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True Valour.

. Right-Doing.


Right-Doing. The general opinion of the world is that right- doing, justice, truth, and honesty are very graceful luxuries for those who can afford them; very good things when a man is easy, prosperous, and well off, and without much serious business on hand; but not for the real hard work of life; not for times of ambition and struggle, any more than of distress and anxiety, or of danger and difficulty. In such times, if a man may not lie a kittle, cheat a little, do a questionable stroke of business now and then, how is he to live 7 So it is in the world, so it always was, and so it always will be. From states- men ruling nations, and men of business conduct- ing ureal financial operations,' as the saying is now, down to the beggar-woman, who comes to ask charity, the rule of the world is that honesty is not" the best policy; that falsehood and cun- ning are not only profitable, but necessary; that in proportion as a man is in trouble, in that proportion he has a right to go wrong. A right to do wrong. A right to make bad worse. A right to break God's laws, because we are too stupid or too hasty to find out what God's laws are. CHARLES KINGSLEY.

4. Society.

Thoughts in aid of Faith.…

The Human Body.

Our Human Life.


Board of Guardians. -