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BARMOUTH. A GOODS TRAIN ON FIRE.-As the mornin! goods train from Machynlleth to Pwllheli was pro ceeding :on Saturday morning near Llwyngwril" spark from the engine fell on the nearest truck which 'caused its contents to ignite. The trncl contained various consignments for shopkeeper. along the line, and its contents were destroyed. g FIRE.—A destructive fire occurred on Saturday evening at Paris House, a millinery establishnieir belonging to Mrs. W. O. Williams, through the ga: jet in the window coming in contact with the articles exhibited. The three plate-glass pane; were destroyed, and great damage done to the con. tents of the shop. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, The ordinary monthly meeting of the above [ Council was held on Tuesday. In the absence of the Chairman (Rev. Gwynoro Davies), Mr. Hugli Evans was voted to the chair. The other member present were:—Messrs. Edward Williams, D. E. Davies, Robert Williams, John Richards. O. W. Morris, H. Wynne Williams, Owen Williams. Richard Roberts, with Dr. Arthur Hughes (Medical Officer), Mr. Owen Jones (Assistant Clerk), and the Rate Collector. MINUTES. The minutes of the last Ordinary and Special Meetings were read and confirmed. Mr. 0. W. Morris inquired if the agreement with the Cambrian Railway had been completed. The Chairman said that the agreement was not yet to hand. o Mr. O. W. Morris asked if, the notice board, im- plying that the bit of land near the foreshore was to be sold, had been put up. If the Council intended selling the land, the board should be put up at once. I It was explained that the board had not yet been put up. It had been made the day after the order was issued, but it could not be painted. Mr. Hugh Evans thought it desirable that a small 1 9 committee should be appointed to see to the matter. He therefore proposed that Messrs. H. Wynne Williams and O. W. Morris be appointed. Mr. Owen Williams proposed that the Chairman and Mr. Richard Roberts should be appointed, which was ultimately carried. CORRESPONDENCE. The Clerk read a letter which he had received from Mr. Denniss, the General Manager of the Cambrian Railway, in answer to a complaint which had been brought by the inhabitants of Porkington- terrace, on account of the smoke from the engines of the company. Mr. Denniss' letter was to the effect that the matter should receive attention, with a view to the abatement of the nuisance. Mr. John Richards said that he was not satisfied with the answer to the complaint. It might happen that a long time would elapse before the Company would abate the nuisance. He therefore proposed, and it was finally decided, that a letter be written to the Cambrian Railway Company intimating that the smoke was no better than it was before. PETITION FROM HENDREMYNACH. A petition, signed by a large number of residents in the Hendremynach district, was received by the Clerk, and read out. The petition was to the effect that the Council should give immediate attention to the urgent necessity of providing that part of the town with the requisite modern drainage, by an early extension of the main sewer from a point near Brynymynach towards Alltfawr; also to supply another gas lamp beyond Plasmynach Gate. Some of the signatories were among the largest ratepayers, and as such were entitled to a fair share of the sanitary work. On the proposition of Mr. John Richards, seconded by Mr. Hugh Evans, the matter was referred to committee. Mr. O. W. Morris thought the Council should acknowledge the receipt, of- the petition. He proposed that the Clerk should write to them to say that the matter was under consideration, and that they would hear fu .ther from the Council. This was passed. THE "ROSAL MAGNETS." A letter had been received from the "Royal Magnets," who complained that they were being subjected to opposition on the Marine Terrace. An agreement had been signed that, in considera- tion of them paying P.10 to the Council, they should have the monopoly of performing in Barmouth. There were now others singing on the Marine Terrace, and they therefore wished the Council to use their authority and put a stop to it. Mr. J. Richards informed the Council that the opposition complained of was the" Cor Bach," who sing on the Terrace and make collections. The Royal Magnets" had a Concert the other day, and the Cor Bach sang a short distance from them, and this made a material difference in the collection which the Magnets" made. He thought the Council should not take L10 from them if the" Magnets could not have the place for themselves. Mr. Owen Williams said they had the authority to stop the Cor Bach from singing. Mr. Edward Williams said th" the Magnets in their letter did not refer specifically to any one, and he proposed that the Council should first have an interview with the Magnets," and learn what their proper grievance was. Mr. H. Wynne Williams: We should do our best, what is their grievance. Mr. O. W. Morris thought the Council should enforce their authority. The Magnets came to Barmouth in Whit-week, and in the early part of the summer, when there were very few people here, they had the place to themselves. But now, when there were so many visitors, and in fact, the only month in which they could expect to reap a good harvest, they had opposition. He thought that the Council should enforce their authority and take steps at once. They were entitled to the Council's protection. If they waited for an interview with the Magnets," time would have passed, and the season would be drawing to a close. He, therefore, proposed that the Cor Bach should be at once prohibited from singing on the Marine Terrace. Mr. O. Williams seconded. Mr. H. Wynne Williams thought that the Ser- geant should put a stop to it. Mr. D. E. Davies thought it best to send a letter to the leader of the Cor Bach asking them to dis- continue their singing. Mr. O. W. Morris said he was willing to with- draw his proposition if the Council would have an interview with the -1 magnets to-day or to-morrow. It was finally passed that the Council should have an interview with them that afternoon. Ac- cordingly some members of the Magnets were sent for, and the Council went on to other business until they should make their appearance. After a a short time two Magnets presented themselves, and they verbally re-iterated their grievance. After their tale of woe had finished, and they had made their exit, another warm discussion took place. It seems that the Cor Bach" had been singing on the Marine Terrace for some time, and had been there almost every night, and had been making collections. Mr. John Richards said that the Council should carry out their agreement with the Magnets." It was their duty. He thought it wras not right for their ground to be trespassed upon. He proposed that the Sergeant should put a stop to the singing, and see that the Magnets were receiving fair play. Mr. Richard Roberts proposed that the Chairman should first ask the -1 Cor Bach" to stop, and if they did not, the Sergeant should see to it. Mr. D. E. Davies seconded. Mr. J. Richards said the Council had the power to stop it, and ought to stop it. The Council have an officer to put a stop to such things and he should stop them. Mr. R. Roberts questioned the right of the Council to prevent singing on the Marine terrace. Mr. D. E. Davies thought the Clerk should write to the leader of the Cor Bach requesting them to discontinue their singing, and explain to them that the Magnets" had the monopoly of perform- ing in Barmouth. It. was finally passed that Mr. Hugh Evans (the Chairman) should see the leader of the Cor Bach' and ask him to dlsoontinue tM) singing. MIXED BATHING. A letter had been received from Father Wilcox, who requested the Council to see that the bye-laws with regard to bathing should be carried out. It was a disgrace the way things were going on now. The gentlemen's bathing vans should be some distance from the ladies' vans. Many visitors, who had regard for decency, would not visit Barmouth again, if the present state of affairs would keep on. He said it was scandalous. Mr. O. W. Morris said that the Bye-laws Com- mittee had been down to the shore at the beginning of the season to fix the distance between the gentlemen's vans and the ladies'. The distance had been fixed at 100 yards. He proposed that the Surveyor should see that this distance was kept. Mr. Edward Williams seconded, and it was passed. BRYNYMYNACH. V A letter was read from Mr. Richardson. Bryny- mynach, who wished for a supply of water to drive his dynamo, and wanted to know the price charged by the Council for the water. !Mr. D. E. Davies said this had been before the Council before, and it had been passed that Mr. Richardson should pay Z2 per annum for the water. There had been a rumour that the main had been tampered with. He questioned whether there would be enough water to supply them. If there was enough water to supply Barmouth and [ Brynmynach, it was only right Mr. Richardson r should have it. On the proposition of Mr. Owen Williams, seconded by Mr. O. W. Morris, the matter was | referred to the Water Committee. REPORT OF GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. Present: Messrs. Owen Williams, John Richards. ? Richard Roberts, with the Assistant Clerk and the Surveyor. A letter was read from Mr. E. Pug he a and others, applying to the Council to make a cab- stand on the Marine Terrace. This letter was laid v on the table.—A letter was read from Mr. George H. Peers on the subject of the water supply at the Marine Gardens. It is recommended that a reply r be sent stating that the matter is having attention. r —The Collector made a verbal report as to the 5 progress made with the collection of miscellaneous 3 accounts.—With regard to the water supply for St. John's Church it is recommended that the Surveyor arrange with the authorities to test the water pipes from the road to the Church.—A letter was read from Mr. Griffith Roberts stating that he could not do the work of the retaining wall at Llvndu for the snm which had been agreed upon. It is recom- mended that the matter should be referred to the [ Surveyor to arrange with the parties, but the t Council should not contribute more towards the work than the sum already specified. namely £ 4 2s. 6d. On the motion of Mr. O. W. Morris, seconded by Mr. H. Wynne Williams, the adoption of the above report was decided upon. Mr. H. Wynne Williams proposed that small posters be printed inviting tenders for the work at Llvndu. Mr. O. W. Morris seconded, and it was unani- mously carried. REPORT OF FINANCE COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Finance was to have been held on 11th August, but as there were not sufficient members present to form a quorum, the business was deferred. Only one member was present, viz., Mr. Hugh Evans. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor submitted his report at the General Purposes Committee. That Committee, after hear- ing his report, recommended the placing of a new lamp at Park road, near the Gas Co's premises. As to the laying of pipes and the erection of a cattle trough at Lleclieiddwr, it is recommended that the work be let by contract, and that tenders be invited5 As to that part of the report referring to the insufficiency of space for vehicles at the entrance from the Railway station to Marine Terrace, it is recommended that the matter be brought under the notice of the Cumbrian Railway Company. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer submitted his monthly and special reports:—" The roadway at Greenhill has been opened, and some of the drain pipes found smashed. These have been replaced, but there is still a considerable flow of water, and I am afraid that other pipes higher up are also broken, and that the roadway must be opened for a considerable distance. I would, however, suggest that this should be left till after the season is over, and that means be taken to abate the nuisance pro tem." His report had been submitted to the General Purposes Committee and adopted, as was also his special report which was as follows:—I have visited jthe house occupied by Evan |Pugli. This house is situated in Park-read, and is above a stable. Access to it is gained from the main street by a flight of steps. The house is inhabited bv eight persons, namely father, mother, and six children. There is a large living room about 8 yards long. and 5 yards broad. There are two windows both of which open. There is a sink in the room which discharges into a gully-trap in the stable. It would have been betterif this gully- trap had been outside. The bedroom on this floor is a room' about 5 feet square, with a window which opens. The other bedroom is a large attic, very lofty, and contains two beds. The amount of space provided in barracks is 600 feet per head; in common lodging-house, 300, while the education department requires only 100. I should say that each individual in this house has at least 800 feet per head. The closet is outside the house. It has, however, no window as required by the bye-laws, but it is well ventilated by spaces between the bricks." The General Purposes Committee recommended that the owner of this house which was formerly a bakehouse, but now used as a dwelling house should submit plans. RATE COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The Rate collector submitted his monthly re- port. The arrears now were only £ 22. Mr, D, E- Davies said that the fact of there being only P-22 in arrears reflected great credit on the Collector, and proved how thoroughly his work has been performed. THE AUDIT. Mr. E. Pughe Jones, the assistant district auditor' submitted his report, for the year ended 31st March, 1899. At such audit lie disallowed the following sums, namely £61 Is Id. interest on overdraft, £20 5s 2d. charges in connection with the opening of the water 'works, and P,57 8s 8d, the amount charged in the Treasurer's account without authority. He reported that the Surveyor did not, as required by the general order for ac- counts, kept a stores account during the year, and he was not present at the audit to explain the omission. He recommended that in future the Surveyor should produce at each meeting of the Council this account duly made up. With regard to the stores account not being kept by the Surveyor, the Board had written to the Council stating that they had received from Mr. Pughe Jones his report of the audit' who had informed them of this ommission on the part of the Surveyor. The Local Government Board request that they may be furnished with the obser- vation of the Council on this matter. Further, the Local Government Board gathered from the auditor's report that the order cheque book had been kept by the Surveyor. The Board stated that in their opinion it is undesirable that the book, through the medium of which orders for materials are given, should be kept by the officers who would have to account for the consumption of these materials. Mr. D. E, Davies asked if there was no stock book kept. He thought there was. However, be thought there ought to be. Mr. O. W. Morris also thought a stores account should be kept by the Surveyor. Mr. H. Evans (chairman) said that the Auditor had warned him three years ago. Mr. O. W. Morris proposed that the matter be left for the present, as the Surveyor was not at the meeting, and that they should wait until they had an opportunity of seeing the Surveyor. This was passed. It was explained that Mr. Adams had been called away about 2 o'clock, as his son had met with a serious accident. He was working at Mr. Northwood's new house, Fronolew, and fell from a scaffolding to the ground, a distance of some feet, and had broken two of his ribs.