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Summer Song.

•♦ Uses of Recreation.

+» Folly and Fear.


..— Life. --


— Life. What is my life 1 Any human lifes ? A mysteiy: s> cloud dark, yet edged with light, like the outside 'of heaven with wavelets of overflowing glory; like a great mav-be,a possibility, a destiny, I ghost which may darken into a fiend or brighten into an angel. I cannot tell what my life is. it is so much, so little it is a killing pain; it is a maddening joy. a delirious gladness, and a very pit of horror. So strange it slopes up to heaven like an easy hill, then suddenly breaks off, and lo I I must come down again, or fall into mist, into gloom, into death, On goes the many-coloured dream, and still on, like an endless cloud. DR. JOSEPH PARKER.


. A Materialistic Age.

♦ The Nature of Devotion.


A Thomas Ellis Scholarship.

Wearisome Verbosity.

. Education of Children Bill.

.. The Teaching Profession.

UniDcrsitp College, ABERYSTWYTH.