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THE MARKETS. ABERYSTWYTH.—MONDAY. Wheat made 5s Od to 5s 6d per 65 lbs barley, 3s 6d to Os Od; white oats, 2s Od to Os black oats, 2s. 9d. to Os Od. Eggs, 20 to 24 for Is. Salt butter, 9d per lb. while the price for fresh was lOd to Os. Fowls were sold at 3s Od to 4s per couple, chickens 3s to 4s Od. Ducks, 4s to 5s Od per couple. Old Potatoes, 3s Od per cwt. New Potatoes, 2d to Od per lb. BUTTER. CARMARTHEN, Saturday.—There was a good supply of butter in the market to-day, which sold at from 8d to 8Jd per lb; basket butter, 8d to 8 £ d per lb. CORK, Saturday. -Ordinary-first' 74s per cwt. seconds, 73s thirds, 72 s fourths, Os. Superfine firkins, 79s; fine mild ditto, 74s; choiceest, 80s. Choicest boxes, 78s. Number of firkins, 400. HAY AND STRAW. LONDON, Saturday.—Good supplies and quiet trade at the following prices :—Good to prime hay, 60s to 82s inferior to fair ditto, 40s to 55s; good to prime clover, 70s to 85s; inferior to fair ditto, 50s to 68s mixture and sanfoin, 50s to 80s; straw, 24s to 36s per load. METAL. LONDON, Tuesday.—Copper easier, £ 75 5s cash, P,75 2s 6d three months. Spelter, £ 27 10s market unsettled. Spanish lead, L14 6s 3d English ditto, m4 10s.

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