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FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY VKTKRAN.] The supporters of the Oswestry United team must have been much dissatisfied with the way in which the Welsh Cup tie at Oswestry, on Saturday, terminated. It, must be admitted" that a team which could draw with one of the premier Welsh clubs on its own ground as Rhvl did not long asro, is a good team, and one not to be held too cheaply. Both teams were fully represented, and stepped ou the field full of confidence as to the result, in fact Rhy! came with the avowed object of winning, and judging from their play the last few minutes of the srume, they came pretty near attaining this too. Tl" only iroal scored in the tirst half was that of Tom Parry's, and it was a beauty, some of the credit for which was due to the whole set of forwards for the manner in which the ball was brought down the field through the visiting line of defence. Undoubtedly Oswestry experienced hard lines, especially in the first half. Davies sent over the bar on two occasions, and Chisholm once from a scrimmage. The Rhyl goalkeeper proved a veritable stone wall too, for lie had a knack of attracting the trill to him every time it was propelled in his direction. The home forwards seemed to be able to shoot nowhere—only with few exceptions but into the hands of Campbell. The Rhyl backs, too, were a capital pair, and the forwards showed nice combination a, times, but they mostly favoured the rushing game. With v a score of one goal against them, and with the sun at their barks, the Rhyl men played in dogged fashion and brought considerable pressure to bear on the home defence, though the United forwards came near coring, but for Campbell acting as the stumbling block. The game was full of excitement and fast. Towards the end the United seemed to take matters easy as they had been able to hold their own so well for thirty-five minutes, in spite of the determination of the visitors. In fact soma of the homesters showed signs of fatigue, due probably to lack of training, an essen- tja: to fines it: Cup tips in these days. Perhaps the visitors noticed this and were encouraged by it. They had the be<t of the play towards the end, and a mistake of Aif Lloyd's, who had played a fine game all through, gave them a corner, from which they equalised with a lucky goal. The game bad been fast and exciting almost all through, but this turn of affairs roused the men to greater energy, bn. there was no further scoring, and the game ended in a draw. Tt:e homesters did not play up to their usual form, due perhaps to not having pl.iye 1 regularly lately and this coupled with bad luck prevented them gaining a victory. If they have been in training during the week the re- placed tie onght to be pulled uff in their favour, but there must be no easing up at any part of the game. The It,hy 1 men on their own ground will fight with desperation for victory. As I expected the Cup tie at Aberystwyth was a typical one The ground was very heavy and slippery, and tins probably was the reason that, no great amourt of scientific play was shown on either side. It was a rare ding-dong fight from the kick- off till tie final whistle blew. Every inch of ground, as in Natal just now, was fiercely contested, and must have greatly pleased the largest crowd seen on the Aberystwyth ground this .-eafon. On both sides, as is asaal, in this kino of fight, the great buik of the work fell on tho halves, and nobly did they perform their tasks. Swettenham played his most dashing and useful game of 1 lie season, and his partners helped him well, whiie John Henry on the other side performed wonders, being here, there and everywhere, while his two mates felllittle below him. It must havebeen atreat to watch the play of the backbone of the teams, i and sorry I am that I missed it. Notwithstanding that Newtown won the toss the homesters were the first to score from some good work bv the forwards, whici' endeil in the ever-ready Oswald James putting on the final touch. It is only fair to Edwards to state that be was hampered by his own backs and had no chance to save. Now com- menced the fun. Miller went for the opposing fortress, so ablv guarded by the halves, backs, and goalkeeper, as I know he will dash against the Boers if required, and Bill Parry and the other forwards gallantly responded to his call, but though they came near capturing it the defence held out wen till the half-time whistle blew. The same kind of piay followed in the second half, first one side and then the other having the better of the game, but an attempts at scoring failed, and when the whistle blew at last th'e homesters found them- selves once again in the proud position of semi- fiualists. Newtown, though defeated, were not iu any way disgraced, nor was their honour tarnished in the slightest. E Rees brought all his skill gained from a long experience to bear, but the magnificent half-back play of Aberystwyth and the sturdy defence of the backs and goalkeeper enabled the Aberystwyth men to hold out to the end, and no doubt they were all immensely relieved when the whistle terminated this stubborn battle. To have much chance of success in the next round the Aberystwyth forwards must improve a bit. Barson and James are two smart little forwards, but it is a pity they do not carry more weight. In Cup ties skill and speed are necessary, but strength is absolu'ely esj-t i>:ial to succfps. The Bangor men no doubt flattered their sup- porters by defeating the Druids in the Combination game, but they were rudely awakened on Saturday to the superiority of the Druids as Cnp fighters. The rushing gqme of Bangor was no good against the Druids, who tnet Bangor ar their own game and beat them at it too. 1 P. fact Bangor .vere not in it and this gan.e was the poorest of the lot. The Ruabon men proved that they mean to hold the little pot again or know the reason why. Carnarvon had t1 fight very hard to get the better of Buckley Victoria at Carnarvon but they just managed to do it by 2 goals to 1. The teams m w in for the semi-final are Aber. ystwvth, Druids, Carnarvon, Oswestry ot Ilhy], It will be seen from this list that there are clubs in it, from one extreme of the district to the other, so that our friends at Welshpool again stand a good chance of having a anal or at least semi-final on their ground. Under the bead of the Shropshire Mayor's Charity Cup (semi-final), we find staugelv enough thenameso? two Welsh Clubs—Chirk and Wrexham. This game was played at Wrexham. Tct- Chirk- men afrer their trouncing by the Druids were not expected to gain a victory over Wrexham on their own ground, but they did it by a goal to nothing. As in nearly all games there was a spice of lick in it. and Chirk got it. Now for the first time we shall probably see the Shropshire Mayor's Cup leave the County of its birth. As Chirk are out of the hunt for the Welsh Cup they will make strenuous efforts to have a Cp p of some sort, and they can not have a much niccrone than the Charity- Cup. Satnrday was Chirk's day out as the Senior team got the better of Wrexbam first team and the Chirk Reserves defeated Wrexham Reserves in the Denbighshire and District League by two goals to none. About the beat performance of Shrewsbury Town was their victory over West Bromwich Reserves, and I heartily congratulate my old friends oa it. A short time. ago I had the pleasure of congratu- lating the Town on their improved form, and I am glad to fincl that improvement is maintained, bhrewsbury now occupy quite a good position on the League list, but the Dragons will have to play up or they will be compelled to seek for entrance again in the Shropshire League. The task set them in the Biumnghatn League is rather beyond their power. FOOTBALL AT MACHYNLLETH. To-day a keen game will be witnessed on the town ground between Dolgelley and the homesters. Lasn year when Machynlleth visited Dolgelley the game ended in a draw of five goals each, which shows that the scoring was more prolific in those days than now. The teams are evenly matched and with a slice of iuck I expect Machynlleth to win haudsomely. But one must not "halloo" till one is out of the- wnod. Things are looking a bit brighter and W may once again resume our Satur- day afternoon's entertainment on the football field with enjoyment and relish without being thought unpatriotic or callous. Just one word to those who like to kick a man when he is down, and peck at what appears to him or them a rotted carcase: I refer more particularly to a person who signs him- self "Magpie," in a badding journal in Mid-Wales, whose pretensions are many and varied, but whose success and reputation are not likely to be much improved by such writers as Magpie." It is well known that a magpie is not looked npon as a very cleanly bird, neither in its habits nor iu its life; nor on the other hand is it Jooked upon as a very honest bird. in fact it is a thief and a sneak, and to crown all its bad qualities the magpie is very fond of pecking at rotten and stinking flesh and delights in such food. Such a bird then is net the kind for a person to cherieh in one's bosom over much, and I although the right and proper course to adopt with f such a dirty bird would be to treat it with the utter contempt it deserves, yet for all that I cannot but j express my great regret at the fact that such nasty inuendoes are thrown against Mr Cule, our mot courteous and industrious football s»cren»ry, who does all that can be done to meet the wishes of the committee, and to promote the interests of the club. A good eleven has been chosen to play next Saturday, and I predict a good, interesting game,and I have no doubt that once r,he ball is set roiling, a Saturday without a fixture wili be as rare a thing- as a set of false tusks in the mouth of a ten-ye;<r-r»id lien Just one word more. The Maehvnlleth Foot- ball GIu b suffers from one serious dr<> wbark, at. i is this. It cannot hope to command biN: ztt-,38 ar home, however good and nuceii ttif, team may be, so as to secure expends f-)r the awav matches. This is where the rub lies. The viHit, of a. team like Aberystwyth, for instance, only means a gate of some L3-niore or Jess. Now this is not enough to enable Machynlleth to compete with, its more sturdy opponents. Machynlleth will, ere the season closes, I have no doubt, be able to give a sound game and a hard one. to any of the neigh- bouring clubs snchasTowyn, Dolgelley, Llanidloes, Xewtown, Portmadoc, Aberystwyth, Welshpool and others. Now cannot something be done whereby Machynlleth would be visitors, say at Aberystwyth, and would receive a certaiu percentage of the gate money to pay expenses. The local enthusiasm is not quite up to the proper pitch just yet, but coming on nicely. Cannot a Mid-Wales League be formed ? This wili keep >-■xpense.s down, and help young recruits to uev-e'e>p int). good clubs. Any and every suggestion for improvement received with many thanks and marked attention. THE LEAGUE. RESULTS WP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Sheffieid United 23 14 1 8 46 18 36 Aston Villa 24 15 5 4 65 24 34 WolverhamptonW 22 11 4 7 33 23 29 Sunderlaad 22 12 8 2 33 23 26 Eury 22 11 7 4 35 29 26 I N otts Forest. 22 9 6 7 36 29 25 Stoke 23 9 9 5 26 30 23 Everton 23 9 9 5 29 34 23 Derby County 21 8 7 6 27 25 22 Manchester City .22 7 9 6 34 29 20 Newcastle United.. 20 7 8 5 35 26 19 West Bromwich A. 22 7 10 5 23 33 19 Notts County 22 6 10 6 32 44 18 Burnley 22 7 11 4 23 37 18 Preston North End 22 6 12 4 21 31 16 Liverpool 2;3 5 13 5 28 37 15 Blackburn R-overs. 19 7 11 1 28 41 15 Glossop 20 3 13 4 80 51 10 DENBIGHSHIRE & DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals r. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Wrexham Reserve. 9 6 1 2 21 13 14 Oswestry Reserve.. 8 5 1 2 36 11 12 Adwy Ifnited 8 5 1 2 17 10 10 Chirk Reserve. 7 3 1 3 22 7 9 Druids Reserve. 10. 3 5 2 23 24 8 Ruabon Albions. 8 2 4 8 17 26 6 St .Martins. 7 2 4 1 10 25 5 Ellesmere Rangers 7 1 5 1 9 24 3 Vron St 7 1 5 1 8 26 3 THE COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PT3 Chirk 15 10 2 ;3 oo 14 23 Wrexham 12 9 1 2 46 19 20 Druids 14 7 4 3 27 20 17 Bnngor 9 4 4 1 15 18 9 Newtown 10 4 5 1 24 30 9 Aberystwyth 9 3 4 2 17 22 8 Oswestry United. 10 2 6 2 19 23 C Birkenhead 7 2 4 1 12 16 5 Rhyl 8 1 4 3 13 23 5 Llandudno Swifts.. 10 0 8 2 14 37 2 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. RESULTS UP TO DATE. Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. PTS Iron-Bridge 6 5 0 1 14 5 11 Singleton & Cole's. 8 5 2 1 32 12 11 Bridgnorth 8 3 3 2 22 23 8 Newport 8 3 4 1 14 16 7 Wem 9 2 4 3 10 23 7 St. George's United 6 2 2 2 12 16 6 Stafford C.C 6 3 3 0 22 12 6 Welshpool United.. 7 1 6 0 9 28 2 -+-