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DOLGELLEY. TENNIS TOURNAMENT. -The Dolgelley Tennis ■Club on Wednesday played the Barmouth Tennis Club on the Tennis Ground, when the home team proved victorious. PERSONAL.—Mr. A. P. Morgan, who was for some time assistant master at the Boys' School, has been appointed assistant master to a large school under the Llanddeiniolen School Board, Carnarvon- shire. HE FREE LIBRARY.—It was prophesied that the committee appointed to consider the state of the Free Library had given it up as a bad job. However we are pleased to say it is not so, and the committee has been convened for to-night (Thurs- day). THE BANK HOLIDAY.— The weather being exceptionally fine on the Bank Holiday, a large number visited various places of interest in the neighbourhood. A good number of the young people visited Barmouth. Cor wen, Pwllheli &c. and other places. FAIR.—A sheep and cattle fair was held here on Tuesday, when a large number attended, and good prices were realized. THE BOYS' SCHOOJ STAFF.—The School Board have advertised for an assistant master for the bovs's school, the candidates to state salary re- quired. The Board had before advertised for an assistant master at a salary of zP,60 a year, but had failed to be satisfied. It is rumoured that the students leaving Bangor College the last tenn had pledged together not to apply for the place, as the salary was considered too small. THE WELSH MATRICULATION. Miss Mary Ellis, Bro Arran and Miss Annie Jones, Bala, (grand-daughter of Mrs. Edwards, Plasyndref, Dol- o- o-elley) have passed successfully passed the matriculation examination of the Welsh University. Both are pupils at Dr. Williams School, and in our last issue we were announcing their success in Dr. Williams' School Scholarship of Z25 a year which they have decided to hold at Aberystwyth. THE SCHOOL BOARD,—The ordinary meeting of the School Board was convened for Thursday when Mr. William Hughes (chairman), Mrs. Richard Williams, and E. W. Evans (members), Mr. H. Jones Griffith (clerk), and Mr. David Williams (assistant clerk) attended. Four members being required to form a quorum, no meeting was held, and it is likely that a special meeting will be convened during this week. MR MEYRICK JONES, J.P., RETiRixoi—-Mr. M. Jones, J.P., after being In business for a very long- period has decided to retire and has sold his ex- tension premises to Messrs Solomon Andrews and Sons, who intend carrying on the factories as well as the fhop, and have also purchased Mr. John Griffiths, Commerce House's bursaries, who, it is said, will act as manager, for Messrs. Andrews, & Son. Mr. Meyrick Jones' retirement will be a great loss to the town, but it is to be hoped that he will have many years to enjoy the well-deserved rest be has secured to himself t'hrougn his retire- ment from business. It is also hoped that Messrs. Andrews' connection with this town and trade will prove a great boon to the neighbourhood and that tee woollen trade will flourish as in days of yore. A HANDSOME GIFT.—A gentleman who wishes his naina to be kept a secret has sent the handsome gift of F,100 through the hands of Mr. William Williams, Greenwich House, towards defraying the debt that remnins on Bethel Chapel. A great effort is about to be made to clear the debt which amounts to P.360, and Mr. J. Edwards, Coedcymcr, had offered to add 10 per cent. to whatever the congregation can collect in various ways. CRICKET. On Monday the Dolgelley Cricket Club journeyed to Llanvchain to play the team of that place. The Dolgelley team suffered defeat, the Llanvchain team scoring 63, and the Dolgelley team 56. The score was as follows :— DOLGELLEY. David Jones, b Bec-ket 1 F. W. White, c W. H. Owen b Williams 18 J. R. S. Furlong, c Owen b Williams .18 J. "Williams, b Williams 0 E. A. Williams, lbw, b Beckett I J. Humphreys, b Williams 0 G. W. Kinman. b Williams 0 W. E. J. Clarke, not out 4 R. Lewis, b Beckett 7 A. E. Hughes, c Williams b Beckett 0 J, A. Jones, run out .2 Extras.5 Total.56 LLANYCHAIN. Capt. Chalk, c & b White I .1 D. P. Williams, c Jones b Lewis 4 H. E. Griffith, c Jones, b Lewis .2 Watkin Williams, lbw, b White 1 J. L. Beckett, c Furlong b White .1 D. D. Jones, b White 4 Rev. T. Hughes, lbw, b Lewis 1 P. Tomkys, b White 1 W. H. Owen, c E. A. Williams b Lewis.8 W. G. Rigby, c Furlong b White .21 A. G. Jones, not out.11 Extras 8 Total 63 URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday evening when there were present: Mr. J. Meyrick Jones, J.P. (chairman), Messrs. R. Richards, John Jones, E. W. Evans, Ellis Williams, E. Wynne Williams, John E. Jones, John Edwards, Thomas Parry, Edward Williams, and Dr. John Jones (members), Mr. William Jones (surveyor), Mr. Richard Barnett (assistant clerk), and Mr. E. R. Jones (rate collector). IN COMMITTEE. Before the hour of the meeting the Council met in committee to consider the offer made by Mr. E. W. Evans, on behalf of the council to purchas e the plot of land in Smithfield-street. Later Mr. Minshall, solicitor, Oswestry, attended on behalf of the Rev. Ellis Edwards, M.A., Bala, and the coun- cil decided to buy the plot for the sum of Z227 10s inclusive of costs, and a deposit of Z20 was given and the agreement was signed. THE MAESMAWR FOOTPATH. Several members said they understood that one of the owners raised objection to the improvements about to be made to the footpath at Maesmawr, a letter had been received from Dr. Meyrick Meredith Williams, one of the owners objecting to anything being done without the owner's sanction. It was resolved on the proposal of Mr. John Edwards that the surveyor should inform Dr, Williams what was proposed to be done to the path. REPORT OF THE SURVEYOR. The Surveyor reported that the automatic tank had been placed in Lombard-street, and the drain re-constructed, and that both now werked satisfac- torily. The Afon Fach had been cleaned accord- ing to the instructions of the council. The im- drovements to the drain at Crossby Buildings had not been made, although the notice had been served on the owners. The drainage of the first row of the new houses at Arran-road had been con- nected with the sewer, and there was a fall of two feet, but the drains were not sufficiently flushed. The drains of Mr. W. Evans's houses had been connected satisfactorily with the sewer. The wall on the side of the river Arran had been cemented to prevent the flooding of that portion of the town. THE FLOODING OF THE TOWN. In regard to the work done on the wall of the river Arran, some of the members said there was a sum of money at the Bank which had been collected for that purpose. Mr. E. W. Evans said he had been out collecting the money, and that the money collected was for preventing the flooding of the town by the river Arran. After some discussion it was decided that the Chairman, Messrs. Thomas Parry, Edward Williams and Richard Richards, be appointed to see the trustees for the purpose of procuring the money for this object. CROSLEY BUILDINGS. Mr. Thomas Parry proposed that inasmuch as the nuisance complained of in Crosley Buildings had not been remedied, that the owners be summoned forthwith. Mr. E. W. Evans seconded, and it was unanimously agreed to. Mr. Thomas Parry said that they had received a report on the matter four or five months ago, and that it was still left undone. Dr. John Jones said the persons living in the house were risking their lives to live there. Mr. Edward Leighton said they should insist on the work being carried out satisfactorily. THE SMITHFIELD LANE DRAINAGES. Mr. Thomas Parry proposed that a letter be sent to Mr. William Evans requesting him to get the z, drains connected satisfactorily with the sewer immediately, which was agreed to. THE NEW HOUSES AT ARRAN BRIDGE. On the proposition of Mr. E. W. Evans it was decided to write to Mr. J. Chidlaw Roberts draw- ing his attention to the surveyor's report that the drains of the new houses were not flushed satis- factorily. ALTERATIONS AT SKINNERS ARMS. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The Surveyor presented the plans of the pro- posed alterations at Skinners Arms. The Council had asked the Company (Sa\t & Co.) to state what would be the terms for the Council to buy two and four feet towards widening the street in that place. The architect of the Company now presented two plans, one showing a widening of two feet in the street and the other four feet, and the Company asked £45 for the first, and £82 for the second, which the Surveyor said was about £10 a yard, and the Council spent about three-quarters of an hour squabbling over the question. Mr. E. W. Evans said he understood that the plans were satisfactory to the surveyor, and in that case lie proposed that the plans be passed, but that they would not entertain the offer as to purchasing the land for widening the street. Mr. John Edwards said that there was a resolu tion passed that the Surveyor present a written report with each plan, and he wished to know why he did not do so. The Surveyor said that three or four plans of the place had been presented to the Council, and he had visited the place with the Medical Officer, and had presented a report, and he had nothing further to add. Mr. Edward Williams proceeded to catechise the Surveyor for some length of time whilst the members protested that lie was out of order as to some points in connection with the plans, and the Surveyor stated tnat the plans were not satis- factory inasmuch as the plans presented showed the space which was offered the Council which if it was not accepted would make those plans worth- less. Another thing, no written instructions had been presented with the plans, statino- how the yard was to be made, which in time past had been a source of nuisance. Dr. John Jones maintained that they could not pass the plans that night as they were incomplete. Mr. E. W. Evans held that it was not fair to delay them. They had delayed from one meeting to another by getting the company to prepare plans showing such and such a thing, and he pro- posed that they should approve the plans, but that they would not accept the offer as to the land for widening street. He proposed on the understand- ing that they were according to the bye-laws. Mr. Edward Williams again proceeded to cate- chise the Surveyor on certain points, when several members protested. Mr. J. Edwards (rising) said he protested that what Mr. Williams was doing was out of order. Dr. John Jones called upon the Chairman to rule that Mr Williams was out of order. The Chairman commenced to say to Mr. Williams that he ruled him out of order when Mr. Williams said that he had a perfect right to ask the Sur- veyor any question. The Chairman said that it was evident that they could not pass the plans that evening. There was no haste to build these old public houses. Mr. E. W. Evans said he was as much a temper- ance man as anyone, but he objected to the remark made by the chairman as to public houses. He hoped that none of them were going to make unworthy use of their position as members of a public body to state their views as to temperance, and to use their position to prevent alterations at public houses. The Chairman said that what he said was that there was no need to bury the plans. Mr. E. W. Evans No you said that there was no haste to build old public houses. The Chairman: No haste without getting them satisfactorily. Mr. John Edwards proposed that the plans be not approved. After further discussion the Chairman asked if they all agreed that the plans be not approved of, when Mr. Edward Williams again got up and commenced speaking. Dr. John Jones then got up and said that the Council had standing orders, and that it was the duty of the Chairman to see that they were kept. The Chairman ought to sec that Mr. Edward Williams kept them, he was continually breaking them. Mr. John Edwards said there was only one proposition before the meeting, and asked the Chairman to put it to the vote. The Chairman said they were losing time, and that they were all tired and wishing to go home Mr. Edward Williams said he sympathised with the Chairman, and that he knew lie had been very busy these last days, but he believed they had a duty to perform, and which they ought to do. The Chairman then said there was only one proposition, and asked if all were agreed. Mr. Edward Williams said that was not so. Mr. Evans had made a proposal which he seconded. The Chairman asked Mr. Evans if he withdrew, and told him he could quiet the storm if he liked. Mr. Evans said it was a storm, and it would not do them any harm to have five minutes of silence, and was proceeding to explain what he had proposed, when the Chairman asked him sharply if he had an amendment to propose. Mr. Evans then sat down and said he was not going to compete talking with the Chairman or anyone else. After further general discussion, two or three at a time, the Chairman was about to put Mr. Edwards's motion to the meeting, when Mr. Edward Williams again objected, and said that Mr. Evans had made another proposition, which was followed by another uproar. Several members held that Mr. Evans had withdrawn his proposition. Mr. Evans then said that he bad several times endeavoured to explain, but had failed to get an opportunity. He had proposed that the plans be approved, as he understood they were in accordance with the Bye-laws, and he proposed that the plans be approved of, and that they would be sanctioned when the amended plan showing the land which was offered to the Council added to the house, and that they would be willing to call a special meeting to sanction them in order to facilitate the work, as the delay was the fault of the Council. Mr. Edward Williams said he seconded, and it was agreed to unanimously. Mr, John Edwards said this discussion proved that a written report by the Surveyor was necessar and asked that it-should be done in future. NUISANCES. Mr, Edward Williams drew attention to nuisances whichtexisted at Marion Road, and by Pandy Mills, and the Surveyor was instructed to see to them. A NEW BUILDING. Mr. Edward Williams asked if a plan had been presented of a new building at Pendref. The Surveyor said that there was not, and the inhabitants had believed Mr. Williams when he had said a short time ago that a plan of buildings was not needed. LOMBARD STREET. Mr. Edward Williams proposed that a pavement be made in Lion Street, and Mr. Thomas Parry seconded. Mr. John Edwards proposed that the matter be deferred until the question of loan had been settled, which was agreed to. THE WATER SUPPLY. Mr. Thomas Parry, according to a notice of motion, called attention to the state of the water supply, and said that the houses at the top of the town were not regularly supplied, especially in the morning. Mr. J. E. Jones: I would not pay then. Mr. Thomas Parry said that since the last meet- ing he had made enquiries at Mount Pleasant, and found that itlley had the same fcomplaint. The supply of water was not sufficient, and the question he had to ask was what were they to do. Had they anything to do as a Council. Mr. R. Richards said it was their duty to protect the town in this matter as in other matters. Mr. E. Wynne Williams said he believed this was rather a private business. Mr. Edwards Williams proposed that a letter be sent to the directors calling their attention to the complaints. Mr. R. Richards seconded, and said if it was not remedied they would consider the advisability of acquiring a loan towards getting a water supply. It was unanimously agreed that a letter be sent to the directors drawing their attention to the complaints. THE SURCHARGE. The Assistant Clerk reported that the auditor had found the accounts correct, but that the auditor had surcharged the Council to the sum of L18-the surcharge being made against five persons. A sur-charge of £7 10s. was made against Messrs, J. Meyrick Jones, E. W. Evan., and R, Richard, and a sub-charge of £10 10s. against Messrs. John Edwards, Thomas Parry,"and Richard Mills. Both amounts were now paid as salary to to the treasurer on account of the overdrart at the bank. The auditor stated that the Council could not pay interest on overdraft, and as this was really interest on overdraft he had to surcharge against the members of the Council. Mr. Thomas Parry said he had seen the auditor and had explained to him that the overdraft had taken place owing to the law suit and certain improvements. He proposed that the Clerk should write to the Local Government Board asking it not to allow the surcharge, Dr. John Jones seconded, and it was agreed to. THE LOAN QUESTION. Mr. E. W. Evans proposed that the Council should take steps towards procuring a loan for making permanent improvements. Dr. John Jones seconded, and it was unanimously agreed to. Dr. John Jones proposed that a Committee be appointed to take into consideration the financial position of the Council, and the Chairman, Messrs. E. W. Evans, Thomas Parry, John Edwards, and Ellis Williams were appointed. STREET LIGHTING. A letter from the Gas Co. was read, offering to light the town on the same terms as before Mr. R. Richards (jocularly) I suppose it is too late to get the Electric Light this year, Mr. Parry ? Will it be ready by next year ? .Mr. Thomas Parry: Yes. Mr. E. W. Evans said he believed the Council ought to take into consideration the advisability of getting a scheme to light the town with electricity. If they did not do it, they would be sure to be the losers in the future. Dr. John Jones proposed that the terms be accepted. Mr. E, W, Evans proposed that the terms be accepted provided the Gas Company would make some arrangement to prove that the agreement was kept. They had nothing whatever at present to test the Gas, and he held that they ought to get it. Mr. J. Edwards asked if the Council had not decided to buy a photometer. Mr. Evans said they had, but it fell throug, as they had no place to put it, and he now proposed that the terms be accepted on the condition that they should have some means of testing the gas. This was agreed to unanimously, and the question of preparing a scheme to light the town with electricity was referred to the Committee appointed to take the Financial position into consideration. Mr. Edward Williams asked if the Lighting Com- mittee should have power to move any of the k lamps. Mr. Thomas Parry proposed that they should not have that power. They had moved too many. Five or six lamps could be seen from the same spot in some places, while it was very dark in other places. Mr. R. Richards Yes, quite true. Mr. E. W. Evans, having seconded, it was agreed to. TOWN CHIER. Mr. Thomas Parry said that the Town Crier's suit had gone shabby, and that it would be well for the Chairman before he left the business to supply him with a suit. The Chairman said he would have much pleasure in doing so, THE CLERK'S BiLL OF COST. Dr. John Jones said that it was resolved at the last meeting that the Clerk's bill of cost be pre- sented to the Board, and asked if it had been presented. The Clerk said that the bill had not been com- pleted. THE TREASURER'S SALARY. The amount of Treasurer's salary was down for consideration, but as the Council had been sur- charged for the amount paid last year, it was de- cided to submit the matter to the committee ap- pointed to consider the loan question. THE KEFUSE. Mr. Thomas Parry said that there were com- plaints that the refuse was carted to the Green and it was decided to write to the Clerk of the Trustees of the Green, informing them of the com- plaint. THE SHEEP FAIR. Mr. Edward Williams said there were complaints that the Council charged too much (ls a score) for the sheep put in the pens on fair days and wished the charge to be changed. On the advice of some of the members 'Mr. Wil- liams gave notice of motion to consider the matter at the next meeting.





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