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Town Council Committees.

♦ iFire at Aberystwyth.



CHURCH NEWS. The offer of £5,000 made by Sir W. H. Wills M.P., to the Bristol Congregational Council, on condition that a sum of E15,000 be raised for church extension, has been the means of creating much interest in the movement in that city. The local effort has now reached close upon P,14,000, and only an additional £1,000 is required to secure Sir W. H. Wills's generous gift. THE NONCONFORMIST POLITICAL COUNCIL. The Executive of this Council has held a meeting in London, Mr. R. W. Perks, M.P., presiding. It was resolved to hold the conference and demon- stration in Cardiff in the first week of November. The following resolution was unanimously passed in reference to the adoption by the Liverpool School Board of the Evangelical Free Church Catechism and part of the Church of England Catechism as a manual for religious instruction in the Board schools of that city:—"That the Executive of the Nonconformist Political Council protests against any formulary issued by Nonconformists as a statement of their distinctive views being taught in the Board schools, and protests with equal earnestness against the Church Catechism being used for Board school instruction. The Council considers that the use of such formularies would be a gross violation of the Cowper-Temple clause of the Education Act, and it calls upon the members of the Liverpool School Board, the head teachers of the schools, and all lovers of a fair and upright policy in the city to do what is in their power to prevent effect being given to the deplorable resolution of the Liverpool School Board, which was carried only by a bare majority of the members." The Rev. Gwvnoro Davies, of Bar- mouth, was elected a corresponding secretary to the Council to act in the Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales. Other important matters were also taken into consideration.



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