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FRIENDLY MATCHES. SHREWSBURY TOWN V CHIBK.—A friendly game was played hy these teams on the Shrewsbury ground. The homo forwards had the best of the exchanges throughout, aod won by three goals to none. MACHYXLLKTH v TOWYN.—The game on Satur- day on the Machynlleth arena turned out tojbea much fairer game than were expected it wa sone of, if nou the best footbll grIme overplayed on the home ground. The play of the homesters was splendid. The Towyn -,n stepped on the scene of action about h;>lf-r»r,s' two and hvked as if they had fully made up ti., ir 01 ,j, tcl: true fie Dovey company a trouncing. Th«:r hop s, if such they were, were rudely shattered. The home department" of the leather kicking b' i .tel? fodowed their stout oppo- nents to the ft. i- "7) blue, and not looking over choerfui nor over eonfioent as to tlte issne of 8truggll'- Tvh- Cnlv, the hone secretary, of thv.1 London au I P; .much'. Bank, took the reigns of government arid in strict obedience to his commands the warriors faced each other. The home front string were soon dangerous, several runs on hie right wing being very difficult to stop. Bob Hum- phreys, the home centre-forward, was playing a beautiful game, feeding his wings and striding along for the opponents' goal. Billy Vaughan, on tIO outside left, was much too tricky and speedy for his more bulky opponents, and he beat them time after time. The lowyn men were hemmed in from the first; try as they would they could not break through the sturdy half-back division of the homesters. Once or twice only did they come into the home preserves. But the danger wag not for long, the home outside right, Johnny Edwards (who was carefully aNd most unselfishly fed by his wing partner, Hughes), being very dangerous on several occasions, narrowly missing the posts. Dick Humphreys at half was playing a superb game, and it was as much due to him as anybody that the front rank had snell splendid openings. A beauty came in about fifteen minutes from the start, Bob Humphreys putting on the finishing touch. From the re-start, dbrner followed corner, and Towvn were quite unable to cope with the agile movements of their opponents. Vaughan again took one of the corners, placed it magnificently, Hughes, the inside right, heading it through. Towyn started to piav a bit rough, and some "cheiee ex pre • v;ons" 01 speech were indulged in now i hen, r.dpb were promptly suppressed by the refere*. The iaterrai came as a great relief to both idd«s. Soon after the second half started Billy Vaughan, who had been playing a magnificent game, had a nasty kick from one of the TOW-B backs. A halt was made, Dr A 0 Davies, who, fortunately, was on the field, eame 10 the rescue, and it was seen that. the poor little chap had a nasty cut on his leg, and was bleeding freely. The doctor bandaged it up, and the 1 wounded man" was carried off the field bv the local ambulance corps. I do not think any blame is to be attached to the Towyn back, v he. greatly regretted the accident. The game re-sra rrod with the homesters playing ten men. Towyn made a strong sweep, and a flying shot from the Towyn left was deftly and ner.tly stopped by Morgan. Then the home quintet scampered to the other end arid Humphreys, Edwards, and Tommy Williams, who-was playing on the left single-handed, missed nice opportunities of scoring. Theil. the Towyn men woke up and notched a goal from a scrimmage. An opening came for the homesters on the right- Humphreys passed to Johnny Edwards, he took deliberate aim from an ob'iqne angle and the ball scudded into the net, grazing the inside of the inner post. It was a tnanificient shot, and fully deserved the great outburst of cheering tha followed. The game ended in favour of Machyn- lleth by three goals to one. WALES V. SCOTLAND. The match was played at Aberdeen, on Saturdav, R Jones kicked off for NVil-e, passing out to the wing. Itobortson returned to the centre, and the Scotch forwards quickly had the ball over tho Welsh lines. Play centred in the first few minutes in and around the visitor's territory, and after four minutes M'Coll, who was prominent in most of the attacks, transferred with great accuracy to Bell, who beat Griffiths with an almost unsareahle shot. From the start Wales kept the Scotch defence busy, Jones working hard for a score. One splendid attempt went just over the not. Though playing hard and determinedly, there was a lack of method about the efforts of the Welsh front five, and this, combined with inefficient support from the half backs rendered most of the dashes futile. On tho other hand, the Scotsmen played in masterly style. il'Coll, Hamil- ton, and Wilson, giving a delightful exhibition. It was mainly due to this trio that the third goal was notched by the last named player. Morris and Harris on the defence performed well against the smart attack of the Scotties. Hamilton,(Range-, s) was was instrnmenta' in the scoring of Scotland's;fouith point. Just upon half-time, from one of Wales's rare breaks away, Parry caught the Scotch custod- ian napping aDd scored with a deceptive shot the first goal for hia side. On crossing over Scotland led by fonr goals to one. In tho second half the home side took matters more loisurely. A welcome change in the Welsh play made itself apparent after the opening ten minutes, the Scotch defence being brought out to the fuil. Parry was the first, to test Dickie, but Lhe home custodian cleared well. Some mulled passing by the Scotch halves let Butler and Parry thro ugh the home lines. The shot from the' lpttez- was smartley fisted out by Dickie, but he had to admit himself beaten by a second from Butler. Parry, Jones, and Batler wete a! ways aggressive, and some difficulty was now experienoed by the opposition in staving determined attacks. At length the seige v.-as rtused, and Bell at the Welsh goal missed a good chance. Hamilton, when nearir.g goal, passed to Smith on the left,. The latter through tho defence and finished with a spleudid goal, the fifth and last of the game. Wales being beaten by five goals to two. Teams:— Scotland: Dickie (Rangers), Smith (Rangers),; Crawford (Rangers), Irons (Queen's Park), Neil (Rangers), Robertson (Hangers), Bell (Celtic), Wilson (Queen's Park), M'Con (Queens Park), Hamilton (Rangers, captain), and Smith (Rangers), Wales Griffiths (Blackpool), Thomas DruidEJ,) Morris (Onirk), S Meredith (Chirk), J Jones (Totwn- ham Hotspnr, captain). Harrisoti (Wrexham), Pugh (Linco'n), Butler (Druids), R Jones (Bangor), Parry (Oswestry), and Watkina (Aston Villa). L;Tiequie: Scotland, Mr A K Kirkwood; Wales, Mr A Thomas. Referee Mr Sutcliffe, (Burnley).











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