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MACHYNLLETH. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. The monthly meeting of the Managers of the Machynlleth Intermediate School was held at the School on Friday afternoon. Present: Mr. Richard Rees (chairman), Rev. Josiah Jones, Dr. Davies, Mr. Edward Rees, and Mr. John Thomas with the clerk (Mr. Rowlands), and the headmaster (Mr. Meyler). AT PARIS. A circular letter was read from Mr. A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P., stating that it was the wish of the Educational Section of the Com- missioners of the Paris Exhibition to contribute, together with specimens of the work of Inter- mediate Schools, photographs showing the exterior of the school buildings, a room in the building with a class at work, &c., and ask when it would be convenient for the photographer engaged to visit Machynlleth. He added that a preliminary display of the works exhibited would be given in Cardiff in connection with the Eisteddfod. The cost would not be charged to the school fund. The Clerk suggested that the Governors should be present. Mr. Meyler I have seen some of the Governors in groups; they look remarkably well (laughter). Dr. Davies: So did the masters. Mr. Meyler: We shall be exhibited at the Paris Exhibition, too (laughter). SCHOOL FURNITURE INSURED. The Clerk reported that, in accordance with the Managers' instructions, the school furniture had been insured in the county fire office for £ 200. YEAR'S INCOME. The Clerk reported that he had received from the Clerk to the County Governing Body (Mr. G. T. Harrison) a cheque for E228 Os. 2d., balance of income for the year ending 31st March due to the governors. I The Chairman mentioned that the total amount for the year was Z424 6s. 9d., which was larger than last year. THANKS. Mr. J. Pugb, local secretary, wrote stating that he had been requested by the Wesleyan Methodist Church to convey to the governors their sincere thanks for their kindness in granting .the use of their field on the occasion of the recent meetings. LABORATORY. A letter was read- from the Clerk to the County Governing Body with reference to the Managers' decision to apply for a loan for laboratory, stating that he would bring the matter before the Finance Committee, and adding that money could only be borrowed by the County Governing Body under an order of the Charity Commissioners. The Clerk stated that plans had been sent up to the Charity Commissioners for their approval. The estimated cost was £350. AN IMPORTANT PROPOSAL, The Clerk to the County Governing Body wrote c!1 enclosing resolutions passed with reference to pro- posed amendment in the County Scheme, and ask- ing for the Managers' views. The proposal was to amend the scheme so as to enable District Managers to provide for payment by children from outside the county such fees as would defray the actual working cost of their education. It was resolved, before coming to any decision, to ascertain the views of the District Governors on the proposal and hold a conference with the head masters and head mistresses on the subject. The Chairman remarked that the proposal had an important bearing on the Machynlleth School and the District. He did not think the County Governing Body were likely to carry it. It seemed that one or two of the members held strong views upon the matter, but they would not be able to carry it through. Mr. Meyler, asked by Dr. Davies for his opinion, said the question was new to him. He did not know they were going to discuss it, and he sug- gested that they should allow him to consider the matter and lay his views before them fully at the next meeting. It was such an important question that he did not like to speak of it off hand, but in his opinion there was involved in the proposal the very existence of the Machynlleth School. More- over, he thought an alteration in the scheme would be a very serious matter. Sometime ago, the chairman of the County Governing Body, when the head masters and head mistresses of the county proposed an alteration, pointed out that it was desirable such a matter should not be brought for- ward for some years to come, as it was advisable not to suggest any change in the scheme until the schools had shewn how it worked. If it held good on a question of that sort, it seemed to him that it held good on the question like the one now before them. He would like an opportinity of giving what he believed would be the views of the majority of the head master and headmistresses on the question. Mr. Edward Rees proposed, Rev. J. Jones seconded, and it was carried, that the considera- tion of the matter be deferred till the next meeting. The Chairman asked how many scholars there were outside the county. Mr. Meyler: I think we have over 30. Mr. Edward Rees: I suppose there's no chance of getting the other counties to contribute to form a school district. Mr. Meyler That's the point. I have always said it was inconceivable to me that that was not threshed out before the school was established. Mr. Rees: Of course their contributions is a serious consideration. Mr. Meyler: You had a just right to bring that matter before the Charity Commissioners before the schools were established. It has been done in other places. Rev. J. Jones mentioned the case of Towyn. Mr. Meyler: It is not here that the fault has been. Mr. Rees: There was no Central Board then to render assistance. The Chairman said it was the County Council that had a voice in the matter then. Rev J. Jones At the outset we had to consult our friends at Corris who were going to Towyn.— Mr. E. Rees: The Central Board would offer resistence.—Mr. Meyler Yes it is possible. What we want is a School District not limited to the county. The first is that you are situated on the border of three counties. What is the good (he asked) of telling you to stop after five years success- ful work ?—Dr. Davies: It simply means death to the school. ANOTHER TEACHER. Mr. Edward Rees gave notice that he would move at the next meeting that a previous resolution passed in favour of the appointment of an assist- ant at £90 per annum be rescinded and that they pass another resolution in favour of the salary not exceeding L100. The Governors afterwards inspected the school field for the purpose of considering the laying down of a cricket pitch, &c.

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