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County Court.

» Intermediate School.


» Intermediate School. MEETING OF MANAGERS. A meeting of the Intermediate School Governors was held in the Town Hall, on Friday evening, when there were present:—Mr. George Davis (in the chair), Mrs. Jessie Williams, Mrs. James, Rev. T. Levi, Professor Genese, Messrs. C. M. Williams, J. P. Thomas, R. Richards, and R. J. Jones, with Mr. J. Evans (clerk), the Head Master (Mr. Samuel), and the Head Mistress (Miss Ewart). COOKERY AND LAUNDRY INSTRUCTION. A letter was read from Mr. H. C. Fryer, clerk to the Cardiganshire County Governing Body, with y 11 reference to cookery and laundry instructions. He stated the County Governing Body are propos- ing to appoint a teacher of cookery and laundry work for the three county schools of Aberystwyth, Aberayron, and Cardigan, at a salary of £ 80, in- cluding all travelling expenses, and to pay one half of this salary provided that the Technical Instruction Committee and the managers of the above named schools will between them pay the other half. It is hoped that the Technical Instruc- tion Committee will agree to pay one quarter of the whole salary leaving the other quarter, or P,20, to be paid by the three schools proportionately to their icconiodations for girlpupils. If this hope is realized the proportion of the salary payable by the Aberystwyth managers will be Lll 2s 2d. Wiil you kindly let me hear as soon as you conveniently can whether such an arrangement will be accept- able to your managers and whether they will con- sent to pay this yearly sum of Pll 2s. Od towards the salary of an efficient teacher. I believe you have good provision for cookery and laundry work in the way of buildings, but as yet have made no provision for instructions. On the motion of Mr. It J. Jones, seconded by Professor Genese the letter was referred to the Finance Committee, with power to act, Mr. Williams, stating that there would be a meeting of the County Governing Body before long. OPENING OF THE NEW BUILDINGS. A letter was read from:l,or irenclel (dated Hatch- land,Guildford, July 9th) thanking thejmanagers for the honour they did him in postponing the opening of the new buildings until his visit to the College at its annual meeting, and intimating that either the day after or the day before the College annual meeting would suit him, if convenient to them. The day previous to the College meeting—viz., Oct. 26th—was fixed upon as the date of opening. The Finance Committee recommended, in reference to the cleaning of the schools, that the agreement with Sergeant Long and Mrs. Hannah Jones be terminated. The Chairman said it had been suggested that they should engage a man who should always be on the premises, and, by way of preference, an army pensioner, who would be able to instruct the children in drill at the same time. Mr. R. J. Jones thought there would be no difficulty in finding a suitable man at Aberystwyth —a retired sergeant from the Barracks. The Chairman said they could not get a man to devote the whole of his time to work at 15s. a week. On the proposition of Mr. Richards, seconded by Rev. T. Levi, the Committee's recommendation was agreed to, and it was further resolved, on the motion of Mrs. Williams, seconded by Mr. J. P. Thomas, to write to the Government for the employment of pensioners and ask them to recommend candidates. EARLIER TRAIN WANTED. Mrs. James drew attention to the fact that the train bringing pupils from Borth did not arrive till 9-45, so that pupils lost an hour's instruction daily. She suggested, therefore, that a deputation should wait on the Manager of the Cambrian Railway Coy, and ask if an earlier train could not be run. She added that many pupils who might come to Aber- ystwyth were now compelled to go to Machynlleth. Mr. Thomas agreed that something should be done; and it was resolved that a deputation— consisting of all those members who chose to turn up—should wait on Mr. Dennis. WEEKLY HOLIDAY. The question of substituting a whole day holiday on Saturday for the present two half-days was dis- cussed. The Head Master said he, as well as the staff would prefer the whole of Saturday. Mr. Williams thought the matter should be referred to the Head Master, so that he might con- sult with the staff and report to the next meeting. Mrs. James pointed out that the matter was in- formally discussed at the last meeting. The Headmaster said that he was prepared to say now definitely that the whole of Saturday would be decided upon by the Staff, and a motion to this effect, proposed. by Mrs. James, seconded by Prof. Genese, was carried. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Headmaster recommended the following pupils for the renewal of their Scholarships:— Ebenezer Rhys P. Thomas, Hubert E. Jones, Rachel Thomas, Fred Roberts Jones, Jacob Meurig Jones, Arthur Doughton Williams, Sarah Helena Evans, Victoria Bonner, Margaret Keane, Mary Evans, Elizabeth Edwards, and David Jones (condition- :ally). 1 WC-XK Mr. Thomas asked if, in deciding upon Scholar- ships, the Headmaster gave prior consideration to those pupils whose parents were in poor circum- stances. The Headmaster replied that he had not followed that rule. The awarding of a scholarship for the second year depended on whether the conduct and progress of the pupil had been satisfactory, and no regard was paid to the parents' circumstances. Prof. Genese: It is very difficult, this question of poverty. I have never seen it solved. It would be safer not to make enquiries into any case. Mr. Thomas thought the Headmaster knew the circumstances of the boys. It was not a question of poverty, for there were no boys in the Inter- mediate School who could be called poor. He thought preference should be given to those pupils who were not very well off, if their qualifications were otherwise satisfactory. Professor Genese: I should be delighted if a scheme could be worked out. L Mr. Jones expressed the hope that the Head- master would pay attention to Mr. Thomas' sug- gestion It was then resolved that this be an instruction to the Headmaster. APPOINTMENT OF SCIENCE MASTER. The next item on the agenda—the appointment of a Science Master—was taken in Committee. APPOINTMENTS. Mr. J. H. Howell, B.A., B.S(- formerly science teacher at King's College, London, was appointed science teacher at a salary of E120, and Miss S. E. Thomas, Great Darkgate street, Aberystwyth, appointed assistant mistress at a salary of ESO.

London University.

4, Early College Recollections.