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A WORD TO BARMOUTH. AXYOXE acquainted with that charming seaside place, Barmouth, and the still more charming scenery by which it is encom- passed, will not be disinclined to prophesy that it is a town with a future. Its natural advantages are such as to make every native regard it with a pardonable pride. Its mountains are lofty and rugged, its walks hold the eye entranced, and its long stretch of smooth sand will compar e favourably with any on the Welsh coast. Nor is it without its artificial advantages. On Thursday, for instance, the foundation stone of the new Intermediate School was laid amid circum- stances of a peculiarly propitious character, and once a town can boast of good schools it has the principal agencies necessary for forging ahead in the van of progress. But Barmouth has'just received "more good news" Miss FRANCIS POWER COBBE, the president of the British Union of Anti-vivisectionists, writes that a good public reading room and library would be a great advantage to Bar- mouth, and she has a considerable number of suitable books which she is willing to give to form a free library for Barmouth on con- dition that the Cambrian Railways Com- pany will give a piece of land on which to erect the library. The offer will be open until October 1st next, and if not then accepted she will provide that the books be given to one of the New Institutes for Women in London. Here surely is a golden opportunity which it behoves the inhabitants of Barmouth to take advantage of, and that without delay. Why not, at the same time, consider the all- important question of erecting municipal buildings of which the library might form a part-worthy of the town ? The present Council Offices ^are the reverse of imposing from an architectural point of view they are, indeed, a reflection on the public spirit of the town, and quite out of harmony with its fame as a holiday resort. Steps will have to be taken some day in the direction of providing public buildings more in accord with the needs and aspirations of Barmouth. Why not now ?

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