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. Education of Children Bill.


Education of Children Bill. The House of Commons reassembled on Wednes- day after the Whitsuntide holidays. The Educa- tion of Children Bill, introduced by Mr. Robson, was considered in Committee. Mr. G. Whiteley moved an amendment with the object of postpon- ing the time when the Act should come into opera- tion from 1900 to 1905. Mr. Tomlinson seconded the amendment, which was rejected by 163 votes to 10. Mr. Whitcly next proposed to substitute eleven years and six months for twelve years as the age at which half time employment should in future begin. This was defeated by 177 votes against 18. Mr. Robson moved the adoption of a new sub-section providing that the local authority for any rural district may by by-law for any parish within its district fix thirteen years as the minimum age for exemption from school attendance in the case of children to be employed in agriculture, and that in such parish those children over eleven and under thirteen years of age who have passed the standard fixed for partial exemption from school attendance by the by-laws of the local authority shall not be required to attend school more than 250 times in any year. Mr. G. Whiteley moved that the word rural" should be omitted, and after some discussion this was agreed to. Mr. Whiteley further moved to omit the words to be employed in agriculture" and substitute not employed in any factory or workshop." This was rejected by 245 votes against 26. Mr. Robson's new sub-sec- tion as amended was then agreed to. Colonel Mellor moved an amendment providing that where the educational authority was satisfied that the earnings of any half-timer were necessary owing to the poverty of the parents, to the maintenance of the child, that authority should have power, not- withstanding this Act, to grant a certificate of exemption to such child. The amendment was rejected by 229 votes to 63. On the question that clause 1 stand part of the bill, Mr. G. Whiteley moved to leave out the clause. The bill had been demanded by only one section in the country, namely the National Union of Teachers. If be might say so without offence, the National Union of Teachers were leading the House by the nose, and that was an undignified position for the House to be in (laughter). While Mr. Whiteley was speaking, Mr. Robson moved the closure. This was carried by 263 votes to 26, and the question that clause 1 stand part of the bill was agreed to. There remain five new clauses, which will be considered this week.

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