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( DOLGELLEY. AT HOME.—On Saturday Colonel Patt, com- mandant of the 4th Batt of the RW.F.. gave an At Home at the Camp, to which a large number of the gentry of the neighbourhood and representa- tives of public bodies were invited, and which was followed by athletic sports. In the course of the afternoon prizes were won by the regiment for various kinds of athletics, and a tug of war be- tween a pick of the Militia and a pick from the members of the Merioneth Police, in which the stalwart policemen proved victorious. EXCURSION.—The annual outing of the Sunday Schools this year will be to Rhyl by the G.W.R., (m the.26th inst,. The Church of England, Wes- leyans and Calvinistic Methodists will probably join. CIRCUS.—The beginning of this week the Alex- andria, Howe, and,Gushing"Clrcus paid a visit to the town. The circus came'to the town on Sunday morning to the annoyance of a large number of the inhabitants. On Monday the circus paraded the town headed by the band, but one of the carriages, unfortunately, got caught in one of the narrow streets, where various other circuses have before met with a like misfortune. PASTORAL CALL.-It is rumoured in the town that the Rev. R. R. Williams, Tremhyfryd, at present a studeut at Glasgow University has re- ceived a pressing invitation to undertake the pastoral duties of the Presbyterian Chapel at Towvn. ALARM BELL.—On Tuesday evening a fire alarm bell was put up on the Market Hall building. The -bell is the gift of Mr. George Rowe, Royal Ship Hotel, ACCIDENT.—On Wednesday morning, Taliesin Davies, son of Mr. Stephen Davies, Smithfield-lane, met with a painful' accident at the Frongoch Woolen Factory, (the property of J. Meyrick Jones, Esq., J.P.) The lad was feeding the machine, commonly called the" devil" when his hand was caught in the machine, and was greatly mangled and torn before it could be extracted. He was taken immediately to Cae'rifynon, and was care- fully treated by Dr. Edward Jones and Dr. Hugh Jones. He is progressing slowly and favourably. THE ECLIPSE.—The partial eclipse of the sun on Thursday morning was seen fairly clear at, Dolo'elley and neighbourhood. The small party from this town that took the trouble to ascend Cader Idris' to have a better view, were well repaid for their trouble. PICNIc.-On Saturday afternoon, Miss Thomas, the headmistress, gave a picnic to the pupils of Dr. Williams Endowed High School, together with the governesses and other friends in the neighbourhood of Grogenau Lakes. About 70 were present and during the afternoon visited Llys Bradwen and other places of interest. The afternoon was well enjoyed by the young ladies. DROWNING FATALITY.—On Friday afternoon, the sad news reached the town that Mr. John Owen, son of Mr. David Owen, Brynbras, Brithdir, had drowned at Pwllheli, that morning. The news cast ■ a shadowing gloom over the town owing to his ,teing well-known and greatly respected in the town. He served his apprenticeship as draper with Mr. E. P. Williams, London House, where he was respected and loved. He was of a quiet Christian character and looked up to. He had visited Dolgelley on Thursday evening, and the news of his death on the following day came with a great shock. FIRE BRIGADE DRILL.—About seven o'clock on Wednesday evening, the Dolgehey Fire Brigade under the command of Captain John Griffith, turned out for the first time in full uniform, when the following members were present, in addition to the -Captain:- Sergt. Robert Roberts, Bugler William Lewis, firemen: Messrs Evan Davies Roberts, Ed. Anwyl Edwards, Edward Evans Jones; Humphrey Williams, Richard Thomas Evans (driver). The brigade drove from the head quarters over the Aridge and proceeded to the renowned mansion of Hengwrt, where the famous authoress Miss Frances Power Cobbe gave them a hearty reception. The captain Inspected the water supply, and the hose was connected with a brook about a 100 yards distant. The men :commenced pumping heartily and volumes of water;were poured all over the picturesque old mansion, the water being thrown right over the building from the ground. Miss Cobbe expressed herself highly pleased with the appearance of the brigade, ajid the efficiency of the engine. After the men had been supplied with refreshments the brigade drove through Llan- elltyd and over Penmaenpool bridge arriving at Dolgelley about a quarter past nine. The men appeared very smart and bright in their new helmets. CONGREGATIONAL FESTIVAL. — On Saturday afternoon, a committee of delegates from the various schools in the district, was held in the Congregational schoolroom, to make arragements for congregational festival of 1900. Mr William iHughes, presided. The following .were elected as ■catechisers in the various divisions: lElder class:— Mr. William Hughes, Mervinian House Dolgelley; middle class: Rev J. Gynfal Jones, Berth; children: Bev. E. Morris, rrrffryn. The portione for study- ing during the "year were arranged as follows: JSlder class, first epistle of Peter, the first chapter only to be catechised on in the festival. Middle ,class: The history of Justus Christ from the time of the resurrection—<if Lazarus to i his committal to death. Children (standard IV..and V) the history of the Tabernacle; /and chapters V and VI of Porth yr Eglwys," to lbecat-cchised on in the festival. The committee was then postponed till Jnne 24th, when the selection of imusical conductor, "tunes, &c will take place. MILITARY CONCERT.—On Wednesday evening a grand Military Concert was given: at the Public Rooms, by the officers of the'4th Battalion of the B.W.F. The concert was intended for the men of the company, but a good number of friends from the town and neighbourhood,: including the mem- bers, of the committee for the reception of the Militia, was present. Colonel Henry Platt, C.B., commandant, presided, and the following took part:—Miss Ethel Griffiths, -A; B.C.M., Mrs. Owen Slaney Wvnne's Glee Party, the .Dolgelley Orches- tral Society, Mr. C. E..Jelf Clarke, Mr. Meirion -Davie,s, Mr. J. R. S. Fiit'ioiig,, and, the Officers, N.C. Officers and men of the ;Royal Carnarvon and Merioneth Militia. Mr. -Al. IV.,Griffith, Mus. Bac., accompanied. The following, programme was gone through:—Overture, "La Souveraine," the Dol- gelley Orchestra; song, Bonnie Dundee," Mr. Jelf-Clarke flute solo, Gipsy Dance," Mr. J. C. F. Barr; duet and chorus, Darling Mabel," Capt. "Reynolds and Mr. Butson.; selections for grama- phone: -song, "John Peel," band, "The Kaiser "1. March," whistling, "WaFbiiigton Post," banjo, Jfc'Tvv.inStar March," speech, Anarchist Meeting," Colonel :Henry Platt. C.B.; song vÚthilute obligato, Packed Clouds Away," Miss Ethel Griffith, A.R, C.M. comic song, "The Green Grass," Capt. Reynolds; glee, The Village (Choristers," Good 3Sii<*ht," Mrs. Owen Slaney Wynne's (Glee Party; march, "-Koh-i-noor," The Ddlgelley Orchestral Society :musical sketch, Mr. liurlong song, A Soldier Song," Mr. Meirion DaMies; fantasio for viddn from Maritana," Bandmaster Minton; song, "A May Morning," Capt. T&venson; song, "A Love," Miss Ethel -Griffiths, A.R.C.M.; eoaaic sang, "Bobbing up and down," Mr. Butson; song,A Bedouin Love Song," Mr. Meirion Davies; glee, (Comrades in Arms," Royal Carnarvon and Merioneth Militia Glee Society; God Save the Queen. c. C.'LTINISTIC METHODISTS FEsT-.IVAL.-On Satur- day tiiae committee to make arrangements for the Calvin&stic Methodist Festival :met .At Bethel Schoolroom, Mr. Richard "Mills pre- siding. The monthly meeting's list of subjects for stilidying during the year Nas adopted, and it was decided to give prizes to those from the dis- trict wiho gain the highest number of marks in the Monthly Meeting Examination. It was decided that the Festival be held May 28tih, 1900. The following were elected catechisers in the festival: —Elder class. Rev. Evan Roberts, Dolgelley. mid- dle class. Mx. W. G.. Jones, Dolgelley- In the first voting on onie to. catechise the children, -the Rev. John Williams was almost unanimously elected, but as he could -not see his way clear ito accept a .second vote <T.:as taken and the E. 'Trevor Evans, Llanfaefereth. wfcs elected. A vote was taken on the advisability of electing a musical conductor from outside the district, and It was- decided against it. Mr. Robert Davies, Dolgdlley, sras then elected by a large majority.—Mr. W. fryce Williams, IBrithdir -Board School, ,waq,ap- pointed conductor,of the children.—It was decided TfcUat the fee for tooth thtse offices should be •doubled.—On the proposition of Mr. Jones, Bottddu, seconded by Mr. Lewis James, Llaaaelltyd,! m honorarium was unanimously voted to the Secre-1 tary ,(Mr. D. Caradog Evans) as a mark of appre-1 .ciati,n for his services.—On the proposition of Mr. David Evans, Cae Einoa, supported by the Chair- j man., vote of sympathy was expressed with Mr. David .Owen, Brynbras, in his sorrow, owing to the: drowning? fatality to his eon, Mr. Mills to write to Mr, lanyen and family-—The following tunes, chant were selectedRegents Square, Grainiere, Fatherland, Glanceri, Ystwyth, Trelalas, Treten, Adgvfodiad, Ascalon, St. Sylvester (with English words)" Balducci, Eirinwg, Tydvil, chant, Y Wl&d Well," anthem, Enaid cu (Isalaw).

Dolgelley County Court.