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*■ — NATIONAL TRADE DEFENCE FUND. of the National Trade defence fund represent ing all sections of the licensed trade of the United Kingdom, was held at the Westminster Palac Hotel on Friday, February the 2nd, prdside<J over by Mr George C Croft (of Messrs Charrinatotf and Co., Ltd.. London), at which th" f- -ving were prebent: Messrs Graham Aldous, Kilbnrn 0 Blair, Newcastle; G Boghurst, Portsmouth; 11 Cosmo 0 Bonsor, M.P., John Brickwood, PortS-f mouth; W Brown, Biadford; Wlhnk>l'l, B:tol; E IS Buxton, London Spencer Oharrinsrton, M.p.>•' H G Crews, Manchester, hon. secretaiy nf the; National Federation of Off License Holders' AssO'lj ciations; F England, Birmingham 5 Geo; go EwonS>| Plymouth; John Fog.-iriy, Dublin; W F"ord>f Southampton John W Green, Ln'r>" T-T•••• Grinding. London; J G Groves, Maoohest^ C1, tvrleS V R llaig, Loudon; E Hedeftne, South Sh't'd?; J. Hulton, Manchester; H J Israel, Swansea; Levi Johnson, Wolverhampton; J L Kemp, Clx-so" 0 G Long, Maidstone, President, of tb Victuallers' National Defence League; J !,von?< Norwich; T Watson Lovibond, Newcastle-' *v>;o, chairman of the Country Brewers' SoWetv Lnbbock, London J Manders, Cardiff; J J Mr.rt?«» Wakefield; J McLeavv Bebiugton, Birkenhead; JiJ Meades, Maidstone; J J Nagle, Dublin Pickering Phipps, Northampton; George P'-o!e. Ponx-oiee > John Porteons, Northampton W J P'owden ,P¡!,b, Shrewsbury; George Rayment, Reader' G A Robinson, Mannb^i.-or: Vtobert Rnssell, DvMpi; Phiiip Savill. Stra'ford J W Seiko, V ;V; J Slaney, B if chin A B Slim. Birmingham G o.uge Soole, London; F Araughan, York ('har'os Walker, chairman if the London Licensed Victuallers' Central Proi^o'-i.oti Society; J Wallace. W Wa'-d-o.-m, Newport (Men): G B Worth, London; pnd Goo-ge Younger, Alloa.— It was ql'd,inp,;),11 agreed that, in t e (I election* \vlh:4i? satisfactory pledges were received from Iv. r-;yo- didates to the Trade test oner-lions, no oflrciai Tr'd "• action should betaken. Tho (est questions nr.a.;d- mously agreed to as essentia1 were as foiloo ■ 1. Are you in favour of giving full compent-at.■•n f"i' suppressed licences, as recomr.i'-nided by the r y,orf of the Royal Commission (¡;:iw¡e(1 by a ma jorii v of seventeen to seven), and as given at fhi: present time, in all coses where a trading conc-ei-vi 1"1111- pressed in trie puboe interest. the abolition of the existing off wine and son licences, usua1Jy e:dkd grot'¡;'M) or ¡r::xcd n i"r:' licences, and the separation of tl)e;r ? f was decided that at the prc8\.1t crisis tin- above questions were sufficient, but the following ,<:r -p'c- mentary questions were adopted for ase of the discretion of the local com in i ttees —A! i 01tiotj o- Hours.— In the event.of any alteration of the LuurS Of whether on Sundays or week-do.^ will you support the proposal that should be settled by Imperial Parliament and- shoalti rut be left to the discretion of a local body ? Clu'oe.— Will you oppose any scliome for the com* pulsory reduction oi' licenced houses, nmcss tic com* paiiied with or preceded by legislation demo eg with clubs, prohibiting the distribution of excisable liquors by sale, and the supply of such 'iq-.oe- for consumption off the premises, according to the Royal (1ommisio[!