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I MARKETS. WELSHPooLGENERAL,Monday.—Wholesale prices Butter Is 3d to Is 4d per lb: eggs 0 to 12 for Is fowls Os Od to 3s Od pt-r couple chickens, 4s Od to 5s Od; ducks, 4" 6d to 5s 6d rabbits, Is 6d to Is 8d per C'olJn1e. P A L, TUESDAY.—Eggs 0 to 12 for Is burrer 1* ad io is 4(1 per lb; fowls 3s Od to Os Od; chickens 4s Od to 5s Od: ducks 4s Od to5s0d; rabbits, Is 6d to Is 8d per couple. LIVERPOOL CORN, J'UKKIMY. — Wheat, only small business, about Friday's rates. 1 Californian, 6s 2d 1 Dujuth (new). 5s 10^d to 5s lid: Northern spring, 5s iOjd to 5s lid. Beans, 6d turn better -Saidi, 28s 6d to 28¡,; 9d. Peas, 5s 6jd. Oats, I littie more inquiry at late rates. Maize, oniv slow I business—old mixed, 3s 54d to 3s 6d new. 5s 5Jd to 3s 5gd. Flour, unchanged. BIRM.NGHAM CAZCLI:, TUESDAY.—Slow demand for cattle. Prices ruled as Beef, here- fords, 7d; shorthorns, 0d to 6Jd bulls and' cows, 4^d to 6d calves, Od to Od wethers, 8d to 8^d ewes and rams, 5d to bu per lb. Short supply of p is., but trade active—bacon pigs, 7s lOd to 8s Od; porkets. 8s 6d to S'H 3d sows, 58 9d per score. LONDON HAY AND STRAW, TCKSI>A\.—Prices: Good to prime hay, 70s to 87s bd inferior to fair, 55s to 65s good to prime clover, 75s to 100s inferior to fair ditto. 60s Od to to", mixture and sainfoin. 60s Od to 85s Od; straw, 24s to 36: per load. ¡ SALKORD CATTLE, TUESDAY. — At niai-ket, 2,426 cattle, witn trade strong at fail price.- sheep, 8,156, only choice weights in demacd calves, 126, all but fat and choice animals dull. Quotations I d as follows :—Cattle, 5d tc Sd blwep. 51li to 8d calves, 5d to 8<1 per lb. 2 LIVERPOOL CATTLE MARKET,MONDAY—Numbers: Beasts, 1,022: sheep, 4,532. Quotations:—Best beasts, 6d to 6jd second, Ed to 5 £ d third, 4id to 5j-.d best Scotch sheep, 7^d to Sid other sorts, 6d ¡ to 7d per lb. The supply of stock was smaller than, last week, showing a decrease of 591 beasts, and a decrease of 1,187 sheep. Slow cemand for all classes at about late rates. CORK BCTTER, Thursday.—Prim est, —s Drime, —s; firsts, —s; seconds 90s; kegs. — s; thirds 74s kegs —s fourths —s fifths —s choicest —s; choice —s superfine 100s fine mild —s Eel-ls-S mild —s choicest boxes -8: choice boxes, -8 In market 19, which were classified as follows:- Primest 0, prime 0, firsts 0, seconds 7, tidrds 1, fourths 3, filths 0, choicest 0, choice 0, super- fine 0, tine mild 2, mild 0, choicest boxes 0, choice 0, i- i, 6, keys 1. Fresh Dutter A, 104s to —s ditto B. 86s to 80s OSWI.STKY CORN MAKKKT, WEDNESDAY. -T!.e following were the quotations:—White wheat (old) Os Od to 06 0d white wheat (new), 3s lid to 4s Id per 75iba red wheat (old), Os Od to Os Od; red wheat (new), 3s 10o to 4s ud per 7blbs: old oats, 13" Od to 14: Ot]: new oats. 10s Gd to lis Od per 200ibs; malting barley, 16s Od to 17s 6d grinding barley, 138 6d to 14s Oct per 2801bs. OSWESTRY GENERAL MARKET, W RI'NESDAY.— Quotations :—Butter, Is 2d to Is 3 per 1b; eggs 8 to 9 for Is; beef, 6d to 8d per lb mutton, 7d to 9d lamb, 8d to 9d veal, 7d to 9d pork, 6d to 8d fowls, 4s 6j to 5s Od couple ducks, 5s Od t.o 6s Od per couple; rabbits. 2s 2d to 2s 4d per caurie; geese, éd to9d turkeys, lOd to lid per ibj potatoes, lOd per score. OSWKSTKY WEEKLY CATTLE FAIR.-There was a good supply of stock at the Smirhfieid on Wednesday, which sold very well all round, and former prices being maintained. Messrs Whitfield and Son sold 191 cattle and calves, and 64b sheep and pigs Messrs Ball, Wateridze and Uweo, in conjunction with Mr Dr.ody, sold 74 cattle and calves, and — sloop]) anè lambs; and Messrs Whitfield and Batho had their usual sales. Prices ruled as fo-,Iows Beef, 6ia tc 7d pt-r lb; mutton, 7d to 8d per lb.: vea! 7.1 to 8d per lb pork pigs, 8s Go to 8, 4d bacoi: pirrs 7s 6d to 7s 9d per score. ELLKSMERE. TUESDAY. -j "wtat1(v: follow? Wheat ( new) 1 Is 6d t( 128 Od ppr 225 lbs barley (new), 16s Od to 17s Od per 280 lbs; oats (new), 10s Oct to E Od per 200 lbs; butter. Is Id to Is 3d per lb egtrs, 10 to 12 for Is, fowls, 5s 6r: to 5s Od ducks, 4s 6d to 5s 6d rabbits, Is lOd to 2s 2d per couple; apples, 2d per ih AV HITCHUKCH, Fl,' II)AY. NViieat. -Ie. 10d to 4s Id per 75 lbs; barley, 3s Gd to 4s 0a per 70 JUS; oats, 2s 6d to 3s Od per 50 lbs; eggs, 10 to 11 for Is; butter Is 2d to Is 3d per 16 oz fowls, 3s 68 to 4s 6d per couple; ducks. 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; potatoes, Od to 9d per score oeef. 5d to Sd mutton, 7d to 9d iamb, 71l to 9d veal, 7d to od pork, 6d to 7d per lb; rabbits, Is lOd to 2s Od per couple; apples, Id to 2d per quarter. BRADFORD WOOL, THURSDAY.—The wool market displays a better tone to-day. both interior and ex- terior conditions being rather more favourable in their outlook. The movement of the Loudon wool sales is believed to have been nothing more than a temporary check, the fall of the Bank rate is good for the market, and the better news from South Africa is stimulating. Business is very scarce, for, whilst holders have rather more confidence, users are content to wait, being pretty well covered for the time being but prices are fully maintained to- day.