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LAMPETER. CYCLING.—The cycling club held their fourth run of the season, on Wednesday of last week in lovely cycling weather, Aberayron being the spot decided to visit. The run was well attended and greatly enjoyed. A washing run" has just been started in connection with the club. Every Mon- day evening at 8 p.m. the club will leave Harford Square for Llanfair and return home via Cellan, so that one of the vice-captains of the club may deliver his week's washing to his ma." ACCIDENT. — While two little boys named Benjamin and Thomas aged four and six years respectively, children of Mrs. Evans, Market-street, of this town were playing in the new building in oourse of erection on the Bryn the other evening, one of them Benjamin fell into a very deep pool of water which was used for the masonary work, and Thomas in trying to rescue his brother fell in himself. Mr. W. Jones, of Market-street who was at in one of the buildings hearing their cries ran to their rescue, and with the assistance of Mr. David Oliver, of Greenfield, managed to bring them to land again. Benjamin was in a very poor state indeed. They were taken home and attended to by Dr. J. R. Evans, Taliesin House. We are are pleased to state that both are recovering satis- factorily. It appears the pool is 13 ft. 6 in. in depth, and Mr. W. Jones states that Benjamin was not in sight when he first went to the spot. The pool has now been closed up. SINGING FESTIVAL.—The Choral Union of Unitarians of Cardiganshire held their eighth annual singing festival on Wednesday, the 7th inst., at the Zoar Congregational Chapel, Lam- peter (kindly lent for the occasion) when a very large number gathered together from different churches. This years' leader was Mr. T. Davies, New Court, who proved himself to be quite capable of conducting the large congregation. The accom- panists were Miss Daisy Evans, Taliesin House, Lampeter, Miss Thomas, Green Park, and Miss S. A. Williams, Bridge Street, Lampeter, who acquitt- ed themselves very satisfactorily. The morning meeting commenced at 10 a.m. under the presi- dency of the Rev. Lewis Williams, Rhydygwin, and after addresses from the president and Rev. John Davies, Alltyblacca, the following hymns were sung: Caersalem," "Cemniaes," "Mount of Olives," Galar Conway," Wareham," Soar." Malvern Wells," with the anthem entitled Enaid cu mae dyfroedd oerion," (Isalaw). The after- noon service was opened by the Rev. W. James, B.A., Llandyssul, after which Mr. Saundcrs Davies, of Felinfach, was called to preside over the meet- ing. After a few appropriate words from the president, the following hymns were sung: Wyddgrng," Hyfrydol," Epping," Pencoed- cae," and also the anthem again. Songs, solos,, and duetts were sung between the different hymns by the following ladies and gentlemen. Miss Mary Anne Evans. Tynant, He shall feed his flock"; Yr hen gerddor" by Mr. Willie Davies, Cwmanne, Post Office; song by Rev. E. Jenkins, Capelygroes duett List of the convent Bells" by Miss Ithwen Davies and Miss Ada Price, of Lampeter. After a vote of thanks to the Zoar congregation for the loan of the chapel, and the distribution of certificates to the successful candi- dates in various stages in solfa, the meetings were closed by prayer by the Rev. T. A. Thomas, Llandyssul. MUSICAL SUCCESS.—At an examination recently held at Aberystwyth, in connection with the Trinity College of Music. London, the following were successful :-Miss Sarah Davies, The Mill, prepared by Miss Hughes, Station-terrace; Miss Edith M. Jones, Uplands, prepared by Miss Alban' and Master J. T. Richnrds, Ardwyn, prepared by Miss Maggie Thomas, College-street. This speaks well of the musical talents of the juveniles of Lampeter. TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Council was held on Wednes- day, the 7th inst., with Alderman D. Tivy Jones, (mayor), in the chair. WATERWORKS.—It was stated that the convey- ance of the land whereon the springs for the new supply of water are had not been received when it was resolved to adjourn the meeting to an early day after the receipt of the deeds all the other business of the Council was adjourned. STREET OBSTRUCTION.—A letter from the Chief Constable was read stating that he had given in- structions to the men stationed at Lampeter to carry out the wishes of the Town Council in refer- ence to street obstruction, Mr Evan Davies said the Chief Constable seemed to have misunderstood the instructions of the Town Council. The resolution passed by the Council had reference only to ob- struction on the pavements such as the wheeling of barrows, &c., over them, and Mr. Davies at the Mayor's suggestion promised to move another resolution with reference to it at the next meeting. SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. The five old members were the only candidates nominated and they are therefore returned unopposed and are as follows: Rev, Evan Evans, Congregational minister, Church street; Rev. Daniel Jones, vicar; Rev. R. C. Jones, Unitarian Minister, Bridge street; Mr. John Jones, College Manciple and Mr. John Ernest Lloyd, solicitor. CR IC KET. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE SCHOOL V. LLAN. DOVERY COLLEGE 2ND XI. The above match was played on the Lampeter School ground on the 7th instant in ideal cricket weather. The following is the score :— S.D.C. SCHOOL. J. W. Davies c Seymour b Snape 15 Austin Davies run out 1 T. J. Rees b Seymour 11 Rev. T. M. Evans b Newton 11 W. D. Davies b Newton 5 H, A. Thomas not out 10 Mr. Roberts, c b Evans. 14 Syd Thomas, lbw b Evans 3 T. Bell b Evans 0 D. J. Rowland c Jones b Newton 0 J. T. Howells b Evans 0 Extras. 9 Total 79 LLANDOVERY COLLEGE 2ND XI. H. W. Crawford c Bell b II. A. Thomas 1 A. E. Evans b J. W. Davies 17 S. H. Lockyer c Bell b J. W. Davies 5 A. L. Green b H. A. Thomas. 1 C. W. King b H. A. I'honiai 0 H. P. Gough b J. W. Davies 9 1'. G. Newton b J. W. Davies 10 R. P. Jones b H. A. Thomas 3 A. E. Seymour b H. A. Thomas 2 E. B. Williams b J. W. Davies. 0 J. R Snape not otit 4 Extras 2 Total. 54





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