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True Valour.

. Right-Doing.

4. Society.

Thoughts in aid of Faith.…

The Human Body.


The Human Body. Our bodies are all times like the fire which was shown to the hero of the 11 Pilgrim's Progress" in the Interpreter's house, which had water poured on it on one side of the wall against which it biazed, and oil on the other. Here one tissue is burning fuel, and there another is becoming the depository of combustible matter. We have, as it were, millions of microscopic wind-furnaces con- verting into carbonic acid, water-vapour, and other products of combustion, all the combustible elements of the body; and millions of blast furnaces, reducing the starch and sugar of the food, and the ,sulphates and phosphates of the body, into inflam- jnable oils and other fuels, which are finally transferred to the wind-furnaces, and burned there. Burning, and what we must call in contradistinc- tion, unburn.j, thus proceed together the flames .of life, like a blow-pipe flame, exhibiting an .oxidizing and reducing action, at points not far .,distant from each other. Such is the human body —ever changing, ever abiding-a temple always .complete, and yet always under repair, a mansion which contents its possessor, and yet has its plans and its materials altered each moment; a machine never stops working, and yet is taken to pieces in the one twinkling of an eye, and put to- gether in the other; a cloth of gold, to which the needle is ever adding on one side of a line, and from which the scissors are ever cutting away on other. Yes. Life, like Penelope of old, is ever weaving and unweaving the same web, whilst her grim suitors. Disease and Death, watch for her halting; only, for her is no Ulysses who will one day in triumph return. DR. GEORGB WILSON. ♦

Our Human Life.


Board of Guardians. -