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LAMPETER. SUNDAY SCHOOL TRip.This is the season of excursions and trips, and such was the demand on the railway company during the past week not a single day was available on which the authorities could accept an offer for an excursion no matter how great the guarantee. The Unitarian Sunday Schools of the district had practically decided to form an excursion sometime during the week, and were naturally somewhat disappointed when the reply from the headquarters came to the effect that the Company were fully engaged throughout the week. The promoters of the idea, however, were not to be daunted by this reply and they decided to take advantage of the return fares offered by the authorities on Wednesdays. Wed- nesday, the 9th inst, was considered a convenient dayforan outing and although very many interested in thctriphadgone up to Aberystwyth a week before and to the sports held there on the previous day never- theless so la rge a crowd of excursionists was anticipa- ted by the railway officials that fearing the demand would be too great on their own resources, sent for an extra supply of carriages from the G.W.R, Com- pany. With this additional supply accommodation there was a natural increase of comfort and conven- iences and all seemed to have to taken full ad- vantage of and enjoyed the pleasant journey, the fine day and the bracing sea breeze. TENNIS.—On Thursday of last week the Lam- peter and Aberystwyth Town teams met at Lam- peter for a tennis contest. This is the second match that has been undertaken by the town inde- pendent of College aid in the way of players. The first was played at Aberystwyth in splendid weather on Thursday following the visit of the "renowned 1824" to Aberayron, and pleasant as the weather then was our Tennis men were favoured on Thursday last again with quite as ideal a day. Aberystwyth was repre- sented by 6 men, 4 of whom were visitors, and Lampeter had to muster the same number of local men to meet them. The Aberystwyth representa- tives were Messrs. Scholes, Raine. Morcom, Morgan, Wooley, and Cadvan Jones, while Messrs. Strand Jones, Jack Jenkins, W. S. Jones, Joseph James, D. F. Lloyd, and the Rev. Glynfab Williams played for Lampeter. The results were as follows:— Singles, Scholes v Strand Jones, 7-5, 6-3.; Raine v Jenkins, 1-6, 2-6; Morcom v Williams, 6-4, 5-7, 6-1; Morgan v W. S- Jones, 6-0, 4-6, 6-1; Wooley v James, 6-0. 12-10,: Cadvan Jones v Lloyd, 7-6, 4.6, 3-0. Doubles :—Morgan & Morcom v Strand Jones & Williams, 5-6, 4-6; Scholes & Cadvan Jones v Jenkins &«W. S. Jones, 6-0, 4-6, 6-1; Wooley & Raine v Llovd & James, 6-1, 6-2. making a total for Aberystwyth of 118 games to 83 for Lampeter. Though our men were beaten, neverthe- less an unprejudiced onlooker would certainly say that their stand was a very creditable one, par- ticularly so when considering the numerous disadvantages under which the team had laboured, as is generally known they had no courts they could call their own on which to practice, and further the field of selection of players was very limited during the past week, inasmuch as some of the best players happened to be away enjoying a respite from the ordinary duties of life. The team had to do without the valuable aid which we feel certain, Principal Bebb and Professor Williams would have gladly afforded had they been at home. The match was played on the College Courts, and the heartiest thanks are due. not merely from the players, but also from those who wish to foster athletic interest in the town, to Principal Bebb for his kindness in lending us the Courts for the occasion. No great athletic progress however can be expected until a practice field be obtained. Would that some one of our landed proprietors or one of their tenants were to see his way clear to offer the town a convenient field, or even a portion of a field for a reasonable rent. The little practice the team had, was on Mr. Frank Lloyd's and Dr. Davies' private courts, and we firmly believe that we only voice the feeling of all concerned when we say that our deepest gratitute is due to these gentlemen for the whole heartedness with which they accepted, and from the very start supported the idea of a contest. During the afternoon, refreshments provided by Miss Herbert, were par- taken of, and thoroughly enjoyed. The Aberyst- wyth team left with an expression of their appreciation of the welcome they had received, and the kindness with which they had been treated. The next venture in connection with tennis in the 1 town, will probably be a match between single and married. Such an undertaking would be interes- ting in more ways than one. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.—A committee meeting of this Society was held at the Royal Oak Hotel, Lampeter, on Friday, the 11th inst., when there were present: Messrs. T. H. R. Hughes, Neuadd- fawr, presiding; Timothy Davies, Brongest; D. j Jones, Old Bank, treasurer; D. Davies, Velindre; j L. Davies, Gellv; John Rees, Dolgwmissa; Samuel j Davies, Coedpark; J. M. Jones, L. and P. Bank; j Daniel Watkins, Solicitor; S. H. Evans Auctioneer; D. P. Davies, Veterinary Surgeon; B. J. Evans, Llanfairfach; D, D. Jones, Cwmmawr; Evan Evans, Maesmynach; J. Jenkins, Blaenplwyf; John Evans, Maespwll; Thomas Jones, Caerfoel; Daniel Jenkins, Pentrefelin; Wm. Jones, Penllwyn, and David Evans, Old Bank, Secretary. It was decided to adopt the system of single judging at the next show, to be held on the 29th September next. Judges and stewards in different classes | were appointed. Resolved that the show be I advertised in the Welsh Gazette in addition to the I papers where it is usually advertised. The names j of Messrs. T. H. R. Hughes, J. M. Jones, and j Daniel Watkins, were added to the Committee for | making arrangements for the admission to the j Show Yard. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A meeting of this board was held at the Boardroom, on Friday, the 11th instant, Mr. David Davies, Velindre, in the chair. The number of inmates in the house is 18 as compared with 12 of the corresponding week of last year.—The outrelief for the past fortnight per David Parry was £ 36 10s. 6d. to 149 paupers, and per David Evans iZ38 7s. 3d. to 137 paupers.— Vagrants during the fortnight 15. Corresponding week last year 39. Decrease 24.-The Master reported that Margaret Davies, an inmate, was on j the 29th ultimo removed to the Carmarthen j Asylum.—That Ellen Jane Davies, the wife of John J Davies, of Esgercrwys, in the parish of Llany- I crwys, and her two children, were admitted into 1 the house on the 10th instant, under an order of | David Parry, relieving officer. In this case the | clerk was instructed to cause a summons to be | issued against John Davies, of Esgercrwys, farmer, to shew cause why an order of maintenance should not be made upon him for the support of his wife and children who are now inmates of the Lampeter workhouse. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—This meeting was held after the Board of Guardians with Mr. James Jones (Caerau), Vice-chairman presiding.—It was decided that the Committee of the Council appointed to see to the carrying out of the erection of Rhydnis bridge should meet at Coedlanaufach, on the 24th inst., at 3 p.m., to open the tenders.— The question of the amount to be paid for stone breaking was adjourned to the next meeting and the Inspector's ort was read and considered. LLANYBYTHER URAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—A meeting of this Council was also held, with Mr. David Davies in the chair.—The report of Mr. Morgan W. Davies, engineer, of Swansea, as to Pencarreg and Llanybyther water supply was read, and the consideration of the matter was adjourned to the next meeting. Mr. Davies in his report estimates that the cost of the two schemes will be as follows:—Pencarreg District Water Scheme, £ 754 5s. 2d.; and the Llanybvther District Water Supply, £ 79118s- 4d.