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jiltiE WA11. LAST NIGHi"S CENTRAL NEWS TELEGRAMS. LOHD METHUfiN T-V'YT(-) NARY. The war correspondent. of the Central News telegraphing from Modder River says it is unlikely that the advance w; b° resumed from the camp for three or four wr oka to Cdme. ACQUITTED OF TREASON. DCRKAN, January 31st. An raid to have fought on the Boer side at has just been tried and acquitted on tit., charge of treason. The magistrate deci-k-d tie evidence TVas insufSc-ient to sustaiu the ch >:ye. T-e Ad nital: v announced that able-seaman I Albert Ernest Ward, H.M.S. Powerful, was severely wounded at Ladvsmith on 6rh January. THE FLYING COLUMN. DrriRAX, January 31. of moiirv-d n.en h»s reached Northern Ziduland. THE HOSPITAL SHIPS. Gone: a! W ,¡r" Mu^rav, commanding line of com- mimic;.nous in Natal, visited to-day the fiv hoepitai si ips now at Durban. He was received on Board 'In- Mr. its- by Lady Churchill to wnoiii iie exor. ssed his satisfaction with thu. arrartretnent> on h. arc: t1.a,t shin. EUROPEAN SYMPATHY WITH THE BOERS. "VIENNA. Friday evening". A meeting ctended by three thousand Austrian Germans was i.elu heieto-cay, at which resolutions we'-e pa' d expr.->ir.g sympathy with the Boers. NEWS FROM MA FEEING. BADEN-POWELL IN TOUCH WITH PLUMER, ABn lawayo telejiram Hays —Colonel Nicholson has despatch from Colonel I Plumer. I r i, II. ted from Gaberones. The follow- ing has been received from Colouel Baden-Powell;— Mafeki.npr, January 17th—All is well here. For the past torrniVhr we liave been pushing out trenches a-d sharps)hooters towards the enemy's big-gun ha Terv. On the 15th we got within effect- ive ranye, nnd next day the enemy's 94-pounder and high-veloc'tv. Krupp evacuated their position. retiring to a more distant one on the east side of the town, where they have comparatively little .comrna"d. "Ve have tiius pushed the enemy on three sid; 9 well out of ritle shot, and opened gritz- ing for cattle on t; past side. The enemy has still two strong works between 1,800 and another within 2,000 yard9. These we hope to shift shortly, y with dynamite. The wounded in the fight on the 20th nIt. are doiner well. Capt Fitzclarence is ridintr about, practically well. I omitted, in report- ing the, to state that we brought back our killed and wounded but that the Boers, under the pretence of giving assistance, plundered all the dead. THE SALISBURY CABINET. SAYS IT IS INVULNERABLE, PARIS, Friday. i-; an article in the Figaro to-day, Whist savs 1 he ri^ht m the- House of Commons may be sharp, but it will not shiit, the axis of the majority. WliN- ? Because in the heart the House of Commons is im- bued with Imperialist doctrines and Mr Chamber- lain has loft nothing of his authority over it. To day the ('(:II'I",i"11 of the war has not been brough. into question. L is this that renders the Saiisbir y Cabim r invulnerable. BULLER'S REPORTED MOVE. TLA '• Sf In Gazette of yesterday sa vs There is as ye; no official confirmation of the re- ports etlr on Thllrsdav afternoon, to which we were first to give publicity, that General Bull- er's fores had crossed the Tngela in three places and were entrayed with rhe enemy. These reports are ag-aill in circulation to-day, une run our b, inv that General Buller had takeu his whole force in the direction of Ladvsmith. There is more than a probao.'iity oi" I,t-se reports proving weil founded. G. A C P, E'S DIVISION. r.OERS AND BASUTOS. STERKSTROOM, Thursday About r '-housand cattle and sh?ep, which hnd I been -<.• z -u L) V the (Jape Police from the ret",]- in the Dordrecht district, were brought (lib camp this mor/iinsr. Ti:e appo;»;'me:'t of Brigadier-General Brabant to rhe command ■> the Colonial troops, under the orders of -,he Gen-ral Officer commanding the third division, has bt en published in the order", but General Brabarr- will not yet prooeed to the front, being ongaged in the work of organisation at Reliable iufor-ivati .n has reached us that the Boers are dist ritei ring pamphlets in the vernacular of Basutoland ro the natives, inciting them to rise against the British and promising them the restora- tion of their c-,nquereo territory as an inducement, ivIMPERLEY. LOER CUNNING. KIMBKRLKY, Thnrsdav (By pedograph to Modder River). A on Dorsfontein, outside r-'ie ])>• Beers floors, to hold the water pumped from Wess-: rtou. Ibis will keep the cattle in better condition. Up to the present their drinking water has cor.s;-ted <■! tru» limited quantity obtained from smrli iron i ■:>/ ifjh.4. Yestc: day lb :> Boers took a waggon, vith sixteen fit ox-'ti, in charge only two men. from Webster's into tite open vh-i, U'dow Ia,rant.ael Lidge, and lefr it there apparently unguarded for over two hours. This is believed to have been another of the cunning tricks to which they have resorted to lure out the cattle gllftrd. A (le,,I) s,,Itld drift lie, immediately in the rear of the vIe-i, and would afford excellent concealment for a number of men. A nnrive who he-< just arrivd, reports that the Boers are commandeering every male in Griqtialand. At twenty nrnnies to ten this morning, the enemy opened firp (, Kenilworth from Diubelsolei, and maintained a desultory cannonade for sometime. Twenty-three Boer waggons, believed te be laden with provisions were seen to pass through Alevau- dersfontein yesterday. BRITISH ACTION ENDORSED. WELSH ii EN DlHCUSS THE WAR AND PLEDGE SUPPORT TO THE EMPIRE. The Boston Jo-nrnal (U. S. A.), says The Cym- rodurion Society (Welsh Associates) held its re- gular monthly meeting at Harmony Hall the other evening when the president Mr D Davies (eldest son of Mr Davies, Ciithiell, Llansantffraid) was in the chair. The meeting was thrown open for the discussion of the situation ill South Africa. An si address on tlie subject was delivered by the ex- presiderit Mr Pryce T Edwards, Chelsea (native of C >rwe;i), who stoutly luaintained that r,he EII- lish were doing humanity a service by lighting for rhe rights of the Uitianders. He alsodiew an inteiesting contrast, between the attitude of the, Welsh and that of the Irish towards the British Empire. Addresses were also given by Messsrs G J Williams, Cambridge, and J Thompson Evans, Waltham. At the close of the srvpch many- strong resolutions were passed in favour (If the British position and the meeting ph-dged T(I ,1, i" Utmost to swell the "Absent- MiudeU Bengal- Futid." J __n_n










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