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'ABERYSTWYTH. INFIRMARY ANNUAL MEEITNG. This meeting was held at the Town Htd\ Aber- ystwyth, when there were present: Mr J G W Borjsall (Fronfraith) chairman, T Levi, Job 11i.)e8, Griffiths, L1anbadarn; N Thoma3, Vicar' of Llanbadarn: T A Ponry, Messrs H C Fryer, ii Ivlorgttn, 0 M Williams (Mayor), F R Roberts, J D Perrott, J Gibson, D C Roberts (ex-Mayor), M:>jor Bonsai', Mis Boycott, Mrs E James, Mrs Morgan Lewis, Mrs Lewis Griffiths, Mrs Griffiths (Waterloo hotel), .Mr3 Penry, Mrs Ftyor, Miss Carpeutar, Messrs R Morgan, T Mal'.orv, T M Green, II Bonsall, W Thom«=, T W P.^weU. J Griffiths, E Evans (solicitor), L Lewis (N & P Bank), R Eli's, J P Thomas, H P Edwards, R Doughton, J M^rthia*, T CUvon, Daniel MOTHH, D Harsphreya, Edward Evms, W J Br;t, D (Portland street), John Richards (Market street), J j Davies (Queen street), W R Jones, A Jm,), E Ben- bow, Edward Owen, LIo: r] Ktvo^t). Tg Jenkins (Eaglo House), T Parry, with Dr Morgan (house surgeon), Dr n.nd D*- B ■To^r? (hoiioiary surgeons), s.n'1 Mr J Evar-s (ii ene-r). THE CHAIR. Mr Gibson complained that the chairman wi I not. there at the proper time, and declared that it was absurd to keep a large meeting of that kind waiting icr somebody who evidently did not think it worth while being present.— Somfe of those present pointed out that it was hardly the time by the railway.—Mr Gibson did not core if it wasn't time by South Africa.— Mr Powell (grocer) I saw Mr Borisall in town.—Mr Gibson Then he ought to be here. I propose that we proceed.—The meet- ing waited a few minutes longer, and the mayor wag then voted to the chair.—Councillor W liiams had scarcely taken his seat when the aged chair- man entered the room and was received with loud applause. THE REPORT. The Chairman said that they had the report and balance sheet tor 1899 before them and he hoped that they would take it home and stndy it, for it would show what a blessing the Ir.firrnary had been to the town and country, and how prosperous it was. T no recoipt .ere large, in fa0t the lan-;p81j on record (hear, hear). The next to it was the year 1885, when the Infirmary was built, and an appeal was made to the people of the county and others for support, and the support then was very gooci, but not quite equal to the contributions and receiots of 1899. Toe disbursements were iacger than hitherto, and of course as there was an increase of patients they expected it. In-patients had beeu in charge of the House staff for 836 days more than in 1898. But taking the average cost per head it was found to work out at a less cost, and this was due to the matron. In consequence of the increaRe in the number of patients an extra nurse had had to be provided and the salaries had They had also to spend more money on furniture ami on a moitnary. If they considered these matters he thought that tbey would agrae that the Infirmary was in a first-class slate (hear, hear). He ought to mention that credit was due to their excellent house surgeon (Dr Morgan) for his services (hoûr, hear). He had experience of house surgeoa fur over ialf-a-century, but he never met one who was so good, kind, and capable as Dr Morgan (hear, hear).— Mr R Doughton moved, and Mr E Evans seconded, the adoption of the report which was agreed to. ELECTION OF PRESIDENT. The Chairman said that if they looked round they would probably nul a President.—Mr 11 C Fryer said that they had no need to look very far; it was an easy task, and h3 had great pleasure in proposing that Mr Bonsall (the chairman) be elected President — (cheers)—for the eusuing year, and he hoped for many years to come (hear, hear). Mr Bonsall had rendered most valuable services to the Infirmary for a great number of years, and it wa3 of greet importance to havo a person of Mr Bonsall's great experience and of calva judgment to preside over their meetings, both at the Infirmary and at that annual gathering (hear, hear).—The Chairman eaid that considering the infirmities of age and the fact that he wss 83 years old he really expected notica to quit—(laughter)—but as they "Were so indulgent hu would accept the ofi1ce for another year (hear, hear). HOUSE SURGEON. For the pose of house surgeon vacant owing to the resignation of Dr Morgan there were several applications and these the committee had reduced to three. The three applicants appeared before the meeting and Mr James (sou of Councillor E 11 James) was appointed. The other applicants were Mr Owen Williams, Dolgelley, and Mr Hughes, Vlerthyr. The salary ia JE150 and the duties of secretary are iucludea. ASDITOR. Mr J R Rees, manager of the North and South Wales Bank, was re-appointed auditor. COMMITTEE. The following were appointed on the committee Mrs Jessy Williams, Councillor C M Williams, Rev T A Penry, Rev T E Roberts, Messrs J D Perrott, W Thomas, and W H Colby.—It was decided to consider the propnseu alterations of certain rules at a special meeting to be called.—The meeting unanlmouhiy agreed to place four beeb aX tho dis- posal of the War Odea, for wounded soldiers. A cordial vote of thanks was passed to the house surgeons and a1so to the chairman, when the pro- ceedings closed.