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MACHYNLLETH. ON Friday, the 26th ultimo, the Rev James Gillart, M.A., Vicar of Gentlesbaw, attended a field parade at Lichfield of the Queen's Own Royal Staffordshire Yeomanry, of which regiment he is Chaplain. The parade was held for the inspection by the Commanding Officer (Col J Heath, M.P.) of the Staffordshire contingent of the Imperial Yeomanry, prior to their embarking for active service under the command of Captain Bromley- Davenport, M.P. After the official inspection the Rev James Gillart, addressing the men, said As your chaplain, I should like to say a word before you proceed to the Cathedral to take part in the farewell' service, which has been arranged before you embark for South Africa. You are going out to do your duty to your country and your God. To you and others is entrusted the care of England's Queen and England's throne. You will all re- member that the path of duty is the path to glory'; it is a noble and glorious call to go forth to defend your fellow-countrymen in South Africa. I know, brave officers and men of the Q.O.R. Yeomanry, that Staffordshire is and will be proud of you, and that you go forth determined to uphold the honour and name of our beloved Queen and country. Go forth also in God's might, and may the God of battles and the God of peace be with you to bless and protect you; may you return safely tovoar homes, with the honour and glory of victory resting upon you, bringing with you the joyous tidings of a long, lasting, righteous, and an honourable peace. I now ask you to accept from me, as your Chaplain, a prayer and hymn-book to take out with you." The Chaplain then presented to each one of the company, numbering 121, a com- bined prayer and hvmn-book, beautifully bound in khaki, with gold lettering on the cover, South African Field Force, 1899-1900, Q.O.R.Y. and in. side was written, Unto God's gracious mercy and protection I commit you. JAMES GILLART, Chaplain, Q.O.R. (Staffs.) Y. 26th January, 1900.The company then paraded for service at the Cathedral, and the Mayor, Sheriff, and the Corporation, attend- ed in civic State. The Lord Bishop of the Diocese attended the service and delivered a very impress- ive address. The Rev James Gillart is an elder brother of Mr Richard Gillart, J.P., the respected agent to the Marchioness (D) rf Londonderry.