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—— ABERYSTWYTH. THE ARTILLERT.-Capt.ain G M liildowney, of the Royal Garrison Artillery, has been appointed Adjutant of the Cardiganshire Artillery in the place of Captain Lushington, whose period of ser- vice has expired, and Supernuermary-Lieutenant G H Oughterson is appointed Lieutenant. SUDDEN DEATH. — The death took place verv suddenly on Monday morning of tLe young s(,n of Mr John Jenkins, locksmith, 1, George Street. There seemed no signs of illness on Sundav, the child taking its meals as usual. Earlv on Monday morning the child had a fit from which it did not recover. WKSLKYAN MISSIONS.—A meeting in connection with the Wesleyan missions was held at the English Wesleyan Chapel on Wednesday evening. The Rpv A Burgess, in the absence of Mr Koberr. j Donghton, presided. The Chairman read extracts from the missionary reports showing the successful work which had been done during tle past aud previous years. The Rev T Lambert, Liverpool, attended as deputation and gave a very interesting address on mission work, in which he himself has had considerable experience. Collections were made towards the mission fund and a hearty vote of thanks was passed, on the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Northey, to the depu- tation. SCHOOL BOARD.—The monthly meeting of the School Board took place on Tuesday evening. Alderman Peter Jones presided, and there were also present the Yen. Archdeacon Protheroe. Rev Pre- bendary Williams, Rev T Levi. Messrs W Thomas, and T B Hall, with Mr Roberts, clerk, Mr Saer, headmaster, and Mr Lloyd, attendance officer.- Professor Darlington, Inspector of Schools, had paid a visit to the schools and in an entry in the log b()k drew attention to the temperature of the rooms in the infants' department which stood at 45 degrees and the pipes were scarcely warm. Forty-five per ceut. of the children were absent from school that morning, and the mistress was of opinion that many of them suffered from colds. He strongly urged upon the Board to make the beating apparatus satisfactory without delay.—The matter was referred to the visiting' committee. SALES OF PROPERTY.—On Wednesday Mr J E James, auctioneer, offered for sale at the Talbot Hotel the leasehold residences, Nos 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Castle terrace. Each house was offered up singly, but the reserve price was not reached and they were withdrawn. After the sale a gentleman made etc offer for the whole lot and in every probability a sale will be effected.—The same dav Mr R K Jenkins, auct.ioner, conducted an important sale of property at the Talbot. The property con- sisted of 39, High street, now occupied by Mr D Doughton, and 27, South road. The raserve price was not reached and the lot had to be withdrawn. DEATH OF A LICENSED VICTUALLER.—The death took place on Wednesday night, of Mr William Evans of the Boar's Head. Deceased, who was 69 years of age, was in his ussal health on Tuesday. He was well known in the town, of which be was a native. Mr Evans was a mining captain. He liyed 40 years in Spain and his career was an eventful and interesting one. He retnrned to this tewn about eight years ago, living at one time in Snow- don House, at which his first wife died. Later be lived at the Boar's Head, and about four years ago he buried his second wife. He leaves two children, one by his first wife—Mr W Lloyd Evans, Wolver- hampton—and a child of four who was born shortly before the death of her mother. TEMPLE OF LOVE LODGE OF ODDFELLOWS.—The annual meeting of the Temple of Love Lodge was held on Friday evening week. P.G. Morgan vre- siding. The secretary (Mr Edward:Erans) pre- sented the balance sheet for the year which showed a balance on the sick aud funeral fund of j £ 1,335 6s 4d, there being a gain to the Lodsre on the year's working of X85 7s lOJd. The amount j paid out in sick payment during the year was £ 48 5s 4d. The balance in the management I fund was 10s Oid, and in the anniversary fand £ 2 13s 8d. Tbe total amount in hand is therefore I £ 1,338 19s OJd, £ 15 18s 8^d of which is in the j Treasurer's hands and the remainder invested. The total number of members on the books was 1 133 as compared with 134 last year. The accounts had been audited by Mr H L Evans wko con- gratuatled the Secretary on the way he kept the books of the Lodge. THE RIFLE CLUB.—A meeting of the committee was held at the Masonic Hall 011 Saturday evening, when there were present — Councillor D C Roberts, in the chair; Dr T D Harries, Mr L Bearne, Mr in the chair; Dr T D Harries, Mr L Bearne, Mr Hugh Hughes (solicitor), Mr Geo Davis (hon. sec- retary).—The Secretary reported that. he had been in communication with the Commissioners at Somerset House relative to the license question. Their local representative bad also called upon him and had been supplied with all the information required.—The following names were added to the target committee Messrs W Phillips, T Rowlands, and J T Jones. This committee is responsible for the rifles banded out to the members as well as the ammunition, and any six members can have target practice by arrangement with the members of the committee.—It was decided that the subscriptions of honorary members should be utilised for the purchase of rifles and ammunition, wnich will be supplied to the members belocost price.— A suir- able site for a range in the vicinity of Pen Dinas was mentioned and a committee appointed to inspect the same. The committee visited the spot on Tuesday afternoon and secured it at a nominal rent of 10s per annum. MEETING OF PAINTERS.—A meeting was beld at the Town Hall, Aberyntwyth, 00 h edfJes, lay. by painters and employers for the purpose of discussing the advance of one penny per hour claimed by the men also to oonsider the best means to p-oteet the trade both on behalf of employers as well as the men. The ohief feature argned in the men's protec- tion was the fact that labourers are emploved in establishments in the bUli) season to do painters' work.-On the manters' part no objection wa* mnd« to the advance, but they pointed out different matters detreniental to their success.—On the pro- position of Councillor R Peake, seconded bv one )f the men, it was unanimously (it, -i(i(-d to select nn executive committee to draw our rules and suhirit the same to a general committee to uiee: on Wed- nesday, at the same place.—Those appointed to represent the masters were, Messrs Peake, Morgan, J Edwards, and Watkins. To represent the men, Iessrs J Thomas, H Hughes, Morris, Jones, and Evans.