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OSWESTRY. INCORPORATION.—MONDAY. Present: Mr W Glitliths (chairman) presiding. Mr J Griffiths (vice-chairman), Rev T M Bulkeley- Owen, Messrs D Yang-nan, T Ward reen, W S Frith, H C Holland, T Whitfield, Richards, J Can wright, A Peate, J Vaughan, r "ai0 wright; with Mr J C Bull (clerk), Mr C 1 (assistant cler), Messrs Hines and Reynolds (E »iagofficers) and Mr G Fuloher (master). STATISTICS. The following figures were reported by the Clerk :—First week, number of inmates 234, against 225 in the corresponding week of last year; out- reiief, £27 16.-1 3d to 363 recipients, against £25 12s 9J to 340; tramps, 35. Second week. number of inmates, 235 against 230; out-relief, £27 88 2d to 371 recipients, ag:;¡ÍTJ6t £2758 4d to 333; tramps, 51. APPOINTMENT OF LAUNDRESS AND PORTER. The applicants for the post of porter selected by the Board at the last meeting to appear before them attended.—-The Vice-Chairman proposed the np- poiutaiens of Mr Brown, Maesbary, and Mr Wain- I wright seconded.—The appointment of Mr J Jones, Chirk, was proposed by Mr Frith and seconded by Mr Holland.—On being put to the meeting, the majority voted in favour of Mr Brown.—On the proposition of the Rev T M Bulkeley-Owen, seconded by Mr D Vaughan, Mrs Fulcher was appointed 'a undress. TH:J CASE OF JAMES CAIRD. The Ciork reported the receipt, of a letter from the Loca.1 Government Board asking for the opinion of the Board and of the officers on the refusal to receive James Caird, an alleged lunatic, into the house. A lengthy letter on the subject was read from the Clerk to the borough magistrates, and it was agreed that the Chairman, Vice-chairman, Messrs Nicholson, Peate and Goff be appointed a com- mittee to co into the matter, with power to act. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER. In the coutinued illness of Mr G C Smith, Mr R H Richards was appointed deputy school attendance officer for a further period of oue month. THE HOUSE. The Master acknowledged with thanks the receipt 0/ illustrated books and papers from Messrs C G Bayley, J Wiiiiams, D Vaughan, Glascodine, I and W il Thomas. Four estimates were sub- mitted for re-slating two portions of the vagrant ward, and that of Mr W H Thomas (£1418;; 9d) being the lowest was accepted.—Messrs H Green- wood Leach and W W Coulson and the Kentucky Minstrels having given entertainments at the House, the Master desired to thauk the performers for their kindness. TOWN" COUNCIL.—MONDAY. Present: The Mayor (Mr R II Mm:>i. Aldermen W Fletcher Rogers, T Whitfield, and W H Spaull. Councillors Dr W Aylmer Lewis, G Perks, E Bremner Smith, Watkin Jones, R Daniel, Samuel Lloyd, Chas E Williams, S Parrv Jones, R Howell Davies, T Poole, E Roberts, W H Plimmer, E B Tnompson, J Maclardy, and J P Sheather, with Mr J Parry Jones, town clerk Mr W Jackson, deputy town clerk; Mr W Thomas, finance clerk; Mr G W Lucey, borough surveyor.