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U.C.W. CRICKET TOUR. U.C.W. v. U.C.S.W. Si M. This Inter-collegiate match was played at Cardiff on Thursday, May 25th, and resulted in a win for the visitors. The margin in their favour in the first innings was only a single run, but in the second they easily passed the Cardiff total. Car- diff batted first, but could only put together the score of 36, which would have been considerably less but for very slack fielding. The visitors now made 31 for 3 wickets, and left U,C.S.W. behind with six wickets down, but the tail failed dismally and the score remained 37. Auckland secured 8 wickets for 9 runs. Johnson batted well for 17. At their second attempt Cardiff fared better, the wicket having improved considerably. After scoring 73 for 8 wickets, to which Gilligan, Jones, and Watkins were the chief contributors, they de- clared their innings closed. In the time that re- mained, U.C.W., going in for hitting, knocked up 85 for 3 wickets. Halliwell's innings was the best, and was all the more creditable as he was handi- capped at the finish by a strained knee. Scores:— U.C.S.W. & M. 1ST INNINGS. S. Auckland, c &. b Halliwell 1 O. Watkins, b Halliwell 3 G. Abraham, 1 b w, b Halliwell 8 C. Kyd, b Halliwell 1 A. Gilligan, c Madden b Grundy 2 R. D. Neagle, c Pring b Halliwell 1 J. M. Jones, c Pring b Halliwell 5 M. P. Thomas, b Grundy. 0 R. A. Lewis, I b w, b Halliwell 9 E. W. Gibbon, c W. J. Williams, b Grundy 6 W. John, not out 0 Extras 0 Total 36 2ND INNINGS. S. Auckland, run out 6 O. Watkins, b Hadiwell 16 G. Abraham, 1 b w, b Halliwell 5 C. Kyd, b Halliwell 0 A. Gilligan, c Ruston b Grundy 20 R. D. Neagle, c & b Halliwell. 0 J. AT. Jones, not out 17 M. P. Thomas, c Ruston b Grundy 0 R. A. Lewis, st Madden b Grundy 3 E. W. Gibbon, not out 2 W. John, did not bat Extras 4 Total 73* Innings declared closed. U.C.W. 1ST INNINGS. C. R. Johnson, c Thomas, b Watkins 17 W. Halliwell, c Thomas, b Auckland. 0 A. F. Grundy, l.b.w., b Auckland 0 H. W. Pring, b Auckland 3 E. H. Madden, b Auckland 6 A. G. Ruston, c John, b Auckland 0 R. Williams, b Auckland 0 W. H. Jones, b Abraham 4 C. R. Duerden, b Auckland 0 W. J. Williams, c Kyd, b Auckland 0 H, H. Howes not out. 0 Extras 7 Total 37 2ND INNINGS. C. R. Johnson, c Thomas, b Kyd 17 W. Halliwell, b Neagle 28 A. F. Grundy, l.b.w., b Watkins 17 H. W. Pring not out 16 E. H. Madden not out 1 Extras ••• 6 Total 85 U.C.W. v. CHRIST'S COLLEGE, BRECON. Played at Brecon on May 27th. The home team batted first, and put together 79. The batting throughout the innings was in good style, and showed excellent coaching and steady practice. Ll. Griffith's innings was a very pretty display of sound cricket. W. J. Williams (4 for 14) and Grundy (5 for 35) shared the bowling honours. U.C.W. was thus left with 80 to get to win, in as many minutes, and succeeded in doing so, scoring 85 for the loss of 6 wickets. Johnson batted excellently for his 33, and Madden afterwards forced the pace, and won the match five minutes before time. Grundy also played well. Score :— BRECON COLLEGE. M. Stratton, c and b Grundy 3 H. Powell Jones, c Duerden, b Grundy 17 H. Locke, b Duerden 0 LI. Griffin, b W. J. Williams 32 R. B. Latimer, I.b.w., b W. J. Williams 0 W. E. Jones, c Ruston, b Grundy 9 E. Morgan, c Johnson, b W. J. Williams 4 H. Nicholls, b W. J. Williams 0 H. E. Morgan, b Grundy 2 J. Theophilus, b Grundy 0 J. L. Phillips not out 4 Extras 8 Total 79 U.C.W. C. R. Johnson, b E. Morgan 33 W. Halliwell, c Morgan, b Latimer 4 A. F. Grundy, st H. P. Jones, b Latimer 12 H. W. Pring, st H. P. Jones, b Stratton 0 E. H. Madden not out 29 A. G. Ruston, b E. Morgan 4 W. H. Jones, b E. Morgan 0 C. R. Duerden not out 2 Extras 1 Total for 6 wickets. 85 R. Williams, W. J. Williams, and H. H. Howes did not bat.

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