure Lemon Squash, specially prepared for us, in 9d. and Is. 3d. bottles (twice the 9d. size). A large assortment of Toilet Requisites at the lowest prices for CASH. ESTABLISHED 1850. OWEN AND SONS, pARIS HOUSE, 11 23 NORTH JpARADE, A BERYSL WYTH. COMPLETE OUTFITTERS. NEW GOODS FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. LADIES' HIGH-CLASS TAILORING (PRIVATE FITTING ROOMS). NEW SUITINGS, COATINGS, TROUSERINGS, BREECHES MATERIALS, &c., &c. SOLE AGENTS FOR DR. JAEGER'S SANITARY WOOLLEN SYSTEM. SOLE AGENTS FOR WELCH MARGETSON'S SHIRTS, COLLARS, NECKWEAR, NEW WATERPROOFS, DRESS BASKETS, TRUNKS, &c. OWEN AND SONS.