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Summer Song.

•♦ Uses of Recreation.

+» Folly and Fear.


..— Life. --


. A Materialistic Age.


A Materialistic Age. What might be called a fit of materialism, like periodic insanity, seems every now and then to take possession of men. Just at present the fit is ■on fhe ruling idea seems to be to get as near--to. the earth as possible. Science leads the way, blowing the ancient pipes of Pan, and philosophy, religion, literature, civil and social life follow, rlnnrine- their way towards the "dust of the earth whence they came. I have no fear but that this temporary insanity will pass. lhe world will come to itself, and perhaps to atone for its folly and madness will rush to the other extreme of mysticism and sentimentalism. For one look into the history of human thought and morals is enough to convince one that the earthly craze is, and must be, of short duration. We have a spiritual constitution. It always has asserted, it .always will assert itself to the end. My only fear is that during this materialistic lunation some of us may lose our bearings and "while it is certain that the great world will in time swing back to ancient and true order, we, the unfortunate indi- viduals, may never come to ourselves. Or, to change the figure, the battle must be fought out- the victory is assured; but unless we are properly armed and instructed, we may be left dead on the field, or bring away wounds for life. It is said that'in the treatment of insane and idiotic children the great aim is to get them to look up. They put their playthings oil the stairs above their reach. As soon as one of them begins to look up they have hope of him. So when men have lost their spiritual sanity, and go grovelling on the earth, z, saying to a stock, Thou art my father," and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth," the only hope is to endeavour to get them to lift up their heads; to engage their thought heavenwardi There never was a greater demand than just at present for lifting up the thought of men to the great spiritualities that hold their eternal course of beauty and order above the world. REV. J. H. EcoB, D.D.

♦ The Nature of Devotion.


A Thomas Ellis Scholarship.

Wearisome Verbosity.

. Education of Children Bill.

.. The Teaching Profession.

UniDcrsitp College, ABERYSTWYTH.