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LLANFYLLIN. MYLLIN LITERARY SOCIETY. At this meeting on Wednesday the members debated the question, "From which do we derive most pleasure, Hope or Memory ?" The openers were Mi- G E II Watkios, J seconded by Mr J W Pusrh for Hope, and Mr S (J Bryan, peconded by Mr H M Watkins, for M^morv. -V good discussion followed. In the voting the majority was for Hope. FATAL ACCIDENT TO A ST. BERNARD.— On Fri- day a fine St Bernard dog belonging to Mr Swain of the Wynnstay Hotel, was killed on the railway. The animal was seen running across from the ware- house in the direction of the platform just as a passenger train was moving in. The engine driver threw a piece of coal at the dog, which, however, only partly succeeded in getting it to divert its course, and the guard of the engine struck the poor animal, fracturing its neck. FREE CONCERTS.—The fil st of a series of Satur- day evening entertainments was given on Saturday in the Town Hall, with the Rector, the Rev T Jones, as chairman. An attractive programme was gone through. The committee managing the move- ment consists of the Rev T Jones (chairman), Miss Jones, Corner House (treasurer), Mr J H Deam and Mr Hubert Watkins (secretaries), Messrs John Bryan, X B Edwards, H F Williams, John Edwards, and Jos E Jones. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.—A general committee meeting of the Lianfyllin Distl ict Agricultural Society was held at the Wynnstay Hotel on Thurs- day. The attendance included Messrs W A Pughe in the ch.air), J Lomax, T K Perrott, R Richards ,reenhall W Roberts, Ystymcolwyn; R Roe, rontypentre; Edward Jones, Caebardd Edward Roberts, Glanfeiglo; E Buckley, Tynymaes; D Jones, Bronafon J Owens, Rhysgog; Thos Evans, Nant-y-meichiad, etc., and Mr E Watkins, secretary. -The date of this year's show was fixed for Friday, August 10th, in Bodfach Park, with Mr Lomax's approval, and it was unanimously resolved that Mr Lomax be asked to act as President for the year.—A sub-committee to meet that day week was appointed to revise the prize lists. A letter was read from Mr J Marshall Dugdale, Llwyn, regretting that he was prevented from attending the meeting, and stating that he would exhibit in as many classes as possible, and try to win the prize cards, but he should not take any of the prize money, and that in addition to his annual subscription he and his family would give E14 to be devoted to prizes confined to farmers in the North Montgomery Hunt District, to be divided in as wide a manner as possible in order to give a chance to the smaller farmers.—It was resolved that Mr Dugdale be thanked for his gen- erous offer.—The following were added to the com- mittee :—Messfis Geo Swain, Wynnstay Hotel G R Davies, Eagle Hotel; James de R Openshaw, Tycoch; Sergt-Major Joyce; Watkins, Penybrvn R Hughes, Bryn Vyrniew; Meyrick Jones, Math- rafal; Rev S Reed, Llangyniew; Rev J W Thomas, BwlchycibauJ Roberts, Newbridge; T Evans, Nantymeichiad Roberts. Caemawr Owens, Brithdir; Hugh Jones, Cammen; Williams, Cil- mawr; R F Tudor, Fferm; T Davies, Tanllwyn — Glossop, Llanwddyn; J Thompson Williams, Llanwddyn; R Hughes, Ffriddgownv W P Hole, Crowther's Hall; Jones, Bank, Gailefield; R Meredith, Carnbwl and Lewis Whittingham, New Hall. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. TUESDAY. Before the Mayor (Mr J Marshall Dugdale), and Mr C R Jones. TEMPORARY LICIE-NCE.-The application of Mr Griffiths Rees Davies for a temporary licence to sell at the Eases Hotel was granted. CRUELTY TO A MARK.—Inspector E J Chivers, R.S.P.C.A., charged Edward Roberts, Phrvrwtra, Meifod, with having worked a mare whilst in an unfit state on Decpmber 21st. P.C. Parry said he saw the mare at Lianfyllin. Upon receiving notice that she was lame and upon examination found that she was in very great pain. He advised de. fendent to take it out of the cart, which he did. On the following day be accompanied Inspector Chivers to Phryrwtra and saw the mare in the yard geared. Defendant in reply to their questions stated that he was going to carry timber with the mare. The Inspector told him not to work the mare again, it was then taken out of the shafts and put into the stable. Inspector Chivers said he saw the mare referred to on the 22nd of last month at defandant's faim. She was an aged cart mare and acutely lame on the off fore 1 eg, the lameness was due to ring bones and side bones and highly inflamed tendons. He told the defendant that he had better not work the horse again and he took her out of the harness and put her in the stable. Fined 30s. including costs. DRUNK AKD DISORDERLY.—Robert Evans, hawker, was charged by P C. R 0 Jones with being drunk and disorderly at Pendref, Lianfyllin, on December 27th. Defendant admitted being drunk, but denied being disorderly. Fined 5s and costs.—Benjamin Edward Jones, labourer, Talwrn, was also charged by the same officer with being drunk and dis- orderly on January llth. Two previous convictions were proved against him, and he was fined 15s and costs or three weeks in default. DRUNK AND REFUSING TO QUrT.-Ellis Roberts, carpenter, Garthbeibio, was charged by P.C. D Parry with being drunk and refusing to tuit the Royal Oak Inn, Lianfyllin, on December 21st.— Fined 2s 6d and costs. No LIGHTS.-P.C. R 0 Jones charged Evan Jones, carrier, Penybontfawr, with driving a cart without a light on January 11th, at 6 p.m., by the Bala Inn. —The Magistrates' Clerk (Mr W A Pughe) re- marked that in the county, if a cart was going at a walking pace, a light was not needed, so that as soon as defendant got out of the borough he vcould be acting legally.-Fined Is and costs. ASSAV-LT. William Roberts, Talwrn, a member of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry, was charged by Thomas Hampson with having assaulted li i rn on January 16th.—Complainant said be visiteu the Royal Oak on January 16th, when defendant and others were there. They were making fun about the war.— Defendant struck him with a walking stick and inflicted a cut on his head, owing to which he had been under medical treatment since.—De- fendant said complainant called him names and threatened him with a poker.—Fined 5s and costs. —Several school cases were adjourned. TOWN COUNCIL.—TUESDAY. Present, the Mayor (Alderman J Marshall Dag- dale), Aldermen C R Jones and John Jones, Coun- cillors R H Jones, T B Jones, Evan Davies, Joseph Roberts, Wm Ellis, J P Williams, Robt Jones, John Ellis, and E Lloyd Edwards, with Mr W A Pnghe, clerk, and Mr D Lloyd, borough survevor and inspector. THE TOWN HALL. It was agreed to adopt the suggestion made by Mr Spaull and mentioned by the Mayor at the last meeting in regard to the re-seating of the Town Hall. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the bridge on the district road leading from Green Hali Park to the Lianfyllin main road near Pentrellymru was out of repair and asked for instructions as to who was repairing same. It was decided that the County Council be asked whether this was a county bridge and if it was not, that it be repaired by the sur- veyor. He further reported that the special com- mittee had examined the drains complained of in Bridge street and they had agreed that the draiu on the east side should be re-laved with 9 inch socket pipes and also that that a new drain be made with six inch socket pipes on the other side from Glandwr backyard to an arch culvert near the lower end of Glandwr. They also recommended that larger gratings and cesspits be placed on the drains the same as those in High street. The report was adopted, the cost in connection with the drainage not to exceed zElO, and the old pipes to be carefully preserved for use on the Coedllan main road. REPORT OF FINANCE COMMITTEE. This committee reported that the expenditure on the borough roads for the past month was JE21 Os 2d, being X3 12s 5d less than for the corresponding month last year. They recommended that a claim be made out for the extraordinary traffic of the Corporation of Liverpool along the borough roads, and that the tender of Mr R A Jones for the six windows on the south side of the Market HRll be accepted, the archway opposite Liverpool House to remain undisturbed for the present. The report was adopted.—The Mayor gave notice to move the re-appointment of the medical officer, Dr Felix Jones, and the inspector of nuisances, Mr David Lloyd.-The Clerk to the County Council wrote enclosing a printed copy of the proposed basis of the county rate prepared by the committee, and the Council considered it satisfactorv, it agreeing with the figures prepared by the Assessment Com- mittee of the Lianfyllin Union.