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. Poultry Notes.

.10. Women and Agriculture.



+ DOLGELLEY. CI*EL!>RA ACCIDENT.—On Wednesday evening Mrs. R. C. Evans, Caxton Hotel, met with an acci- dent whilst out cycling. She collided with a pedestrian in Cader Road, and was thrown off her machine and sustained much injury, and has since been laid up. THE STEAM ROLLER.-Cn Friday the new County steam roller passed through the town and drew much attention. The roller, which is under the charge of Mr. Lewis James Lewis, has been doing excellent work on the Llwyngwril road, to tli-e delight of the cyclists, and now is about to make quite as good work on the Barmouth road. The roller reflects great credit on its driver, both on its clean appearance as well as on the efficiency of the work done by it. It is evident that soon the roads of the district will give great satisfaction, even to cyclists. Lately, an engineer from the makers, who had been inspecting, testified that the driver had a masterly knowledge of the engine. 11 11 THE ORHKET CLUB.-On Wednesday the Dol- gelley Cr: •• Club played the students of St. Mary's Coll, Stoneyhurst, on the Marian. The students h. c been visiting the town every season for several years, and many an exciting match has taken place, the result being, until late years, a certain win to the visitors. However, lately they have been beaten several times. But, unluckily for the town team, on Wednesday the visitors won the match. The visitors scored 66 runs, and the town team 46 runs. THE BOARD SCHOOLS.—We have already pub- lished H. M. Inspector's report of Brithdir and Is- law'rdref Schools, and now the reports on the town schools have been announced, as follows :Boys' School: The instruction is given with diligence and success, and the character of the work, taken as a whole, now warrants the recommendation of the higher principal grant. Girls' School: This is an excellently disciplined and very successfully taught school. Infants' School: This school is diligently and carefully conducted, and on the whole continues to be in a creditable state of efficiency. The lower classes, however, do not reach the very satisfactory level of the unner classes of the school. 4 DR. WILLT UI'S SCHOOL.—The following pupils from Dr. illiarn's School were successful at the recent examination in drawing in connection with the Royal Drawing Society:—Division V Pass May Bebb (Birkenhead). Division IV Pass: Nora Mills, and Kathie Waring (Dolgelly), Jennie Webb (Lirkenhead), Annie Williams (Llanberis) ^y.10n 111 Honours: Kathie Waring, Annie Jtlharns, Dorothy Williams (Criccieth). Pass: Ma,be divans (Dowlais), Alexa Gossling (Buxton), May Jones, Catherine Roberts and Myfanwy Morris (Llanwchfiyn). Gwenellan Thomas (Nantlle) ..I,c,inie Webb, Edith Williams (Denbigh). Division II Honours•, Ivy "Bakes (Oxford), Vivian Vinms (Doige'.leyj, Catherine Roberts, Jennie Webb, Dorothy Wilffams. Edith Williams. Pass Auexa Gossling. Gwen- Griffith (Llanbedr) Oliver Hughes (Dolgelley), A, Jones (PrestatyA), Mav Jones. Division I Hon-owrs: Irv Baker, Alexa G;»s.*ling, Magg:e L. Williams (Dolgelley) Gwen BalHn Williatti., rLiveepool), Edith Williams. Pass -E'.La, Adams (London). Jennie Ellis (Dolgelley), Mabel Evans, Gwen Griffith* Betha Hughes (Dol- gelley). Oliver Hughes (Dbfeellev), Catherine Jones (Prestatyn), Mary Jowes (St. Asaph), Annie Jones (Carnarvon), Emily Morris (Oswestry), Amy Morgan CO irno), Nancy Owen (DoIgclIey), .Jane Owen (C-J.ruarvon) 100iver Parry (Dinas Dirlle), Sassie Pr;t :aard (Carnarvon'), Laura Pritchard (Rhus). •' ■ --in Michards (Llarebedr), Laura Rowe (Dolgelleyy. feat,rice and Eva Srnalley (Barmouth) Preparatory Division Pass: Ella Adams, Jane Owen, Lau; I 'lM\VC.