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Summer Song.

•♦ Uses of Recreation.

+» Folly and Fear.


..— Life. --


. A Materialistic Age.

♦ The Nature of Devotion.


A Thomas Ellis Scholarship.

Wearisome Verbosity.


Wearisome Verbosity. One of the greatest, and I think the commonest, of faults of lady teachers is that of talking too much. Let me give my experience of this morning. I heard the headmistress and three assistant teach- ers give Scripture lessons. For forty minutes those poor children had to sit and stand (several of them on the desks) while the teachers poured out floods of words. The facts, the lessons were simple, and were evidently well known to the children; but they were served up again and again with the same accompaniment of words. I spoke to the mistress on the point, and she told me .that her vicar only a few days before had expressed himself in similar terms, and had regretted that it took the teachers so long to say so little.—" The Schoolmistress."

. Education of Children Bill.

.. The Teaching Profession.

UniDcrsitp College, ABERYSTWYTH.