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SALES BY AUCTION. WELSHPOOL SMITH FIELD. MONDAY A EXT, FEBRUARY 5TH. MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE solicit, further Entries of FAT AND STORE STOCK of all classes for their next Sale, as above. NEW COTTAGE, GARTHMYL. Sale of the Serviceable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE comprising a well-made Walnut Suite, Oak, Mahogany and Walnut Tables, Excellent 8-da'y Clock, Oak and Painted Cupboards, ChestM of DRAWERS, Washetaud and Dressing Tables, Iron Bedsteads with Wire Mattress, 2 Feather Beds, and a useful assortment of the usual necessaries, also several lots of OLD WORCESTER, ORIENTAL AND OTHER CHINA, Ornaments and Knick-knacks, ON SATURDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY IOTR, By order of Miss Owen. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Auctioneers. -+- In the High Court of Justice, Cle Division, Mr Justice Kekcicich. 1899, B384. RE JAMES DOLBY BELIIAM, DECEASED, HJClIARDE y YATES. ;=-1 ABERYSTWYTH. Nos. 2 to G (inclllSlre) CASTLE TERRACE Particular's and Conditions of Sale of the five I desirable LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES, ¡' KXOYTA AS Nos. 2, 3,4, 5 and 6, CASTLE TERRACE, I ABERYSTWYTH Within a stone's throw of the Sea and close to the Old Castle Grounds. FOllr rented to excellent tenants, and producing rentals amounting to zE142 per annum, and No. 6 will be sold with 'vacant, possession, but until recently let at J840 !pey annum, which will be Sold by Auction by I VR. J. E. JAMES AWITH TA-e «)\>alion of his Lordship, Mr Justice KEKEWICH, the Judge to whom this action IS attached, pursuant, to the order therein dated the 13th of July, 1899), at the Talbot Hotel, Aberyst'vvJt, ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14TII, 1900, At three o'clock in the afternoon, in five lots, pur- suaut to the PARTICULARS and conditions. Particulars and conditions of Sale may be had gratis of .MESSRS II. B. Worrell and Son, Solicitors, 80, Coleman Sec°.,et., London, E.C. of (Messrs Woosnam AND Smith, Solicitors, of 27, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.; of Messrs Smith, Davies, and Co., Solicitors, Aberystwyt.h; of Mr Hugh Hughes, Solicitor, Aberystwyth; and of the Auctioneer, at, 12, North Parade, Aberystwyth, and at the place of Sale. CIIESU IRE REPOSITORY, CREWE. PRIZES 935 PRIZES. GREAT QUARTERLY PRIZE SALE. JPIRANK LLOYD, NUTTALL & Co. Wednesday, Feb. 14—Hunters and Harness Horses over 16 hands. Thursday, I eb. 15th-Suiall Harness Horses, Cobs, and Ponies. Friday, Feb. 16rh—Heavy Horses all Classes. Entries Close Monday next. Prize Lists and Entry Forms ready. OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. MESSnS WM. HALL, WATERIDGE AND OWEN will Sell by Auction in conjunction with MR G. A. DOODY EVttRY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, FAT AND STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS PIGS AND CALVES. SrJe at 10 30 a.m. Offices: Bunk Chambers, Oswestry. -_u_- M O X T G 0 M E R, Y S H I R E (On the Border of Shropshire). TO be Soid by Private Treaty, either together or separately, tlw following Valuable Freehold Properties: IN HYSS1NGTON PARISH. A. R. P. The Llan, a superior small residence, with lodge, outbuilding, woods, and land 116 1 15 Hyssington Farm 169 5 32 Yew Tree Farm 73 3 37 Pinfold Farm 28 3 1C Two Pasture Fields 9 0 19 Hyssington Blacksmith's Shop and Cottage 0 2 3 Three Coltn ges and Gardens 0 3 5 Also the undermentioned Desirable Farms IN ASTON PARISH. Aston Hall Farm 183 2 24 Middle Aston Farm 64 1 7 The Why inn Farm 230 3 37 For further particulars apply to Mr E H Morris, Auctioneer and Land Agent, Chirbury, Shropshire, or Messrs Butcher and Barlow, Solicitors, Bury, Lancashire. EDWARD MORRIS, BARBER, BILL-POSTER AND DISTRIBUTOR. MAESGLAS, MACHYNLLETn. Bills posted and distributed in town and neigh- bouring district at moderate charges. EDWARD A. GRIFFITHS, LICENSED SLAUGHTERER OF HORSES, COWS, &c., THE GLEPKID, NEAR CHIRK, AND THE BOROUGH DEPOT, WREXHAM. To obtain Best Prices for Carcases, advise at once, WHEN FRESH, by Telegram or Messenger. Cost of Telegram allowed to Sender. Wrexham Orders to Telegrams— SLAUGHTER, WESTON No. 7, BEAST MARKET. RHYN." No. 7, BEAST MARKET. RIIY." AGENT MR DAVID PARRY, POWIS ARMS WELSHPOOL. R. THOMAS & SONS, BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS AND UNDERTAKERS, BERRIEW ROAD, WELSHPOOL. SALES BY AUCTION. ESTABLISHED 1869. WlITTFXELD AND SON'S FAT, DAIRY and STORE STOCK AUCTIONS IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. Every WEDNESDAY at 10 30. EARLY ENTRIES SOLICITED. WILLIAMS AND NICHOLSON AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, OSWESTRY. (ESTABLISHED 1876). TYRESSILS. WHITFTELD AND BATIIO, AUC- TIONEERS & VALUERS, tVill SELL in the OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD, EVERT WEDNESDAY TUROUGHO.PT THE YEAR, FAT AKD STORE CATTLE, FAT CALVES FAT SHEEP, LAMBS, AND PIGS. OFFICES SALOP ROAD, OSWESTRY ""A" DAY, SON", & HEWITTS' REMEDIES FOil DIFFICULT LAMBING AND CALVING ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE. Tho" GASEOUS FLUID" .=- For prostrated Cows and Ewes, Scour or Diarrhoea, Debility, Hoven, Colic, &c.-—Price 20s. per doz. The "SEP DRENCH" For Cleansing: Cows and Ewes, Fevers, Chills, Red Water, Hide-bound, &c., prevents Milk Fever, and Dropping.-Pricc (Cows) 13s.; (Ewes) 3s. Gd, per doz. I The "CHEMICAL EXTRACT" For anointing after Parturition, Straining and pre- venting Gangrene. For all kinds of Wounds, Swollen Udders, and Sore Teats.—Prices, 2s. Gd., 3s. 6d., and 7s. per bottle. The "GASEODYNE For Heaving and Paining. It deadens excessive pain instantly, and quiets the nervous system.— Price 3s. Gd. per bottle. UNPARALLELED SCCCFSS OF DAY, SON, & 11, WITTS a !n LamMi g & Calving Chests, Price complete, carriage paid, 30s. and £ 3 3s. Write for Pamphlet and full details: ROYAL ANIMAL MEDICINE MANUFACTORY, 22, DORSET ST., LONDON, W. (Eat. 1833). To LANDOWNERS, ESfATg AGENTS, AUCTIONEERS AND SURVEYORS. ORDNANCE MAPS Of all Scales kept in stock of the environs of Ellesmere, Oswestry, Welshpool, Llanfyllin, Llanfair, Llanidloes, Caersws, Newtown, Machynlleth, Dinas Mawddwy, Towyn, Llandrindod, Rhayader, Knighton, Bishop's Castle, Montgomery, &c. Maps of any place in the Central Wales counties and Shropshire procured from the O.S. Map Department per return by post. Agents :—R. & M. OWEN, Printers and Map Agents, WELSHPOOL. 1 ° Plans of Estates, Auctioneers' Catalog-ues and Posters, Conditions, and other printing at moderate cost. LIGHT OF THE FUTURE. It Celtic Acetylene Illuminating Co. The Simplest and best Generators for the production of Acetylene Gas. Estimates free on application to Agent- J. L. JONES, PANTYCELYN, LLANDRINDOD. E. G. ALORGLAN, FISHMONGER AND POULTERER, FRUIT & POTATO MERCHANT, 7, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. Wedding Bouquets, Wreaths, Crosses, Sprays, and Choice Cut Flowers on the Shortest Notice. CUPISIS CONSTITUTION BALLS Are an unfailing remedy (Write for pamphlet). For HOrSeSforGreaSb Testimonial. Swelled Legs, Cracked Cannock Agr. CO., Ltd. Heels, Coughs, Colds, Star- Apl. 16, 1890. mg Coat, Influenza, giving Sirs,—I have much tone and vigour, and keep, icat-ura m testifying to tne ° i.roenority of your Horse ln £ hi^n-ied Horses in oifSTiTUTioir BALLS. We Health, &c. .*V0 used than rfor the l88t C S years, and tind nothing For attIe &- Sheep equai them. You X „aa make what use yon lifce in cases of Hove or Blown, this LOLitIMoIliui.-Yours Hide bound,loss of Appetite HsifKX R. IUBT, I)Jst,emper Epidemic, &c. Ucajiuig Director. r lx>- For Scouring in Calves they are almost infallible. ?ri'PARED upwards of 60 5 ears by the late FBA.ITOIB CUPISS, «.S.O.T.S. Sola in Packetsls9d and 3s8d each,7 smell 10s«d,or 7 'ii'^o 21B, by Chemists and Medicine Vendors,or from Pr- onator,Tho wilderness, Diss, Norf( .k (Æ receipt of amourt J II. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER and UPHOLSTERER, & 6, HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL (Adjoining Park Lane). Estimate given for Every Description of CABINET WORK. DINING, DRAWING & BEDROOM FURNITURE BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS. SPRING, HAIR AXD WOOL MATTRESSES, FEATHER BEDS, &c. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. FURNITURE REMOVED AND STORED. ESTIMATES FREE. Largest and Best-Constrncted FURNITURE VAN Obtainable. STORING WAREHOUSE 5 & 6, HIGH STREET, WELSHPOOL PUBLIC NOTICES,. THE MONTGOMERYSHIRE SOUTH AFRICA WAR FUND. AN ACCOUNT as above has been opened with the North and South Wales Bank, Welshpool, for the relief of soldiers or sailors serving or called up for service in the war in South Africa, and of their families. The Committee beg to acknowledge the following amounts, and earnestly appeal for further sub- scriptions £ s. d. Amount previously acknowledged .120 4 3 J. Fort, Esq., Pennant 0 0 Garthbeibio Church Collection 2 14 5 Captain Mytton (4 weeks) 2 0 0 llirnant, Parish 2 10 3 Forester's Club, New Milis 5 511 Beriiew Parish per W. J. Coruott- # Winder, Esq. 99 19 9 Rhosgoch Township 0 12 6 Llandyssil Parish (2nd instalment) 10 15 5 Buttinjrton Concert per the R&v D Stephens 4 4 6 Miss Williams, London 0 2 6 Kerry PARISH 55 9 4 Carreghofp, Parish Council. 8 5 0 Christ Church, Welshpool, Collection 3 10 8 Churohscoke Parish Dance—per the Rev Prebendary White 3 3 0 MRS Wharton. Skelton Castle 10 0 0 Y,333 7 6 Subscriptions will be received by the North and South Wales Hank, Welshpool. Welshpool, Feb. 2, 1900. BOROUGH OF WELSHPOOL. WAR IX THE TRANSVAAL. UBSOKIPTIONS are earnestly invited towards tho Fund for the relief of the Wives and Families of Soldiers engaged in the War. Sub- scriptions may be paid to either Lloyds Bank or the North and South Wales Bank, Welsh pool or T-9 THE TREASURER ot the Fund, ]). V ID JONES, Mayor, December, 1899. LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS.. U. Amount of Subscriptions alreadv an- nounced 271 19 0 Boer v British Football Match at Guilsfield 4 12 0 Mr John Jones, Severn street 1 1 0 Messrs E O Jones and Sons 1 1 0 Mr Richard Evans, Bronwylfa 0 5 0 Sir W Wii!iams-Wyn:I. Bart— 55 per week for six months. Captain lIIrtton- 10, per week. Mr D P Owen- Is per week during the war. EDWARD JONES, Towx CLERK, Hon Secretary NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE HORTICULTURAL S O C 1 E T Y. THE ANNUAL MEETING Of the Subscribers to this Society WILL BE HELD AT THE TOWN HALL, ABERYSTWYTH, ON FRIDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 9TH, At Eight O'clock. H G AT WOOD, Secretary. LLANIDLOES DISTRICT PLOUGHING MATCHES ASSOCIATION. THE NINTH ANNUAL MATCHES Of the above Association of Ploughing, Hedging, Ditching, Horse Shoeing, and Competition of Horses, Brood Mares, Yearlings and Suckers, will be held (weather permitting) on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7TII, 1900. (Or the first open Wednesday thereafter) ON L L W Y N Y B R A E N FARM, In the Parish of Llanwnog. PRESIREM' SIlt JAMES JOICKY, BART. M.P., GRECYNOG. Schedules of prizes, entry forms, and all infor-, mation may be obtained from Members of the Committee, au] the lion. Secretary. Chairman Mr Evan Jones, Henhlas. Vice-Chairman—MR Evan Hughes, Park. Ireasurer- Mr Richard Savage, Penyborfa. Hon. Sec. Mr John Phillips, Llwynybraen, Caersws. THE CENTRAL MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. THE SECOND ANNUAL COMPETITIONS Of the above Association of Ploughing, Hedging, Ditching, Competition of Horses, Brood Mares and Fillies foaled in 1898, will be held (weather permitting) ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22XD, 1900, (Or the first open Thursday thereafter), ON G L A N M E H ELI F A R M In the Parish of Kerry. President J. NAYLOR, ESQ., BRYNLLYWARCH HALL. Vice-President J. B. WILLANS, KSQ DOLFORGAN HALL. Schedules of Prizes, Entry Forms, and all information may be obtained from Members of the Committee, and the lIon. Sec. Chairman—Mr W Alderson, Glanmeheli. Vice-Chairman—Mr J Pryce Higharate. Treasurer—Mr T Jones, Brynllywarch. Hon. Sec.-N,ir J. Edward Venables, Penygelly, Kerry. Billposting in Aberystwyth. Try a 3 or 6 Months' Billposting Contract for town and country districts. The results will please you. Send vour Posters to the ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT BILLPOSTING COMPANY Proprietors of the largest and BEST Hoardings in Aberystwyth and District. Send for List of Stations. Billposting done on most reasonable terms. Advertisers are invited to inspect the Protected Hoardings of this Company. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address all communications and parcels to HERR PAREEZER, Billpostrng Company, Pareezer Hall, Queen Square, Aberystwvth. PUBLIC NOTICES. NICHOLAS BENNETT, DECEASED. 4 LL Persons having in their possession Books A- or other articles belonging to the late Mr Bennett, are requested to return the same forth- with to Glanyralon, near Llanidloes, or to MESSRS WILLIAMS, G ITT INS & TAYLOR, Solicitors, Newtown. MONTGOMERYSHIRE WIN T E R ASSIZES, 1900. TO JURORS, PROSECUTORS, WITNESSES, AND ^OTHERS. NOTICE is Hereby liveu that the Commission of Assize Oyer L. D Terminer and General Gaol Delivery for the (i iintv of Montgomery, will be opened at the Town xlall, Welshpool, on Tues- day, the 20th day of February, 1900, by the Honourable Sir Arthur Moselev ChanueIL Knight, one of the Justices of Her Majesty's High Courr of Justice, and a!l Jurors, Prosecutors and Witnesses, and all Plaintiffs and Defendants, are required to attend at the said Court, nil Wednesday, the 21st day of February, 19G0, at half-past Ten o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. OLIVER ORMROD OPENSIIAW, ESQUIRE, Sheriff, THOMAS JONES, Under Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Llanfyllin, 29h January, 1900. LLAXFYfJLIX UNION, APPOINTMENT OF A RELIEVING OFFICER. nrUIE GUARDIANS of the above-named Union 1 will, at their meeting to be held on Thursday, the 8th day of February, 1900, proceed to appoint a competent person as Relieving Oiiicer for the L'ansaintitraid District which C^UPI-ISES the I parioiitifi of GARROGHOI.T, Llandrinio, Llane.ys'lio, Llansaintffiaid Pool, Llansiiutflraid Deytheui, Guilsfield Within, Guilstieid Without, Lianf\Inn, Llaufechain, and Meifod. The same person will also be appointed C-.lleoior of the Guardians. Inquiry Officer, and Vaccination Officer, and IR: all probability Registrar of Births and DEATH• The salary of the Relit viTl;; Officer will be J&BJ PER ttunpm. a 0F)N!P!ISSION OF 10 per cenh its Collector, £5 PEL* állmim as Inqivry Officer, and fees estimated at zElO per annum AS Vaccination Officer. The person appointed must devote the of Lis time Locne performance of his duties, reside \<ithin the j district, carry out tlu Regulations cf the Local &o\eminent Board applicable to the respective officc.3I OOEY all lawftil directions of the Guardians and give n Guarantee Society as security. The appointment will be subject to the sanction of the Local Government Eoard, and to the provisions I of the Poor Law Otacers Superannuation Act, 1896. The person appointed must enter upon his duties forthwith. Candidates must be under 45 years of age. Applications, in candidates' own haudwriting, together with testimonials of a recent date, to be sent to me JU OR before the 7th day of February, 1900. By Order of the Hoard, W. L PUGIIE, Clerk to T.IW Guardians. Llanfyllin, 22nd January, 1900. 1 CH ARITIN, COMMISSION. Ancient Parishes of Welshpool (including the Borough), Guilsfield, Eiansantffraid- ym-Mechain (including Deytiieur). Meifod, Llandysilio, Llanymynech, and Llandrinio. CHARITIES. CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT, 1853 TO 1894 AXil CHARITY INQUIRIES (EXPENSES) ACT, 1892. Bv direction of the Board of Charity Com- missioners for England and Wales, Notice is hereby given that Mr T Marchant Williams, Barrister-at- Law, Assistant Commissioner, will open PUBLIC INQUIRIES respecting the Charities of the above-named Parishes and Borough, at the following places and times, viz :— Parish of WELSHPOOL (including the Borough), at 11 o'clock in THE Fuienooii of Thursday, the 8th February, 1900, in the Town Hall, Welsh- pool. Parish of GUILSFIELD, at 11 o'clock in the Fore- noon of Friday, NHE 9th February, 1900, in the National School, Guiistield. Parish of LLANS ANTFFRAID (including Deytheur), at .1 o'clock in the Afternoon of Monday, the 12th Februarv, 1900, in the National School, Llansantffmid. Parish of MEIFOD, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon of Tuesday, the 13th February, 1900, in the National School, Meifod. Parish of LLANDYSILIO, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon of Wednesday, the 14th February, 1900, in the National School, Llnlldyilio. Parish of LLANYMYNECH, at 11 30 o'clock in the Forenoon of Thursday, the 15th February, 1900, in the Old Schoolroom, Llanyinvnech. Parish of LLANDRINIO, at 11.30 o'clock in the Forenoon of Friday, the 16th 1900, in the Parochial School, Llandrinio. D. It. FEAIION, Charity Commission, Secretary. Whitehall, London, S.W. 26th January, 1900. COMMERCIAL and TEMPERANCE HOTEL,' 15, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. (JOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR COMMERCIAL GENTLEMEN AND TOURISTS. Hot Joints Daily from 12 till 3. CHARGES STRICTLY MODERATE. M. REED PROPRIETRESS. Eagle Brewerv, Newtown. V~- C 7 TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. S. POWELL, BREWER, MALTSTER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. ClIOl c E SELECTION OF WINES & SPIRITS k PURCHASER DIRECT OUT OF BOND. DUBLIN AND OTHER STOUTS In all Size Casks. PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Seven- ty-second HALF-YEARLY ORDINARY .MEETING of the Proprietors of the Cum briau Railways Company will be held at the EusTox Ho- TEL, LONDOK, on KUNESDAY, the 28th dav of FEB- RUARY instant, at 12-30 p.m., for the transaction of the Geueral Business of the Con], The Books for the Registration of Transfers of Ordinary, Preference, and Debenture Stocks will be CLOSED from the i5t.I to the 28h instant, both days inclusive. Dated this 2^D day of February, 1900. J. F. BUCKLEY, Chairman. R. BRA YNE, Secretary. General Offices, Oswestry. -+- TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, the several stacks of well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1899, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less also undermentioned, viz.:— Esti- ESTI- mated mated Station. weight,. Station. weight Tons. Tons. Fenn's Bank 5 _I Llanidloes 5 Bettisfield 3-} St. Harmons 1^ Ellesmere 12 Talgarth 5 Overton-ou-Dee 1\ Caersws 9 Bangor-011-Dee 6 bergenias 3 ilarchwiel 'n.iovey 2J Oswestry 4 j „ ■\ si«-s Llvnclys 7 !vrtu 4 Llanymynech 81 Towyn 4 Llaneaintffraid 7 Peuaarn 4 Llanfyllin 5 Hariech 7 Four Crosses 6 Talsarnau 6 Pool Quay 10 | Portmadoc. 3 Welshpool {Criccietii 10 Montgomery 6 [Abeierch 5 Auermule 2-^ j Kerry 2*. J Total '179 For further parlicuiarf, and to treat, apply to R. BRAYNE, General Offices, Oswestry, Secretary, January, 1900. « K THOUSAND MILE TICKETS. THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY ^issue FIRST CLASS 1,000 and 500 MILE TICKETS, the Coupons of which enable the pur- chasers to travel between stations ON the Cambrian Railways during the period for which the tickets are available, until the Coupons are exhausted. The price of each ticket is £ 5 os 1,000 miles, and £ 2I 17s 6d 500 miles, BENITR about Ud per mile. Application for DIE 1,000 or 500 mile tickets must be made in writing, giving the full name and address of the purchaser, and accompanied by a remittance, to Mr W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Cambrian Railways. Oswe. ry (cheques to be made pay- able to the Cambrian Co. or order) from whom also books containing 100 certificates for authorising the use of the tickets by pur- chaser's family, guests, or employes can be obtained, price Gd. each book, remittance to accompany order. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. DREW & CO., OSWESTRY. I MINE R A L WAT E 11 MANUFACTURE KS. rriHE WATERS have been carefully analysed by GRANVILLE II. SHARP, F.C.S. (late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chemistry), and compare favourably with those of any other Manufacturers of High-class Goods. They are strougly recommended for their purity and natural mineral properties and may be obtained of all First-class Hotels, Chemists, and other Agents, or direct from the OFFICES AND WORKS: KING STREET, OSWESTRY. SOLE AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT: GUINESS & CO. EXTRA STOUT. BASS & CO. INDIA PALE ALE. BREVTERS OF THE CELEBRATED WHITE HORSE BRAND OF HOP BITTERS, Guaranteed to be brewed from the finest Kent Hops only. NO SUBSTITUTES USED. DAVIES" BALSAMIC COUGH LINCTUS The most speedy and effectual Remedy ior COUGHS, COLDS. ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS. HOARSE- ESS. Loss OF YOICE. DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING. and all other affections of the Chest. Throat, and Lun<rs! arising from Cold. This invaluable preparation lii, now heen before the public for twenty years with the greatest success, and the proprietor has no hesitation in saying that the in- creasing demand, and the Illanv daily commendations passed upon it, form an ample guar..nice of its extra- ordinary merit. The following are selected from many other testi- monials — LEIGHTON. WELSHPOOL, NOV. 23, 1S80. Dear Sir.—When my son came home from town on Saturday last his voice was quite gone. I gave him a dose of your Lillctu. which he brought with him. and in half an hour he could speak quite well. N, MARY EDWARDS IHETJWALL. WARRINGTON, March 21, 1883. I am pleased to hear testimony to the remark- able efficacy of your Cough Linctus my brother sent me It cured my daughter of a long-standing Cou^h in ■! short time. HENRY BECKETT ILELDRF., BVTTINGTON, WELSHPOOL. Nov lSöl. Dear Sir,—I have had a Cough for over seven ve'ars which your celebrated Linctus has completely cured' Yours truly. SARAH GRIFFITHS. PREPARED OXLY lèY WILLIAM BISHOP DISPENSING CHEMIST, Powys-laiid Pharmacy, Welshpool. Sold in Bottles, at 1 K and 2 9 each, post free -B-—Be careful to ask for Davies' Cou-h Linctus' and do not be persuaded to buy any other kind. HOTELS. THE LATE SIR JAMES CLARKE, M.D., savs A fortnight in Abervstwyth is equivalent to a moni s residence in most Watering Places. Pure water from Plynlimon, soft bréczes from the Atlantic, and excellent Drainage." F|ELLE YUE HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. Facing the Sea. Family and p ——————— Commercial Hotel k Boarding iouse one of the Cheapest and most Comfortable in Wales. Board and Attendance from two and a half Guineas per week, or 9s per day, according to Bedroom. Table D'hote at 6-30 C, clock. Visitors wishing to be on Bonraine Terms, must give notice on arrival to the • Tariff on appj. ju. to H. PALMER, PROPF.IE-OE. WATERLOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH.—Tlis First-class Familv and Com, f 1 merciai PRIVATE HOTEL and -Oar u»g House i6 situate in the centre oi tne Esplanade, and commands an nnbroken sea frocl» TEPIMS MODERATE DURING WINTER MUNTHS. 1) L: 11 T A. E. &- A MORRIS, PROPRIETRESSES, EITE HORSE HOTEL, '^URI-LACE ROAD, AfiLR ISLWLTII (aMinuteb1 from ,t ""7- — the Sea; Three Minutes' walk from the iiailwav Station). This Hotel, which is situated most centrally for Tourists, Cyclists, and Commercial Gentleman has recently undergone extensive alterations, including the audition of new Coffee and Com- merciai hcoms, is replete with every comfort. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. STORE ROOM FOR CYCLES TARIFF STRICTLY MODERATE. M. A. HE A, PROPRIETRESS. ABE IIYST WYTH.-PRI-NCE ALBERT HOTEL, "TLE DARKGATB — — STREET, Family and -a -nercia*. ilns iioiei is eiiuaied in one of the prun/ipa,] Streetfe of the Town, and ia "ef,r 1t.° tne statl0n» Castle, Pier, and Promenade. The House is old established and "censed. BED AND BREAKFAST FROM 5 5. GOOD STABLING. LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY. OPPOSITE THE E\ MARKET IIALL. PROPRIETOR: 1. 8:t T' ?I_\ERMLNTRS HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH.—The Hotel is now unci- ne* Â- —-—————————————————————— management. It is situate close to the StatiolJ, and is the in,,st convenient Hote; in Town for Travellers and others. 1: laal, recently oeeD. enlarged, and is now replete with every modern convenience, and is lighted tnrougnout with the electric light. T. E. SALMON, PBCFRIETOK. W_LYYSTAY HERBERT ARMS HOTEL, MACHYNLLETH. F; Family and Commercial Hotel, situate in Maeigwyii Street, and possessing all tne conveniences of a High-class Hotel. It has its own Stock Rooms, Livery Stables. and Coac | Billiard Table. Postiitgin all its Branches. Buss meets all Trains. 'UP. APPLY: PROPRIETOR. "r ]PREWYTHEX ARMS HOTEL, LLAXIDLOES. Under new Manage- Family and Comm-a' Rooms. Posting in a 11 its Branches. Excellent Trcu armly and Comm. Fishing close to hand. BUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. HiADyCART £ «S FOR C.T.C. A. CORXFORTII, PROPRIETOR. BEAR HOTEL, NEWTOWX. XORTH WALES.-Tliis AEC ai'd Commercial Hotel is one ol the largest aud mo.t comfortable Hotelsin^nh wtle^ contain, large Commercial, Coffee, Smoke, S.ock and Biiliard lLom! al80 Su"t of A nientfa, Hot and Cold Baths, EJectric Bells. Hotel Omnibus meets all Trains Post-'nc in ll' 1 s Branches. First-class Accommodation for Cyclists. Stabling for over 150 Horses. ° ——————— A. MARSTON, PROPRIETOR. DAVID ROBERTS AND SONS, LTD., B HE WE us, ABI RYSTWYJH. PRICE LIST OX APPLICATION.] C'I, COOKE Bros., ATewtomi. THE LEADING FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT IN NORTH I AND CENTRAL WALES. FOUNT) A WONDERFUL CURE FOR RHEUMATTSAF TNIRIAN QPT* TTN -VTTNTTN I T n. VO IV"1.ï.1..1.v.l:1., .l'i .1è. L J1,1.Jli lA, CREST, COLD, SORE THRO. AINS, BRUISES. IKYALGABLE FOR FOOTBALL PLA YEHS. BY THE posr FREE 13. Welsh Golden Rheumatic Cure Co., Aberystwyth. POST FREE, 1,3. SULF. A(;L-NT FOT. AHFRYWYTH-E. P. IVY-N-NE, PRIVATE TURKISH and MEXDICATED BATHS. Rheumatism, Scrauca Neuralgia, Dyspepsia. Liver and Kidney Complaints bv a New Process without DAT!?ER or Palpitation. OPEN from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. E T D A R K G A T K STREET, A 13 E R Y S T W Y T H. THE CELEBRATED CYMRO RAZORS MADE OF THE FINEST WAEKAXTED QUALITY STEEL, POST FREE 38. 6D. EACH. SOLD ONLY BY M. H. DAVIS AND SONS, HARDWARE MERCHANTS, ABERYSTWYTH. FHESH SALMON FROM THE TEIFY, WYE, AND OTHER RIVERS DAILY. DEALER IX WENHAM LAKE ICE. RICHARD SAYCELL, UKEAT DAHKGATE^VSASE SSTCE EOTD ABERYSTWYTH COL-NTKY OKUEBS FKUilPLY DESPATCHED ABEI»S""B- JAMES WILLIAMS SIDNEY HOUSE, XORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, Lateh occupied bv MKS. SMITH GHEENGKOCER, nS„. GAME, PKULTEY DEA.ER, BUTTER 4- EGG 1IERCHANT. HOTEL AND PLBLIC INSTITUTIONS CATERED FOR — ,,„„,„ ?K"MPT ATTFXTIOX GIVKN TO ALL ORTIERS. WAIRD CALCULATOR FOR BUILDERS, &c. COXTAIXS TIl\IBER TABLES, PARTICt-LAHS OF BLILDIXG MATERIALS, &-c-, SCALES FOR PLAS AND MAPS, &c" A most useful Compendium for all connected with the Building Trade, the Management of Property &c. PRICE 6D., POST FREE, GIN. (Is P.O. OK STAMPS.) SALTER & ROWLANDS COUNTY ^TIMES" OFFICE, WELSHPOOL NIYEX AND JONES, PRACTICAL HIGH-CLASS TAILORS AND COSTUMIERS, Beg to intimate that they are now showing Ranges of AUTUMN AND WINTER GOODS SUITABLE FOR LADIES' ASD iGENTLE:JIEN'S WE \R A NEW SELECTION OF SHIRTS, TIES, HATS, &c., FOR THE COMING SEASON. (j ADDRESS— 18, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL,