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OSWESTRY. INCORPORATION.—MONDAY. Present: Mr W Griffiths (chairman) presiding, Mr John Richards (vice-chairman), the Rev T M Bulkeley-Owen, Messrs A C Nicholson, E Fox Davies, D Vaughan, R Owen, Joseph Vaughan, T Whitfield, D Edwards, W M Richards, A Peate, W E Frith, T Ward Green, II C Holland, J Griffiths, R Howell Davies, and W Humphreys, with Mr J C Bull (clerk), and Mr C H Bull (assistant clerk). INCREASE OE IN-DOOR PAUPERS. Mr Nicholson.called attention to this matter and thought the Master should be asked who the persons were that came into the house. The figures were going up rapidly and he thought the matter should be inquired into.—The Visiting Committee's report called attention to three able-bodied inmates who frequently visited the house. Mr Peate thought they should be proceeded against as rogues and va¡(abonds.-The Vice-Chairman said that as a rule these men took- their discharge before the Board meeting and returned about the following Wednesday.—The Master said they had left and had not been back since. Under the now order he had power to detain these in-and-outers for 168 hours. In reply to the vice-chairman, he said that there were three able-bodied men in the house at i)i-esont.-No resolution was passed. FINANCE. Mr Nicholson submitted the Finance Committee's report recommending payments amounting to £ 1,242 15s 9d. The lunatics cost £ 382 lis 3d being -210 more than last year, and the account of neces- saries for the Hotrse showed an increase of about E100, which was partly owing to tho increase in the the inmates, and the cost of provisions.—The report was adopted. DIFFICULTY WITH A COLLIERY: THE SUPPLY OF COAL. Mr Nicholson mentioned an increase of El odd incurred in having to get coal from a local coal merchant, the Black Park ColIiery not being- able to fulfil their contract. He moved that notice be given to the Colliery proprietors that if they could not supply the House according to contract, the Board would buy against them and charge them with the increased cost.-The proposition was agreed.—In his report, the Master reported that in reply to a letter the Colliery Company stated that they had teen hard put to, hence the delay. THE BOARD AND THE SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE. The Clerk stated that he wrote to the Chief Constable, as directed by the last meeting, calling his attention to Supt Lewis's conduct with regard to the case of James Caird. The Chief Constable, in reply, acknowledged the receipt of the letter and said that while not expressing an opinion on the controversy between the justices and the Work- house authorities he thought the Superintendent had no option but to comply with the order of the magistrates. — The Vice-Chairman thought the Board should not allow the magistrates or anybody else to raid that house (hear, bear). If the Chief Constable took no notice of their complaint they had nothing to do but to writo to the Home Office. He moved this.—Mr Ward Green said he hardly thought that the magistrates ordered Supt Lewis to take the course which ile did, as was stated at the last meeting. He thought the matter should be brought to the notice of the Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee.—The Vice-Chairman then withdrew his motion and proposed that the attention of the Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee be called to the matter.—Mr David Vaughan said the matter had been placed in the hands of the Local Governing Committee and it would be satisfactorily settled for the future. —The Vice-Chairman said that was not the question. They were discussing the question ofallowing any- one to raid the house.—The proposition was agreed to. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER. The School Attendance Committee having ap- pointed Mr R H Richards as temporary school attendance officer during the illness of Mr G C Smith, their action was approved. RATING. A communication was received from the Town Clerk stating that at the last Council meeting it was reported that the County Rating Committee had informed the Finance Committee of the Town Council that they had adopted the income tax as the base of assessment. As there is a considerable difference in the assessment, they asked the Incor- poration to take the same step as they were taking and get a copy of the assessment with a view to correction.—The matter was referred to the Assess- ment Committee on the proposition of Mr Peate, seconded by the Vice-Chairman. POSTS OF LAUNDRESS AND PORTER. The following applications were received :—Mrs Fulcher, Oswestry House of Industry, for the post of laundress Mr and Mrs Rogers, Pentre street, St Martin's, for the posts of porter and laundress jointly; and Messrs Jonah Evans, Glynmorlais, Chirk; James Woosnam, porter at Caersws Work- house John Brown, tho Hall, Maesbury, and Joseph Jones, Canal Bridge, Chirk Bank, for the post of porter.—The Rev T M Bulkeley-Owen gave notice that be would move the appointment of Mrs Fulcher as laundress at the next meeting.—The Vice-Chairman gave notice that he would move the appointment of Mr Brown as porter.—Mr Frith gave notice that he would move the appointment of Mr Joseph Jones.—It was agreed to ask Messrs Brown and Jones to appear at the next meeting. THE HOUSE. The Master acknowledged with thanks a large parcel of illustrated books and papers from Mr C G Downey of Ashlands. Mr W W Coulson being desirous of giving an evening's entertainment for the benefit of the inmates on February 1st, per- mission was granted. Mr and Mrs A Wynne Corrie gave the inmates an excellent tea on January 11 to which ample justice was done. During the evening each old man was presented with a briar pipe and a packet of tobacco, each old woman with tea, sugar aud oranges, and the children also had a share of the good things. Tea was folllowed by a theatrical performance which was much enjoyed. Eaph of the officers received a suitable present. On January 12 Mr F G Davies gave a capital entertainment with the children from Morda school. Miss De Burgho Hodge visited the hospital on the 12th and distributed to the female patients gifts of flannel jackets, sweets, tea, sugar, oranges and cakes. Her kindness had been much appreciated.—Votes of thanks were accorded by the Board to those named.