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FOOTBALL NOTES. [By YMKRAN.} Little need be said of the match between New- \n and the Druicla. Rarely has a. weaker team represented Newtown, and only four of the first teaci undertook the journey to Raabon. Thomas and Butler were in Scotland playing in the Inter- national game, but good substitutes took their place and they were not missed. The game was one-sided, and the Druids held the upper hand alt through ana scored three goals in each half. The Ne wtown men defended well, but the forwards had precious little to do owing to the strong play of their opponents. Newtown will find it difficult to replace such men as Miller, Dicky Mor-is, Swetten- iiam, and Latham, but before the sacson is much older I shait expect to find another team re- presenting the good old town. Football is far from Wi in Newtown and I know there are plenty of men, with talent who will rise, to the occasion and be a credit to the Welsh Lads. Aitnough Aberystwyth had to take the field at Jiuilth against Knighton in the semi-ifnal for the S. nth Wales Cup without their good professionals t hey just managed to squeeze home by 2 goals to 1. Fer this victory they were greatly indebted to the cleverness and ability of lloose in goal, the three splendid half-backs, and the dashing play of the furtuinis in the first half. For men who had ur, d ergo ne such a long railway journey the Ufjsh of Aberystwyth must have sur- prised the Knighton men. From the kick-off the seasiders made the pan a hot one, and the brilliancy of the forwards—kept well up to their work by halves and backs—rather demoralised the Knighton men. J H Edwards is a borfi tactician and able leader, and be 1e<1 his men on in rare st-c, io. W h ile the Knigitton men were at sea the Aberyst forwards put on a couple of goals. 0! courr.c, Ov.valu James gut one of them; the dodger e^rly his opportunity and did not miss it, while the captain netted the other in good style. This early success of Aberystwyth poiated tc a heavy defeat of eke Radnor men, but they j'eauied themselves in surprising fashion and ir, turn gave their opponents a warm time of it. Jt .as fortunate for Aberystwyth tlUg such t» cool and uet.i-u.hied goalkeeper as Roose was on duty. Nobly did he defend his fortress — iiko a veritable Eai.kai-Powell or White—and gallantly too did the ha1.res p'ay. A ding-dong game foHowed till half time, but the attacks of Knighton after the re- start were most pe:si-tent, while the back play-or at least some of it—was decidedly rocky. Of course the snow and the ground were the cause of some un.teadiness here, but these were not the P Knighton were at last rewarded a goal, a rather doubtful one certainly, but it C-. 0 They kept up the bombardment to the eud, hot thanks to able defence were not able to again, Oic-ugh they deserved a goal. Under the circumstances Aberyatwyth wc-re fortunate to win. Sparrow early in the game lost his spees, and this stnously handicapped him all t'-rough the gtme. i trust when the final is played the men W. all b i form and not only as at Builth bo able io on when da6h is required but keep tlic* s. t ali through. Nov I ¡ ;I.i t :Sa r u t;. ;< i h II tho SO-MI p:v-a. present l j-aucy Carnarvon will Lure their hauus t'uil to hold their own, but their kick, rush, run game may upset the play of Ab»rystwvth. C.jat-'ie i'iirry, however, knows how to stop this to attempt it. 1 hnvo great faith ie the backb;oe game, i-vea if the halves do not do it before he has vi Ab-ry srvvyth team, ami 5 heir play with ( hat of Use "reeks'' beoind; and the smartness of the front lot give.- faith in their ability :o enter the final for the Cup. If they do win, and win they wiil, they will, I think, create a record by being in the final for th-J two great "Welsh Clip". After stiff fight at Oswestry between the an,i Rhyl, the Combination game on So..urdn at was invested with special interest. O.-iw. s■ w. ■ -ohoat the services "f their special goal *ett r WDO was busy :n the Interna: iomu and where had the hon.ur of doing the trick once, The game was an even and deo.-im .1 one, and at the interval Onwesfcrv led. by ore goal to none. Probably the h:'g journey proved too .nuc.h for them for they tired consider- ably in the second half while the homesters came ori and were lucky to net the ball twice, thus wi ir.iiig by two goals to ene. Too hum-national belvrc-en Scotland and Wales TO a nery poor affair owing to the majority of those selected in the Welsh team beirtsr unable to play. Tt.e consequence was that only about three or fonr with any pretension to first-class form joined in the at,d all through thw Welshmen were' qirte t: re hissed and outplayed, It is a great pity that [i?aga? engagements prevent Wales having the best team on the ground in Internationals, but as kmg as football and hard cash are combined I suppose we shah1 have to put up with second or thiro chiss teams in these matches. Turn Pnen- did Dot by any means AllOW up badly, and had the great honour of scoring one of the goals obtained by Wales. llu:U>ja Albion had the Junior Welsh Cap holders—Oswestry P..e,-(-rve,-as visitors on Satur- day in the fourth round of the competition. Snow fee heavily throughout, and made things unpleasant for players and spectators. The Oswestry men felt its effects more than ths homesters, and it quite upf <:t their play. To make matters worse ti e ground was not roped off nor goal nets put up, and the visitors laid a protest or these grounds before the match commenced. The homesters thoroughly deserved their victory of three goals to one, for an- questionably th^f were by far the better team on the 'lay's play, especially in the first-half. Their swift rushes could not be stopped, ard this owintr to the slackness of the visiting defence proved disastrous to the Cnp holders. The forwards played in a fashion, Garrad ar, d Matthews being very speedy. Ti e halves too tackled and fed well, aDd the full backs were a capital pair. They kicked strongly and cleared well. On the other hand, the visitors played a decidedly weak game in tit fir-half, the backs did not clear properly, and the forwards were not up to form. They, however, improved in the second half towards the end, when it was too late to r'-eover lost ground. Mack was and C;),:Qeou"lltly the left did uot (to so wall, though R Roberts put in a few good centres. H:.rnmùnd, Cooper and Da vies, did better, bat 'hey had a strong defence to meet. The form cf tue Oswestry IelH:rt"j8 bas been so good throughout the season, that Saturday's display WM very rlisan", I tn8t that their old form may return to-day irt their fight for the Sf, Martin's Cup at Whittington. The Whit tington players are about the first team in the district to bag a Cnp—the Village Gap. This they did on Saturday at Oswestry. Their opponents wore Rhosy tried re St John's who made a good fight for it, especially in the first half. Whittington w< "e undoubtedly the clever: team and well deserved their victory of 3 tn 1 The resting place of ( re Cap being fixed, the Whittington boys will no have a shot at one or two more. THE LEAGUE. RESVTiTS UP TO DLTE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Sheffield Tjnited 24 14 1 9 47 19 o7 Aston Villa 25 1»5 5 4 58 26 36 WolverkiuiiptonW 23 II 4 8 :,{-! 24 30 Sunderland 22 12 3 2 33 23 26 23 11 8 4 3G 31 26 Notts Forest 22 9 6 7 36 29 25 Stose 24 10 9 5 28 31 25 Evetto11 24 9 10 5 30 37 23 p.,rby County 22 S 8 6 29 28 22 Newcastle United.. 21 8 8 5 37 27 21 Manchester City 23 7 9 7 35 30 21 Burnlo.v 23 8 11 4 26 38 20 Notts County 23 6 10 ? 33 45 19 vTc st Bromwich A. 23 7 11 5 25 38 19 Preston North End 26 7 12 4 26 33 18 Liverpool 24 6 13 5 31 38 17 Black hum Se vers. 20 7 12 1 29 44 15 Olossoo 21 3 1..1, 4 21 53 10 Til E COMBINATION. K7.SULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. V> L. D. F. A. PTS Chirk 15 10 2 3 35 14 23 V.'rexhan: « 2 47 22 20 Druids 15 8 4 3 34 20 19 Bancror 10 4 5 1 16 21 9 Newtown 11 4 6 1 24 37 9 Aberystwyth 9 3 4 2 17 22 8 Birkenhead 8 3 4 1 15 17 7 Rhyl 9 2 4 3 15 24 7 Oswestry 'Jnited 11 2 7 2 20 25 6 Llandudno Swifts.. 11 1 3 2 17 38 4 SKPvOPSHIEE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTG UP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Iron-Bridge 7 6 0 1 17 5 13 Singleton & Cole's. 8-5 2 1 32 12 11 Bridgnorth 9 4 3 2 24 23 10 Newport 9 3 4 2 15 17 8 Weui 10 2 5 3 10 26 7 Stafford C-C 6 3 3 0 22 12 6 St. George's United 6 2 2 2 12 16 G Welshpool United.. 8 1 7 1 10 31 3













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