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West Ardudwy.




BARMOUTH. CouNTy SCHOOL.—The new buildings are making satisfactory progress, and the architect, Mr. J. E. Evans, is much pleased with the work done. The contractor is Mr. Owen Owens, Barmouth. VIVISECTION.—The annual meeting of the North Wales Anti-Vivisection Society, will be held at the Masonic Hall, on Friday afternoon. Amongst those who have promised to deliver addresses are Mrs. Price, Rhiwlas. and Miss Gwyneth Vaughan, lion. sec. of the Women's Liberal Association. Miss Cobbe, Hengwrt, will preside. A GRAND CONCERT—On Thursday evening a grand concert in connection with the Baptist Church was held at the Assembly Rooms, promoted by the Rev. Arberth Evans, Mr. Joseph Thomas and Mr. Recs Jones. Conductor, Mr. Lloyd Jones. Liverpool. The following artistes took part :—Miss Wade, R.A.M. (London), Miss Bessie Jones, (of the lt)yal Welsh Choir, Liverpool), Gutyn Eifiion, Miss Mary Williams (Barmouth), Miss Jennie Jones (Barmouth), and the Barmouth Choral Union. Accompanists, Mr. David Jones, Epworth Villa (Barmouth), and Miss Wade. PETTY SESSIONS—FRIDAY. Before Dr. Charles Williams (chairman), Rev. J. Gwynoro Davies, Messrs. Morris Davies, W. J. Morris, Lewis Lewis, Ellis Wilkins, and John Evans. DRVKK AND DISORDERLY.—Robert Williams, Gib- raltar-terrace, was charged by P.S. Williams with having been drunk and disorderly on the 20th of May. Fined 5s. and 9s. 6d. costs. USING FOUL LANGUAGE.—Margaret Hughes, Gib- raltar-terrace, was charged by P.S. Williams, with clsing bad language on the 20th of May. Fined, 5s., md 9s. 6d. costs. REFUSING TO QUIT.-Henrv Parsons, Half-way Inn, Bontddu, charged Peter Jones, Ty'nygroes-fach, near Dolgelley, with refusing to quit licensecd premises, Half-way Inn, on the 10th inst. Fined 5s, and 9s 6d costs. THE EDUCATION ACT.-Several parents had been summoned for breach of the Education Act by not sending their children regularly to school. Mr. John Lloyd, (clerk), prosecuted on behalf of the School Board. Some were fined 2s 6d, and other cases were dismissed with a caution. TRANSFERS.—David Davies, Beach-road, applied for a transfer of the licence of Henblas from David Pugh to himself. Mr. David Breeze, Portmadoc, repre- sented David Pugh. Mr. Guthin Jones, Dolgelley, called the attention of the Bench to an irregularity in the application and it was deferred for a month. Mr. W. G. Pybus applied on behalf of Messsrs. Ind, Coope, Co., for a transfer of the licence of Crown Inn, to Mr. Woodhouse. Owing to an irregu- larity in the noticelgiven, this case was also deferred. Ministers of various denominations were present in Court prepared to object to the transfers applied for. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL—TrESDAY. Present Mr. Hugh Evans (in the chair), Captain Richards, Messrs. John Richards, D. E. Davies, Edward Williams, William Owen, Richard Roberts, A. H. Williams, Robert Williams, and O. W. Morris, Mr. W. George (clerk), Mr. John Adams (surveyor), and Mr. David Owen (rate-collector). CORRESPONDENCE. Miss Cobbe,Hengwrt wrote in reply to an application from the Council to supply a drinking fountain in the immediate neighbourhood of the drinking trough al- ready supplied by her, saying she did not approve of a fountain for horses and donkeys and another for human beings being so close to each other, and sugg- gested the one now applied for should be placed in the railway station. The matter was referred to the Works Committee. A letter was read from Mr. J. H. Richards, secre- tary of the Ratepayers' Union, enclosing the following resolutions passed by the committee. 1. That the Committee respectfully urge the District Council to definitely ascertain their position with regard to law costs, and to deal with the same as far as possible in open council in order that the ratepayers may be able to form a correct estimate of them. 2. Resolved that the Committee disapproves of the outlay of money upon the construction of the wall marking the boun- dary between David Davies' property and the parade and also calls attention to the unsatisfactory state of some of the roads at the present time. The Clerk was instructed to reply enclosing resolutions previously passed by the Council respecting the matters referred to. REPORTS OF COMMITTEES. Town Improvement Committee-licences recommend that the Boating Inspector and Inspector of Hackney Carriages be directed to examine all requisitions for new licences and report to the Committee. HOTEL OMNIBUSES, KC. It was recommended that the Clerk communicate with the town authorities of Aberystwyth, Colwyn Bay, and Llandudno, as to whether their bye-laws were applicable to hotel omnibuses, &c.—Footpaths Recommended that the committee, accompanied by the Surveyor, inspect all the footpaths within the district.—On the motion of Mr. D. E. Davies, se- conded by Mr. William Owen, the report was adopted. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. Town Refuse The Surveyor was directed to send the lime to Garddaniel, which he had been requested to purchase.—Water Supply (other than domestic) The Clerk was directed to request the return of the agreements which had been sent for signatures to various persons using water for purposes other than domestic.—Estimate of new rate sewerage, £40; water supply, £ 50 maid roads, 4210; other roads, P,50 scavenging and collecting house-refuse, C225 public lighting, R140 total, Z715, against R837 last year. With regard to repairs and improvements in respect of public footpaths, the committee was of of opinion that the sum of L5 might be sufficient, but this could not be definitely arranged, as the Town Improvement Committee had not yet completed its inspection of the footpaths within the district.— Mr. Edward Williams questioned the Surveyor as to the basis of his estimates, and the Surveyor replied he had not his papers with him in that meeting, but he had laid his calculations before the committee.— Mr. H. H. Williams The committee must have been satisfied.-The Chairman We went through them all.—Mr. E. Williams Take the item of £ 210 for expenditure in the main roads. How is this sum made up ?-The Surveyor I gave the committee all details. I have not known tne surveyor catechised in this manner before in open council.—Mr. E. Williams I propose deferring sanctioning this report till we get further explanation.—Mr. D. E. Davies Why object to the sum of L715 to-day after having passed the sum of E837 last year without any talk.— Captain Richards proposed/Mr. D. E. Davies seconded, and it was passed, that they adopt the estimates as basis for further consideration by a committee of the whole council.—Bath House: It was recommended that Mr. Meredith Evans be charged for water p supplied at the rate of £3 per annum.—Mineral Waterworks Recommended that a charge of Z3 per annum be made for water supplied to Mr. Thomas Jones' Mineral Waterworks, the charge to include the water supplied for the house.—John H. Davies Recommended that the sum of £3 be charged per annum for water supplied to Mr. J. H. Davies to work his engine and for the use of the house.— Christ Church Recommended that the sum of 25s. per annum be charged for water supplied to work the organ at Christ Church and for domestic purposes.— Mr. E. Williams --On what basis is Christ Church charged 25s.-The Surveyor Mr. J. Gladstone Roberts told me he considered 15s. sufficient, reckoning the number of hymns sung and and tunes played. The committee decided upon 25s. including water used otherwise than for organ pur- poses. Mr. E. Williams: It is evidently only guess work. Churches and Chapels :-It was recommended a uniform charge of 5s. per annum be made for water used at the following churches and chapels in the town, used for domestic purposes. -St David's Church, Caersalem Chapel, Wesleyan Chapel, English and Welsh Congregational Chapels, St. Tudwal's Church, Park Road Chapel. Tne question of water supplied to John's Church was left in abeyance. Llanaber School Board: Recommended that the Llanaber School Board be charged the sum of £12 per annum for water supply to the Board Schools, Barmouth for the last two years, and that the same charge be made for the future. Mr. John Hughes, Printer, Recommended that Z2 per annum be charged for water supplied to Mr. Hughes's Printing Office. S.S. Telephone and Jubilee £ 1 per annum. Cambrian Railways Company —A letter was received from Mr. C. S. Denniss on the matter of the water supplied for the use of the Com- pany at Barmouth Railway Station; recommended that the Council adhere to the resolution already passed to charge 6d per 1,000 gallons for the water which is now being used at Barmouth Station. Mr. Denniss wrote offering 5d per 1,000 gallons for the use of locomotives up to a million, and 4d for all over a million, hoping the water now used would be in- cluded. On the motion of Mr. J, Richards, seconded by Capt. Richards, it was resolved to accept the terms offered provided the Railway Company take water at the rate of two million gallons. Cambrian Rail- ways Company Houses :— Recommended that the Company be charged for water supplied for the use of five houses at the rate of 5s. per annum for each house. Cattle pan :—The Surveyor was instructed to report upon tne matter of the water supplied to the cattle pen on the Cambrian Railway Company's premises at Barmouth. Turbine Generating Electricity Recommended the sum of £2 per annum be charged for water supplied for the purpose of generating elec- tricity atBrynmynacli. New Houses :-As to water supplied to Mr. Bishop for building purposes, the sur- veyor was instructed to see Mr. Bishop on the matter and report to the committee. Arrears of rates -This matter was left in the hands of the Finance Com- mittee. Surveyor's Report:—I visited the house occupied by Evan Pugli, Park-road. The great draw- back to this house is that there is no air space at the back of either the ground floor or the first floor, which is the living floor, and also that it has no w. c. accommodation in sufficiently close proximity. With respect to the matter of fixing a pressure guage on the pipes that supply the engine at St. John's Church, I have written to Mr. Thomas Roberts, as requested and have had a reply. I have also seen the Rector on the subject who promises to give every facility. I am now waiting your instruction to secure a pressure guage. I want your permission to lay a new service at the Anchor and Ada House. New pipes have been laid inside by the owner. I have visited the public paths accompanied by some of the members of the Town Improvement Committee. Four or five stiles require repairs. We found also three wicket gates requiring latches. Something should be done to im- prove the path leading from the main road to the beach under Culvert Mill. I want your permission to procure about 14 yards of chain to sling the buoy at the end of the out-fall sewerage. The slip at the entrance to the parade is not in a satisfactory state and it is recommended that a more graduated slip should be constructed. I have, on the instructions of the General Purposes Committee commenced improv- ing it. I have obtained 2 tenders for granite shipping, 1 for gravel from Glasdir Mine, and the ott>r fo: granite from Minffordd Quarry. Glasdir 4s. 3a pc ton, and Minflordd 4s. 6d. I beg also to call) au] attention to several of the lamps at the north end v0: the town. A number of them should be replaced by new ones, as they are gone past repairing. I want also, gentlemen, to bring before you a somewhat personal matter. I desire a clear understanding with you all, for I believe it is tj our common interest to work amicably together. You are aware that our most worthy chairman, in giving me admonition on my re-appointment, gave me what I call imperative instructions not to take orders from any individual member or from any committee until confirmed by the Council. I took that to be my Magna Chart for the future. In less than a month orders were given me by a committee with instructions to carry them into effect forthwith. They should have them attended to at once, and they were. What I require is that I shall not be buffeted by any member for carrying out the wishes of a committee, and use the chairman's imperative instructions against me, and prove me a disobedient servant. You see I am placed on the horns of a dilemma, for I cannot possibly obey two sets of instructions that do not run parallel. I should like to steer clear of the Scylla of committees on one hand, without being wrecked in the Charybdes of the whole Council on the other. I have no doubt but that the primary object of both Committees and Council is how best to serve the highest interest of the town. I beg to say that that is and has been my highest and noblest ambition.— The report was unanimously adopted. -Tenders The tender of Mr. Robert Griffith, Vulcan Villa, was aceepted for a cable chain 14 yards long.—The tender of the Glasdir Mine Company was accepted for two trucks of gravel.—The report of the sub-committee appointed to visit town refuse, and also Mr. E. Williams, Garddansel, respecting it, together with the report of the Medical Officcr of Health on the same matter, were referred to the Sanitary Com- mittee.