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ABERYSTWYTH. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—MONDAY. Mr W A Miller presided and there were present Rev T A Penry, Messrs G Fossett Roberts, J J James, T E Salmon, R Edwards, Edwin Morris, E Jones, Lewis Richards, W Morris, J B Morgan, R James, James Jones, E J Evans, Daniel Morris, John Jones, C Davies, J E James, T James, R Thomas, with Mr Hugh Hughes, clerk, and Mr D Davies, assistant clerk. OUT RELIEF. During the past two weeks Mr Joseph Morgan has distributed £50 13s in out relief to 155 paupers; Mr Vaughan £45 12s 7d to 155 paupers and Mr J J Hughes £40 4s to 145 paupers. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. A letter was read from :.1r LfJwis Lewis, ju*j, acknowledging the vote of confidence passed with his father by the governors on the occasion of his illness. THE HOUSE. The Rev T A Penry as chairman of the House Committee reported that the only man in the house able to give the master any assistance was abcut to take bis discharge. There would be no one to look after the tramps and do the baking. — Mr Salmon proposed that a small ccmmittee should be appointed. The question was a serious one and had to be faced. He wished Mr R J Evans would not take so much interest in the war news and give a little attention to this matter. The Chairman I see he has one eye on the paper and one on you.—Mr James seconded. — Mr W Morris said that the master had power to engage a man. —The Master Only for one day a week. — The Rev T A Penry pointed out that the House Com mittee had reported and their recommendation was entirely ignored by the board. Now re thought that the board should take the matter up. It was agreed that the master shorld procure help for the next two weeks and in the meautime the Committee would consider the matter. NO WONDER HE WAS SICK. At a previous meeting of the Board an old man in failing health applied through one of the reliev- ing officers for out relief. It was stated that quits recently, last September, he had had £36 left him and before deciding upon the application the Board required to know what had become of this money. Mr Joseph Morgan now presented particulars and the reading of the following items caused much laughter Twelve bottles medicine at 2s 6d, 3 ac 3s 6d, 9 at Is 2d, 6 bottles Francis' balsam at Is Id, 9 bottles Davies' pectoral linseed at Is Id, 3 bottles Gwilym Evans' quinine bitters at 43 6d, 2 at 2s 9d, and 2 at Is 3d bottle castor oil Is, 3 boxes George's pills at 10jd, 15 boxes same at Id, and 60 pots Leibig at Is 2d.—The Rev T A Penry said that it was evident that the mau had been jll a long time and it was a matter for pity rather than for langhter. — Mr T E Salmon It would have been better if the doctor had recommended brandy instead of that medicine (laughter.) No doubt the medicine had killed that man (more laughter.—The Chairman But he's not dead! (re- newed laughter.) The Board granted relief. VALUATION OF THE RAILWAYS. The Board accepted the offer of an English firm to value the Cambrian and Manchester and Mil- ford Railways Stations, yards, &c, at the rate cf 30s per cent on the ultimate rateable value. There was no other business. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.— WEDNESDAV. Before Messrs John Morgan and Thos Griffiths. DRUNKENNESS. — Mary Thomas and Anne Jenkins, two sisters, of Cambrian street, were charged with having been drunk in the borough on Saturday.—The defendants had been bound over to be of good behaviour, one on Saturday and the other on Monday, and in a few hours after having been hefore the Beuch, both women were found in a drurken state,Mary Thomas was fined os and costs, Anue Jenkins was also fined 5s and costs. SCHOOL CASK.— David Lloyd, attendance officer, charged Rd Evans, Skinner street, with neglecting to send his child to school. The boy was 112 years old and in Standard IV at the Board Schools. The case bad been adjourned four times, and there was an improved attendance.—The Chairman said that the boy had only just escaped being sen: to the Clio, but the father would be fined 5s. DEFECTIVE TROUGHINGS.— David Phillips, Terrace road, was summoned by Rees Jones, borough surveyor, with neglecting to keep the trough and down pipe of his premise's in good repair.—The work was now done.—The Chairman You will be fined Is.—Mr Phillips Oh thank you sir (laughter). NON-MAINTENANCE.—David Lewis, Caemain, Llan- ddewi, Aberystwyth, blacksmith, was charged by Mr Vaughan, relieving officer, with neglecting to maintain his mother, who was chargeable to the Union.— Defendant appeared and said he had nine children and could not affort to pay.—The Bench made an order for payment of Is 6d per week.