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WELSRPOOL HORTICULTURAL SHOW DISBANDED. APPROPRIATION OF THE FGNDS. A meetiug of subscribers was held at the Town Hall, Welshpool, on Tuesday afternoon, to consider whether any further action should be taken with regard to the holding of another show and other matters pertaining to the future of the society. Mr Charies E Howell presided, and there were also present: Dr Sowerby, Messrs J Lambert, J Bushell, S Morris, T Simpson Jones, E Wyke, F Roper, Matthew Powell, C Pryce Yearslev, E L R Jones, C Shuker, J P Jones, Anderson, Baker, Gwynne. Oakley, Payne, and Sayce wdth Mr J G James, secretary. The Chairman referred to the position in which matters had been left after the last meeting, and said he wished that the subject would be very care- fully considered before they came to any definite conclusion. He understood that should the show be continued all a less ambitious scale than hitherto, the members of the present working committee would not feel justified in co-operating, as they felt that the funds of the Society would only be frittered away gradually. Should the show be abandoned and the Society broken up, he was afraid it would mean the end of series of show. which had delighted so many thousands of people during the last six years. Mr Matthew Powell, who moved at the last meet- ing of committe that the show .for the present be discontinued, said last year the show was held on the last Thursday in July they were favoured with fine weather, and they had a reputation from prev- ious shows; the horticultural show, too. was an excellent one, and the variety entertainment was up to the standard notwithstanding aH these things, and remembering that they economised as much as possible, they lost, between £ 40 and £ 50. If they decided to hold another show this year it would either have to be on the last Thursday in July or on' August 16th. If they fixed on the first date they would have to labour under the same disadvantages as last year; and if on the later dare they would be between the Newtown and Shrewsbury shows. Therefore, he thought they could hope for no better results than they had last year. Not only that, but they must expect to lose their presem credit balance, and ultimately to land thetnselver- ;-t debt. In those circumstances, the committee unanimously decided to recommend the subscribers to abandon the show. There appeared to be some misappre- hension abroad 'that the committee were biassed on the matter, and came to this resolution ti.rough irritation, at not being able to have their own way entirely in the selection of a date on which to hold the show. There never was a greater mistake. So far as he could judge, the committee had been guided purely by business motives, feeling that if the- could not make the show a success it wuuld be much better to discontinue it. Mr T S Jones said he felt that the money having been collected for h irticultural show purposes they should continue to hold some sort of horticultural exhibition. That was the feeling, he believed, of a a large number of the subscribers, and for that reason he moved that a show beheld this year. Mr J P Jones who seconded the motion endorsed what had been said bv the mover, and said the Society was established for bortic-ultural purposes. If they could not have Powis Castle Park fjr this purpose they mig-ot be able to get Lianerchydol Park or even hold the show on the old Bowling Green. Mr Roper replying to the remarks of a previous speaker, said it was observed that the mcney was collected for horticultural purposes, and that the funds were the result of that collection If they looked at the balance sheets for 1898 and 1899 they would find where the money came from. In 1893 the money taken before the show and at the gate amounted to £ 337; in 1899 it was only £23. The subscriptions for 1898 were £ 192, and for 1899 £ 190. Therefore where the money profit arose in 1898 was more from the p(,oplo who attended the show than from the subscriptions. At the end of 1898 they had X199 in hand, whereas now it had fallen to £155. with about £ 15 still remaining of unpaid bills, with more arrears than usual which were irrecoverable. As to their right to vote t" money away if they could vote £ 50 towards the Inter- mediate Schools about four years ago, surely they could do with the rest as they might think best. Mr P owoll then moved, and Mr Rover seconded, that the show be discontinued. Mr Shuker agreed with the remarks of Mr Powell and Mr Roper and the deductions they had drawn that it would be wrong to endeavour to con- tinue the show on its present lines. In his opinion they would lose the balance in hand, and he saw no prospect of continuing the show ou the present lines. There seemed to be no middle course they most provide amusements sufficient .0 attract peopV 1 from a distance. It was vror'l.y of their consideration as to whether they shonl'! conduct the show on the lines of the old horticultural show. Further discussion followed, and the amendment, on being put, was carried by 13 votes to 2. It having been decided by a large majority to appropriate the money in hand, it was decided, on the motion of Mr Powell, seconded by Mr Roper, to give £ 50 to the Welshpool Dispensary f.r d a like sum to the Nursing Institute. Messrs Lambert, Bushell, and Morris having been thanked for the very practical interest they had taken iu the promotion of the show year after year. The Chairman moved that they present the sec- retary an honorarium of zE5, as a mark of their appreciation of the way in which he had discharged his duties. Tnis was carried unanimously, and Mr James suitably replied. Mr Lambert said that what he had done for the Society had been a labour of love, and he very much regretted to think that it was about to be abandoned. There being a sum of about C20 left the committee would please him very much if they handed it over to the Gardeners' Benevolent Institution. Be thought the institution had a just eldini on them, as they were a horticultural society, and had received much assistlirJce from professional gardeners and nurserymen. Not only that, many of the judges at their annual shows had given their services, while one of their number -3 resident in that district-had been obliged to seek assistance from the Institution. It would therefore be a thoughtful act on their part, at that stage of their career, to consider those who had treated them so generously in the past, and, as he said before, they would be pleasing him greatly if they assented to his suggestion. The Chairman said he agreed with ail Mr Lam- bert had said, and he had therefore much pleasure in seconding the motion. Mr Shuker said he thought f,20 la large sum to send out of the town. He thought C5 would be sufficient to hand over to the Gardeners' Benevolent Institution, and that it would be best to distribute the balance among the local institutions already mentioned. He moved as an amendment that the grant to the Gardeners' Institution be £ 10. Mr Wyke seconded the amendment, which on a division, was carried. In regard to the disposal of the balance and the general winding-up of the affairs of the Society, the matters were left with the Finance Committee.