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FRIENDLY MATCLIES. WALES V. SCOTLAND (RUGBY).—Wales achieved a glorious victory over the representatives of the Thistle m the international contest at Swansea. Scotland was never more confident of success; the critics declared t.nai the team was the best put in the field for seasons. Yet, they were beaten fore and aft in a game which will long be remembered for its It was a match full of stirring incidents; there was plenty of open play, and the Welsh system of passing was never seen to better advantage. Result-Wales, 4 tries (12 points) Scotland, 1 trv (3 poiuts). GOWN v TOWN AT ABERYSTWYTH.—The return match between these elevens was played on Satur- day on the College ground. The weather was intensely cold, and a strong wind blew across the field. The teams were as follows: College, goal, Barrett backs, Roberts and Bennett halves, E Evans, J Hughes and W A Griffiths; forwards, E A Lewis, D P Williams, Nash, Galloway and Pe«rott. Linesman, Mr J H Edwards. Town: Goal, W LI Davies; backs, J Rowlands and Evans; half-backs, W Jones, J H Edwards, and D M Evans; forwards, Sparrow, Whelan, Marshall, Barson, and 0 James. Linesman, Mr W It Jones. Referee, Mr G J Williams. The College played with the wind in their favour and Galloway and Perrott were verv prominent on the rignt wing sending in a couple of shots which were well placed. An attack on the Town goal was broken up by the Town halves, J H Edwards getting the ball away, and from a corner which followed, Whelan College tried hard to equalise and Da view to fist out. A splendid corner was put in by P- rrort and the pressure Oil the Town goal *v»m v^ry heavy. The defence was however able to check the rush, and after som° excellent by M'it-shall, -lame* crept np and put the ball behind the posts. In less than five minutes the Town forwards were back again attacking in force, Marshall putting the ball through. At half-time the score stood at two to none. The second half was all in favour of the Town, and they won easily by 4 goals to 0. WELSH JUNIOR CUP. THIRD ROUND. OSWESTRY RESERVE v. DRUIDS RESERVE. The unfinished tie in the third round of this com- petition was completed at Oswestry on Saturday. When the teams met Oswes'ry were leading by 2 goals to nil at :1 the Druids Reserve refused to vbiY he vccotid for some reason, probahlv the weather. The matter came before the Welsh Coiiifil. en-i they decided that the tie shou'd be .'i'.is'n d, !I) start as they left, off, namely OaW-t-stv 2 goals, Drnids none. Mr R Davie. Wrexham, was the referee, and the teams were as foi lows OMYesTRY I'NITXD RESERVE. Goal, Foulkes; backs, Humphreys and H Jones; It Jones, W Morris, and R Morris; forwards, Cooper, E Davies, D Davies, Mack, and E Roberts. DRUIDS RESERVE. Goal, E W Edwards; backs, Phillips and Price; half-backs, F But,t.e>-ron, Meredith Jones, and R Davies; forward", Thomas, Ellis, Lloyd Davies, Butler, and Allshorn. The teams had to cake the field according to the spin of the coin at the previous match, and had to play the unfinished 45 minutes. Fortunately for the home Reserve they had their backs to a strong sun, and the wind aided neither team. The visitors first became dangerous, Foulkes being called upon twice in succession, but he saved easily. From a nice pass from Cooper, D Davies forced Edwards to give a corner, which Phillips got away. Uninter- esting play followed, the wind carrying the ball into touch. The visitors played up to wipe out tne score which already stood against them, the left wing being conspicuous. After a run on the right wing, Foulkes had to clear. The home halves were playing a grand game, especially W Morris. Mack arid Roberts put in very pretty work, but the wind spoiled the final effort of E Roberts. The visiting defence now shewed up well in the work they had to do. Davies a:.d '.V Morris sent in a couple of warm shots, but th e- could not find their billet. At last W Morris took the ball from the middle of the field into goal and scored a regular beauty, for which he was deservedly applauded. From a pas"< from Cooper, Davies scored another soon after. This put vigour into the game, which now became fast. The visitors pressed and M Jones, with a. long, swift shot, beat Foulkes. In the next minute Druids' Reserve got a penalty kick, from which they scored. Oswestry then had the upper hand and played splendidly, and before the interval scored another from a scrimmage, after good work by Mack and Roberts. Final: Oswes- try Reserve, 4 goals Druids' Reserve, 2 goals. The second half was a friendly game, when Oswestry Reserve scored three times and tiie visi- tors not once. WELSHPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. FIXTURES. The following is a corrected list of fixtures of the the above club — February 10 Iron-Bridge, t Awav 17 24 Eliesinerp Rome March 3 5t h Hound Wednesbury Cup. —-— 10 17 Newtown Away 24 Wem, J. Away 31 Stafford Christ C hurch, L N. Home April 7 Oswestry United Home 13 Aston Templars Home 14 Bridgnorth, L Home 21 L denotes Shropshire and District League. HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. SIR W. W. WYNN'S HOUNDS WILL MEET Saturday, Feb. 3rd Terrick At 10-30. Monday, Feb. 5th Gredington At 11. Tuesday. Feb. 6th Baschurch At 10-30. Friday, Feb. 9.h Duckington Saturday, Feb. 10th Iscoed At 11. THE PLAS MACHYNLLETH HOUNDS WILL NIKFT FOXHOUNDS Monday, Feb. otl". Gellvlydan Thursday, F';b. 8th Forge At 10-30.. HARRIERS Tuesday. Feb. 6th Pantperthog Friday, Feb. 9th. Dolguog At 10-30. UNITED PACK WILL MEET Saturday, Feb 3rd Jubilee Cottage, Hopeaay Monday, Feb. 5; h Churchstoke Wednesday, Feb. 7th Hockleton Bridge Monday, Feb. 10th Totterton At 10-45. TAN AT SITH: HARRIERS WILL MEET Tuesday, Feb. 6th Treflach Wood Friday, Feb. 9ch Maesbury At 11. NORTH MONTGOMERY HARRIERS Willi, Saturday, Feb. 3rd Bwlohycibau Wednesday, Feb. 7th Bethel Saturday, Feb. 10th The Fighting Cocks At 11, SIR BRYAN' LEEGHTOV'S HOUNDS WILL MEKT Monday, Feb. 5th Woolastou Thursday, Feb. 8th Rowley Church, Wallop At 11.