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WELSHPOOL. IF you want the best cakes and pastry, call at Wat- son's, 5, Hall street, where you will find all kinds of Swiss, continental, and fancy pastries. Wedding, birthday, and christening cakes, elaborately orna- mented, to order. co [Advc. IF YOU WANT a good reliable Bicycle at the cheap- est rate go to Thomas J. Evans, ironmonger, and ask for quotations. Old machines taken as part pay- ment. Ladies'and Gent's Bicycles for hire. [AGvt. FOR a choice selection of fancy goods, toys, games, &c. (suitable for Xmas presents), also for all kinds of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, pouches, &c., call and inspect the stock at the Bazaar, Hall street. TAdvt. A USEFUL ARTICLE.—Humphrey Jones and Son are selling first-class Mincing Machines from 6s. -9, Hall street. [Advt. THE AFRICAN WAR.—An address on Why the British must conquer" will be given by the Rev J Idrisyn Jones, in the Church House, on Thursday evening, February 15th. The chair will be taken by the Vicar of Welshpool at 7 o'clock. Collection on behalf of the Montgomeryshire Soldiers' Widows' and Orphans' Fund. [Advt. WESLEY GUILD.-The Rev J Tesseyman presided over a meeting of this Guild on Wednesday even- ing. The Vice-President read a paper on "Prayer." Part in the discussion which followed was taken by Messrs E G Highfi-'ld and E C Bishop. THE IMPERIAL YEOMA-NRY.-Amorigst these who have recently joined this force is Mr George Thom- son, son of Mr R Thomfon, Bodowen. Mr Thomson, who will be attached to the contingent now in training here, is an ex-member of the Montgomery- shire Yeomanry. FREE LIBRARY COMMITTEE.—A meeting of this committee was held on Wednesday, Col Twyford presiding. There were also present Alderman T R Morris and Messrs Maurice Jehu, F Roper, J Pryce Jones, and T Simpson Jones.—Mrs D Andrew was thanked for her gift of seven volumes.—The Lib- rarian (Mr C H Jones) reported that during the past 23 days on which the Library had been opened 995 books had been issued, of which 830 were works of fiction. PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL.—A meeting of the Primitive Methodist Young People's Christian Endeavour Society was held on Monday evening under the chairmanship of Mr J Hart. An address was given by Mr D J Jones, and the annexed pro- gramme gone through:—Solos by the Misses Clemson, Clara Davies and Lizzie Jones, and by j Masters Bert Jones and Christmas Humphreys, recitations by the Misses Louisa and Emily Jones, and by Master Fred Ashley. WAR ITEMS.—The well-known Bristol firm of brewers, Messrs R W Miller and Co., Limited, of Stokes Croft, have achieved the success of being appointed, despite a severe competition, for the sole supply of nourishing stout to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. Their stout is now being supplied to the wounded and invalids returning from South Africa, and the contract which the firm has secured is for three years. To gain a Government contract of this kind is a signal success for the local firm, and is a splendid testimonial of quality and value. The local agent is Mr T J Bratton, Victoria Vaults. PROMOTION.—We are pleased to observe from the report of Wednesday's meeting of the Forden Rural District Council, that Mr E Snook, son of the Borough Surveyor, has been offered two excellent posts, one as divisional surveyor to the Salop County Council, and the other as district surveyor to the Wigmore Rural Council. Mr Snook has not yet decided which offer to accept. CONGREGATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL. The annual distribution of prizes to the scholars of this school took place in the Scheolroom on Sunday afternoon. The chair was taken by the Pastor (the Rev D B Evans). The Hon. Sec., Mr Ernest Watkins, read the annual report, which stated that the school was divided into 13 classes, seven of girls and six of boys. The number of scholars on the books was 175. The total attendances during the year were 5,219, which yielded an average per Sunday of 104. Daring the year the musical arrangements had been in the hands of Mr John Reese (conductor), and Miss Dolby and Miss Flo Jones (acoompanists). The Free Church Council Catechism had been adopted for the use of the scholars, and in May last a Men's Bible Class, conducted by the Pastor, was started. A Band of Hope had also been established by the teachers, which was held every Monday evening under the superintendency of Mr Macdonald. Mr John Jones (reasurer) read the financial statement which showed a balance in hand of Is. lid. Prizes to upwards of 40 scholars were then distributed by the Mayor (Mr D Jones), who delivered a brief address on the good work done by Sunday Schools. Solos were sung by Miss Gwladys Jones and Miss Gwynne, and a recitation was contributed by Miss E pritchard. On the proposition of Mr A H Jones a vote of thanks was accorded the Mayor for attending. EVENING CONCERT.—In the New Street School- room on Thursday evening a grand concert was given under the supervision of Mr John Jones, who had engaged as the leading lady Miss Maggie Evans, Llanidloes. Mr C I Gwynne was the ac- companist. The room was crowded and picturesque- ness was added to the scene by the presence of several Imperial Yeomen al raved in their khaki uniforms. The programme opened with a piano- forte duet by Masters Grotious and Lawrence James, after which Mr D Gittins and party, of Llanfair, rendered a Welsh son?. The Holy City," sung by Miss Maggie Evans, elicited a well-merited encore, and Miss Howell was also recalled for her recitation, Marie," in which she displased marked histrionic ability. Schubert s Moment Musical" was skilfully interpreted by the Misses Dora and Winifred Niblett in a violin duet, and at a later stage, the first-named young lady played'Edward German's"Henry VIII Dance." In both cases a recall was clamorously demanded and was responded to. Mr Wendell Jones in his rendering of It's not for me—It's for a friend," sustained the reputation he has built up as an amateur comedian. He was encored and gave To be continued in our next," which excited roars of laughter. Miss Evans having given a selected song, the first part of the programme ended with The bell goes ringing for Sarah," sung in character by Miss F Harris, Llanfair. Miss Harris was encored and in response gave a whimsical rendering of Wass you ever see euch a j ally time beiorer in which she was even more successful than in nor first song. Perhaps the most enjoyable item in the second part was the selection of Welsh airs beauti- fully played on the harp by Mr W Roberts, who was vociferouslv encored. Miss Maud Gwynne, attired in appropriate costume, made a distinct hit with her Red Cross Nurse," a song descriptive of the devotion and heroism in which the success ,-s to Florence Nightingale perform their trying dut ies. Two merry-going songs were contributed by Harris, who, with her winnir,, manner aud s, voice, completely captivated her auditors. O. items deserving of notice were songs by Astley, Mr R Williams, and Mr D Gittins, and a cornet solo by Mr W Morgan. A most enjoyable entertainment was concluded with God save the Queen," Miss Evans taking the solo. I COUNTY POLICE COURT.—MONDAY. COUNTY POLICE COURT.—MONDAY. Before the Mayor (Mr D Jones), Messrs E Green (Moors) and John Jones (Varchoel). MAINTENANCE.—Thomas Burgess, farm labourer Worthen, was charged by the Guardians of the Foiden Union, represented by Mr J E Tomlev (Montgomery), with failing to comply with an order, made by the Bench in January last, to con- tribute Is weekly to the support of his niotliel, Defendant did not appear.—It was explained that, as a matter of fact, the order had been running sinoe 1892, but the Guardians bad dealt lenientlv with the and iu autumn last exonerated defen- dant from the payment of £ 4 10S arrears, he pro- mising to contribute regularly in future. This, however, he had failed to do.— Mr \V T Jones, relieving officer for the. Worthen district of tne Union, said defendant was a single man aud earned 15s a week.—Mr F Hilton Francis, assistant to Lite Union collector pir John Evans), said defendant was now El in arrear under the order.—The Mayor The Bench have decided to make a com- mitment for 14 days, to be suspended so long as 5" per week is paid by defendant.—Mr Tomley I am afraid 5s is too much. The man could never pay it. The Guardians would be satisfied with 2s 6d a week.—The Mayor Very well let it be 2s 6d. SETTLEMENT ORDER. Mr Tomley asked the Bench to determine the settlement of an old woman named Mary Morris, at present an inmate of the Forden Workhouse, but who, be said, properly belonged to Knighton Union. In view of this fact the Guardians wished to remove her to the district of her birth but, before this could be done, a mag- istrate's" order was requisite. Walter Downes, Master of the Forden VVorkhouse, said Mary Morris bad been an inmate since the 22nd of July last.— Mr Tomley, being swort, said he was managing clerk to Mr C S Pryce, the clerk to the Union. During her lifetime Mary Morris had only gained one settlement, aud that was in the Parish of Lian- dewi Ystradeunan, in the Knighton Union, in the counties of Radnor, Salop, and Hereford, in which place she was born in April, 1820.—Mary Morris, being herself in Court, was, although the procedure is somewhat unusuai. sworn and her evidence as to place of birth, etc, taken.—She corroborated Mr Tomiey's statement.— Eventually the Bench ao- oeded to the application. DAMAGING A CART.—Two youths, Henry and Her- bert Thomas, Worthen, were charged by Thomas Jones, Sycamore Cottage, Leighton, [with, on tbe 30th of December, wilfully damaging a cart belong- ing to him to the amount of z65.-Both defendants admitted the offence, and weie each fined £1 and costs, or, in default, 14 days. Allowed a month to pay. SCHOOL CASES.—Thomas Edwin Bowen, Brw- nant, Uppington, was summoned at the instance of the School Attendance Committee of the Forden Onion for failing to send his two children ren- larly to school. In this case, and in the following one, Mr Tomley asked tie Bench to enforce the Education Act with stringency, as they were specimens of the very worst class of cases speci- ally selected by the Attendance Committee. Mr James Fortune, school attendance officer, said de- fendant's children, Florence Lillie, 8, and Thomas Edward, 6, had uot attended once out of a pos- sible 157 times. Defendant had been summoned and fined before for a similar offence. Defendant's wife appeared and pleaded that her children had besn suffering for a long time from whooping cough which prevented them going to school. Mr Fortune said that most of the times be had seen them the children were playing about the roads. Fined 5s. Gwendoline Morgan, Kantcribba cottage, Forden, was summoned by Mr W T Jones foa a similar offence in respect of her son Edward, aged 12. Chirbury school had been open between So, ern ber 4, 1899, and the 3rd inst 112 times bnt the boy had only made 7 attendances. Mrs Mor- gan, in excuse, pleaded illness on the part of the boy. Mr Tomley pointed out that the nearest school, Forden, was only three quarters of a mile from where defendant lived, yet she preferred sending her son to Chirbury school, a distance of over three miles, so that she might have an excuse' for not sending him regularly. Fined 3s. No LIGHT.-Picilard Howells, a waggoner in the service of Mr Price, Peutre, Llandyssil, was char- ged by P.C. George Owen, Forden, with being in charge of a timber carriage without lights on the 17th of last month.—On that date the constable was, about 7 p.m., on duty near the village of Forden, when he met defendant in charge of a timber wnggon drawn by four horses. Questioned as to the lack of lights, defendant replied that his master did not supply him with any. Lighting-up time would be about 5-18.—Sergt Price said he knew, from experience, that defendant's master did supply his hauliers witu lights.—Defendant, who made no appearance in court, was fined Is and costs. BOBOUGH POLICE COURT.—TUESDAY. Before the Mayor (Mr D Jones,) Colonel Twvford, Messrs D P Owen, J Rees, Maurice Jehu, and W. Rogers. AN OLD OFFENDER.—John Jones, Forrest Farm, Wallop, Shropshire, was charged for the fourth time, with being drank whilst in charge of a horse and trap.—P.O. Watkin proved the case.- Defend- ant's son appeared in court, and handed to the bench a medical certificate to the effect that his father was down with the Influenza and, consequent- ly unable to attend. My father," continued the young man, told me to tell the magistrates that he would never again get drunk in Welshpool, not if he came here a 100 times a week." George Davies, Level Crossing, Buttington, said that on r Mouday, January 15th, defendant drove past his house at a furious pace. Be seemed to him to be very tipsy.—Evidence to the same effeot having been given by Thomas Parry and Evan Hughes, Buttington, the Bench proceeded to debate what penalty they should impose.—Mr D P Owen would nor agree to a fine of 40s unless the costs were added to that amount. He was not going to give away his judicial experience of 27 years to please anyone.—Ultimately the Magis- trates agreed to fine defendant £ 2 and 18s costs. —The Mayor warned defendant's son that, if his father came before them again on a similar charge, they would be compelled to enforce the extreme penalty—two months imprisonment.