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-> ABERYSTWYTH. HOLY TRTVTTY.—The Bishop of St. Day MS preached an eloquent sermon at Holy Irmity Church, on Sunday morning last. QU [,,RY.-A large hoarding has been put upmear the Alexandra Hall of residence. Is it not on Corporate property ? ACCIDENT. On Tuesday evening Mr. Tom Williams, boatman, fell asleep on the brink of the Castle Rocks facing Graigoch. While asleep he fell over the cliff, a considerable distance, and sustained considerable injury by the fall. He was assisted home by some friends, and is going on as well as can be expected. 11 PAINTER'S GRIEVANCES.—It is understood that the painters of Aberystwyth have some little grievance over the unskilled labour question. A meeting was held on Saturday to form a branch of the Union, but so far as we are able to ascer- tain it was not definitely decided to form a branch, although preliminary details were discussed. CONGREGATIONAL TRIP.—The annual trip of the Congregational Sunday School took place yester- day (Wednesday) when, the event being favoured with fine weather, a large number made the journey to Abergynolwyn, via Towyn, which was the place chosen this year. The party left by the first train in the morning, and dinner and tea was provided at the journey's end. The arrrangements of the Rev. T. A. Penry (pastor), and Mr. D. Thomas (superintendent) were all that could be desired. A good many took the opportunity to walk from Abergynolwyn to Tal-y-llyn. The party ar- rived home by the coast train, tired, but having .spent a very enjoyable day. I.O.G.T.—The usual weekly meeting was held at the Progress Hall last Friday evening. Thefollowing .members took part:—Miss Pollie Edwards, Miss H. Jones and Mr. E. H. Jones. Two new members were enrolled. The members of the Order went to Crosswood yesterday afternoon in brakes. The weather was all that could be desired. EXCURSION. A large excursion, under the auspices of the Newtown Co-operative Society, will arrive here on Saturday. Tickets will be issued by the train available for return on Tuesday, and it is probable that a goodly number will stay at Aberystwyth over Sunday. WELSH UNIVERSITY.—Examinations in connec- tion with the Welsh University are in progress at the U.C.W. They commenced on Saturday. CRICKET.—The Ceredigion suffered defeat at the hands of the Newtown team on Saturday, the scoring being 38 against 40. A match played at the Smithfield on the same day between U.C.W. and Machynlleth resulted in a draw. The home team went in first and scored 60 and their opponents scored 48 for six wickets. The College were playing without Grundy and Halliwell, two of their best players. THE LIGHTING'QUESTION.—The twelve houses which are being built in Railway-terrace by Mr. T. Hopkins for Mr. T. E. Salmon are to be lit by electric light. MILITIA.—The Militia will return from South Hook on Friday next. They will travel by special trains reaching here about half past three. COUNTY CYCLING CLUB.— About 30 lady members of the County Cycling Club journeyed to Lovesgrove on Tuesday afternoon. Previous to starting they paraded some of the streets, looking, very charming in their bright summer dresses. MABON," the popular and respected member for Mid-Glamorgan, will preach at the Wesley Chapel, Queen's-road, on Sunday, the 13th Sep- tember, and will deliver a lecture the following day in aid of the funds of the Chapel. THE WEATHER.—The sun heat of the 1st inst was the highest that has been recorded for a con- siderable number of years past for the time of year. Highest records are usual in August. A barometer exposed by Mr. Kenrick recorded the remarkable figures as under:—Exposed to sun, 106 8 Maximum shade, 74'1; Maximum shade, 54.2. BATHING FACILITIES.—A correspondent writes We think it is quite time the bathing machines should be placed on the beach for use. Several, in fact quite a number, of visitors are disappointed at not being able to bathe in the open sea. Going to the Public Baths is no change to them, as they can have fresh water or sea water baths in their own homes. SEASON NOVELTIES.—Misses. Ward & Co, 8, Great Darkgate Street, re-open their Show Rooms this day. The establishment has been well stocked with a large variety of toys and fan y goods for the season. Visitors and others are invited to pay a visit to the Show Rooms. UNIVERSAL THIRST.—We have received the following from a correspondent:—The large waves of the last storm tore away the donkeys' water trough, and it has not been re-placed. We beg to remind the proper authority of the fact. The donkeys are thirsty, and so are the boatmen. By the bye, we beg to suggest that a small drinking foun- tain, say something like the post office pillar boxes, be placed on the Marine Parade on either side of the Terrace Road opening. Other towns have large fountains playing on the Promenades, and drinking fountains placed at intervals, and lavatories, and band stands. We do not advocate the crowding of the Aberystwyth Promenade with such erections, but the pillar drinking fountain would not be a disfigurement, nor in the way if placed in the line of seats and lamps. t SUNDAY SCHOOL EXCURSION.—The Salvation Army Sunday School Scholars and Teachers had an outing to Gogerddan last Wednesday, when tea was provided for them by Mrs. Finch, at Frongoch, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, Frongoch Dairy. The children's wants were attended to by their teachers-Mrs. Edward Edwards, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Williams, Trefor Road, Miss Bubb, Miss Finch, Miss Williams, Mr. Metan. Captain Simkins and Lieutenant Taylor were in command. After a hearty vote of thanks had been accorded to Mrs. Finch, the return journey was accomplished. The scholars and teachers, numbering 45, enjoyed a very pleasant outing. (Ð. W. T. A.-The monthly meeting of the Aber- ystwyth branch of the British Women's Temperance Association took place at the Presbyterian School- room, on Thursday, Mrs. T. F. Roberts presiding. The only business discussed was the report of the delegates to the London Council meeting held in May—Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. W. Griffiths. Mrs. Francis, and Miss Anna Roberts. A brief discussion took place on the reports, which were of a satisfactory nature. Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. William Griffiths are again appointed on the Executive this yesr. The next annual meeting will be held in Edinburgh. this being the first time it has been held out of London. BAND OF HOPE OUTING.—On Thursday the Portland Street Juvenile Band of Hope assembled at their usual place of meeting at 1-15 for their drive out in the char-a-banc and wagonettes, numbering in all four, from Mr. Morris, Waterloo Hotel. At 1-30 a start was made for Penryncoch. The number of the juveniles who availed them- selves of this outing reached three figures. The little ones enjoyed themselves immensely, and reached home again about six, after having had a very pleasant outing. PROPERTY SALE.—Mr. J. E. James offered for sale by auction at the Talbot Hotel on Wednesday wfek the house known as No. 25, High-street, which is held for the residue of a term of ninety- nine years, commencing on October 18th, 1813. This was withdrawn at £135. The leasehold dwel- ling house. No. 10. Portland-street, at present in the occupation of Miss Mary Elizabeth Edwards, was also put up for sale. The property is held under a lease from the Corporation for the unex- pired term of twenty-one years from May 9th, 1809. It was sold to Mrs. Rea, White Horse'Hotel, Terrace-road, for £ 450. AN ADDITION.—Mr, W. H. Colby, of Carreg- wen, writes Sir,—In your last issue, you report the Bishop of Chester's statement, in his sermon at the consecration of the Chancel of Holy Trinity Cnurch, that he believed that the convenient hall close by was the gift of a layman. But you do not report my speech at the luncheon, which was to the effect that it was not intended to hand over the hall referred to to the church that if it ever was handed over to any body, it would be a more representative body than the eclesiastical commissioners. Kindly oblige by inserting this correction. AN AMUSING INTERLUDE.—The people who were on the Castle Grounds on Sunday afternoon were treated to a somewhat amusing sight, although the principal actor was probably not so much at ease as those on the grounds. A party of cyclists staying in Aberystwyth for the day had been climbing about the rocks, and one, while attempting to come down from a place which he had easily reached going up, dislodged a large piece of rock. which left him without footing in the place and also destroyed his nerve. He clung to the rock and asked for assistance, and heroic measures were resorted to-a rope being fetched and a boat being sent for from the bay. Neither were used, for Mr. Llew Lloyd climbed up and assisted the unfortunate one. who. following his helper's advice, got safely out of the predicament he was in. He was never really in any danger, that is, in any difficulty from which a cool head and a sure foot would have extricated him, but Mr. Lloyd nearly paid for his friendly act by a nasty fall—a part. of the clifr sliding from under his fed when he was reaching for the rope. He recovered himself, however, and :dl ended happily. MINING.—Messrs. Williams and Metcalfe have just secured a large order for dressing machinery lor a company in the Pyrenees, South of France. v This order, with the other work in hand, will mean that the Rheidol Foundry will be pretty brisk and lively during the present summer. SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS.—Apropos of the recent controversy in the Aberystwyth Town Council with regard to Sunday newspapers, it may be interesting to our readers to know that the Cheltenham Town Council propose to draft a bye- law, which will stop all street sales of newspapers on Sunday within the borough. As the newsagents in Cheltenham do not open on Sunday the pro- hibition will be complete. SALES OF FURNITURE.—On Wednesday, Thurs- (lay, and Friday of last week, at their Sale Rooms, Queen's-road, Messrs. Daniel, Son, and Meredith, auctioneers, Aberystwyth and Town, held a highly successful sale of household furniture, the property of Mrs. Blackwell and others. On Friday, the 16th inst., they will conduct an important sale of furniture at the Assembly Rooms, Towyn, the property of the Rev. J. D. Evans, who is leaving the town to take up ministerial duties at Garston. SHOP ASSISTANTS' OUTING.—The annual outing of the members of the Early Closing Association, the third of its kind, took place on Wednesday week, the arrangements being excellently carried out by the following com- mittee :—Mr. D. Sylvanus Edwards, chairman Mr. Griffith Ellis, vice-chairman; Mr Gordon Bicker- staff, treasurer Messrs. D. Charles Edwards and W. E. Edwards (Howell's), secretaries; Misses Evans, Cole, and M. Doughton, Lizzie Jones (Bridge-street), Alice Williams, Messrs. Jack Davies, R. Benbow, Tom Jones, D. Edward Jones, W. Ellis, Llew. Thomas, D. H. Pughe, Isaac Samuel. John Jones (Howell's), G. W. Adams, and Robert J. Lewis. Llyfnant Valley was chosen for the outing, and about a hundred proceeded there in brakes supplied by Mr. D. Phillips, Terrace- road. Tea was partaken of at Caerhedyn Farm, under the presidency of Mr. Tom Griffiths. A very enjoyable time was spent. A MUSICAL EQUINE.—The performance of the minstrels on the Parade on Tuesday evening was appreciated by one, at least, of the hearers, this being a horse, which was being driven past where they were standing. Apparently appreciative of the music, the animal stopped when opposite the troupe, and after a short interval began to dance, although its performance of the art terpsi- chorean was a little reminiscent of the awkward man who steps on all his partners' toes. Finally the horse was induced to leave, but on his way evinced considerable reluctance to do more than walk a few yards and stop, apparently being enchanted with the delightful strains. ECLIPSE.—Mr. Kenrick, M.C.A.S., writes I presume it would be an unpardonable offence on my part in the sight of some of my astronomical friends were I to allow the partial eclipse of the sun, which is to take place during the early hours of the morning of the 8th inst., without calling their attention to the phenomena, or reminding them of the event, although they will probably view it from their bedrooms only. At Greenwich the eclipse commences at 4.43, reaches the greatest phase at 5.17, and ends at 5.53, but ends on the earth generally at 8.26. As I have done on pre- vious occasions by taking a penny to represent the sun, the eclipse will commence near the B. in Britt., and terminate near the I. in Victoria. At the greatest phase about one-fifth, or to be more correct 19 hundredths, of the sun's surface will be obscured. At present there are no indications of any change in the weather, and as the sun will have risen about an hour and a half ere the eclipse begins he will have dispelled all mist, and be clearly discernible in the blue ether, and in all probability the phenomena will be a fine sight. Z, PETTY SESSIONS.—The borough petty sessions were held yesterday (Wednesday), when the sitting magistrates were Messrs. C. M. Williams (in the chair) and Mr. R. J. Jones.—The grocers license of Mr. John Mathias, Bridge-street, was transferred to Mr. John Davies, High-street, and the license of the Shipwrights Arms from Mr. Morgan Morgans to Mr. E. M. Owen.—Richard K. Jenkins, auctioneer, Llanbadarn. was fined 2s. 6cl., including costs. for riding a bicycle without a light, on May 31.—David Doughton, carpenter, Little Darkgate-street, was fined Is. 6d., including costs, for allowing the chimney of his dwelling- house to be on fire on June 4. DEATH OF MR. WILLIAM BARTON. Mr. William Barton, of Oakleigh, Sutton Coldfield, for twenty-three years Conservative agent for the City of Birmingham, died at Yarmouth suddenly on Sunday. Mr. Barton was in his usual health on Saturday, but complained of being tired. He was out until late in the evening walking on the Parade, and went to bed at 10 p.m. About 3 a.m. Mrs. Barton awoke hearing a noise, and called her husband's name, asking what was the matter. She got no reply, and being frightened called the land- lady, but found Mr. Barton to be dead. The cause of death was heart disease. Mrs. Barton is the daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Davies, formerly draper in Pier-street, and lately of Padarn Villa, and she is the sister of Mr. T. Lumley Davies, timber merchant, Liverpool, and is well known in the town. Mr. Barton has spent many a holiday in Aberystwyth. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL.—At the meeting of the Managers of the County School on Friday, Mr. George Davies (chairman) presided, and those also present were Mrs. Jessy Williams, Miss Jones, the Rev. T. Levi, Messrs. C. M. Williams, and R. J. Jones, with the Clerk (Mr. J. Evans), the Head- master (Mr. David Samuel), and the Senior Mistress (Miss Ewart).—The invitation to send exhibits to the Welsh Educational Exhibition at Cardiff was referred to the Finance Committee- with power to act, and to incur an expense not exceeding ZlO.-An application from the Head- master for the managers to lessen the proportion of rates and taxes to be paid by him, and another from the cleaner for an advance of wages were referred to the Finance Committee for report.— The apparatus, etc., included in the requisitions sent in by Miss Hughes were ordered to be pur- chased.-It was resolved that Mr. Bearne's tender be accepted for supplying, fixing, and painting picture rails, 2 k inches wide, in the six new classrooms at £8 6s., pro- viding he completes the work by June 17.-The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. David Howell, that he having supplied for the master's and mistress's room linoleum at 4s. 6d. per yard, instead of the one purchased at 3s. 6d., the man- agers refuse to accept the linoleum supplied, unless he chose to allow it to remain at 3s. 6d.— Applications for lodging-house licences were granted.—The Clerk was instructed to write to the parents of pupils lodging at 20, Marine-terrace, Old Jasper House, 6, Gray's Inn-road, and 6, Little Darkgate-street, the landlords and landladies of these houses having so far declined to make the necessary applications for lodging-house licenses,


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