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Gardening in July.

Advantages of Cycling.

010. Swine Fever.


010. Swine Fever. Yvrhat is to be done in regard to swine fever ? It is evident that the hopes that were founded upon the change of management when the Board of Agriculture took up the matter and endeavoured by uniform treatment to do away with the feeble- ness which in so many districts characterised the method of the local authorities have not been realised, and if it car.not be said that the last state of the matter is worse than the first it can at least be contended that it is little if at all better. The restrictions in vogue are irri- tating and troublesome, and spite of them we appear to be no nearer the goal. The position of the Board of Agriculture is not an enviable one, and those who know most about the matter will best be able to appreciate the difficul- ties of the task set before it. It is a thing of course that grumbling should attend its work, whatever it does in such a matter as swine fever, and when the work is unsuccessful the irritation caused by personal losses and continual restrictions naturally finds forcible expression. It is to be regretted that the Board shows itself unduly sen- sitive to adverse criticism, but it must make up its mind that something better is expected from it. Either it must throw the work altogether, or by energetic action do something effective to stamp out the disease. Half measures have had their day. Either let the thing alone or deal with it vigorously. The middle course has the disadvan- tages of pleasing nobody and of harrasing all con- nected with the pig-breeding industry, while at the same time doing no good.—" Farm and Home."

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