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West Ardudwy.





DOLGELLEY. GENEROUS OFFER.—In order to clear the debt that still remains on Bethel Chapel, Mr. John Edwards, Coedcymer, has offered to add 10 per cent. to what- ever the church will be able to collect towards defraying the debt, besides contributing in the gene- ral collection. It is to be hoped that the debt will soon be entirely wiped off. EXCURSION. The arrangements for the annual ex- cursion have now been completed, and the Church of England, the Calvinistic Methodists, and the Wes- leyan Sunday Schools are uniting for the trip, which will take place next Wednesday, the 28th, to Rhyl and Denbigh, and it is likely, if the weather will be favourable, that a great number will take advantage of the trip. PASTORAL.—It has given great satisfaction to the C.M. churches at Llanfachreth and Carmel to learn that their pastor, the Rev. E. Trevor Evans, has re- fused the tempting and pressing invitation which he received to undertake the pastoral duties at Cysegr, Carnarvonshire. The acceptance would have many advantages, and the members of the two churches now under the care of Mr. Evans, feel grateful to him for deciding in their favour. He is very popular amongst the members, especially the young people, and has been very successful during the time he has been in the church. PREACHING.—At the Welsh Congregational Chapel on Sunday evening a vote was taken on the advisa- bility of holding a preaching meeting in connection with the church at the end of the summer, as has been the custom these last years, and a large majority voted in favour of it. & J CRICKET.—Last Saturday the Dolgelley Cricket Club, in a match against Llanychan Cricket Club, acquitted itself in a way quite worthy of its ancient traditions as a stiff lot to beat Llan- ychan going in first scored 61, and then Dolgelley following, succeeded in knocking up 143 runs. Llan- ychan, in their second innings, scored 40 runs, and so Dolgelley won by an innings and 42 runs. For Dol- gelley Mr. Furlong, with his usual skill and tact, scored 31; John Humphreys and Bill Jones, both old veterans, scored respectively 22 and 14, and 23 cam e from the bat of Mr. J. A. Jones, a very promising young player. Robert Williams was very deadly with the ball, and so was Mr. E. C. Owen, and a brilliant piece of fielding by Mr. J. A. Jones was very much admired. MILITARY REVIEW.—On Monday, the 4th Battalion of the R. W.F. were inspected at the camp by Colonel Creak who attended in place of General Swayne. The result was very satisfactory, and reflected great credit on the officers and company. A large number of the townspeople witnessed the review. In the course of the review, one of the men was kicked by a horse and received much injury, but is progressing favourably under the care of Dr. Hugh Jones. MILITIA ENTERTAINMENTS.—During the past week the men of the 4th Battalion R.W.F. were again provided for by the Ladies' Reception Committee. Refreshments were served under the superintendence of Mrs. D. Thomas, Glyndwr-street. Entertainments were provided each evening under the superintendence of the following:—Thursday, Mrs. Dr. Jones and Miss Jones, Cae'rffynon, and Misses Millard. Friday, Mrs. Griffith, Brynadda. Saturday, Mrs. Clarke, Bodlondeb. Monday, Mrs. Jones-Parry. Tuesday, Mrs. John Richards and Mrs. E. Wynne Williams. Wednesday, Mrs. Cleaver, Staylittle. On Sunday, portion of the battalion attended divine service at the Wesleyan chapel where the Rev. Peter Jones officiated. The bulk attended special service at St. Mary's Church at 12 o'clock when the Rev. Mr. Watts, Henfaes, officiated. In the evening a miscel- laneous programme was arranged for the benefit of the men at the Public Rooms by the Women's Temperance Association. PETTY SESSIONS. On Tuesday, June 20th, before Mr. C. E. Munro Edwards (in the chair), and Mr. J. Meyrick Jones. A FARMER CHARGED WITH BEING DRUNK IN CHARGE OF A HORSE. Robert Griffith, farmer, Tynygerddi, Rhydymain, was charged with being drunk in charge of a horse and trap .Mr. R. Guthrie Jones prosecuted on behalf of the police, and Mr. William George, Criccieth, defended. Mr. Guthrie Jones, having opened the case, he called P.C. Richard Owen, who stated that he was standing in Queen-street on the 15th. Saw Richard Griffith in Lion-street about 6.2 p.m. He was drunk. John Roberts, ex-P.C., and Mr. W. R. Williams, Lombard-street, were standing with him. Saw defendant getting into trap, and drive away. Went round Ship, and met trap in Bridge-street. I asked defendant to give the reins to J. Humphreys, who sat by his side. Defendant refused, saying he would take action for assault. Went up to trap. Persuaded him to give reins to John Humphreys, but he refused. P.C. Davies went into the trap. Horse was taken out; then defendant came out of trap, 4Lnd in coming out he nearly fell. In walking he made false steps. When served with summons defendant said he had had some drink, but that witness provoked him. Cross-examined: Saw defendant drunk before he got into trap. Did not prevent him. John Roberts, ex-P.C. Saw defendant. Observed that he would have some difficulty injgetting into the trap as he was so drunk. W. R. Williams, Lombard-street, said he saw defendant when talking with P.C. Owen. Took special notice of defendant at the time. In his opinion he was drunk. P.C. D. R Davies: Saw defendant on the 15th. Saw defendant drunk in trap. Defendant refused to come out of trap until they commenced to take horse out. Saw defendant afterwards walking up the Bridge arm-in-arm with Walters. Cross-examined He was walking the street after- wards without help, but evidently in drink. P.C, Benjamin Evans Saw P.C. Owen taking hold of defendant's horse. P.C. Owen asked defendant to give the reins to J. Humphreys. He refused. When he refused, P.C. Owen took charge of trap. Cross-examined Defendant was not noisy, and was not using bad language. John Roberts, Barmouth Saw defendant at bottom of Bridge. He was driving. Would not allow others to take charge of trap. He nearly fell in coming down from trap. He was staggering in walking. I think he was unfit to take charge of horse and trap, Cross-examined Cannot give opinion as to height of trap. Private Walter Edwards Defendant was struggling in coming out of trap. In his opinion he was not capable o flooking after horse and trap. Private R. L. Lewis corroborated last witness. Defendant was not fit to take charge of horse. George Rowe, Ship Hotel Saw defendant. Think he was drunk. Mr. George, in speaking for defendant, said it was all due to the evidence of P.C. Owen. Thomas Morris, servant at Commerce House Defendant was driving all right. He passed another trap opposite Stag. At the bridge P.C. Owen came to take hold of horse. After the trouble was over witness drove defendant home. John Humphreys, joiner: Was with defendant on night in question by shop in Dion-street. Defendant got into trap all right and drove all right. He was sober. Cross-examined Defendant drove slowly towards bridge. P.C. Owen came up near bank. He (Hum- phreys) asked to give reins to me. Did so not because R. Griffith was drunk, but because we wanted to get on. Cadwaladr Williams, Conrtnerce House Saw defendant several times. He was quite sober. I put mare in trap and took it to front of shop. If he did not bslieve he was sober he would not have given him the horse and trap. J. Griffiths, Commerce House, said the defendant was his father. Saw his father 5.30 on day in question. He was sober. The trap belonged to him. Thomas Morris was his stable boy. Rd. Hughes was called but did not answer. Thomas Davies, Lion-street Saw defendant day in question at the bridge about six o'clock. Police had stopped him. Saw talking going on and defendant getting out of trap. He was sober, saw him walk back sober at the time. Took special notice of R. Griffith. H (Owens) was standing on peripetj Mr. Hughes, Springfield-street: Saw defendant on evening in question. He was walking towards the street and back again. To; the best of his belief be was sober. J. B. Mee The defendant came to his shop on that day. Paid for fish usual way. Saw P.C. Owen taking the mare out of trap. The magistrates retired, and when they returned chairman said evidence was conflicting, but they believed prosecution. -They fined defendant 10s and costs.