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ESTABLISHED 1857. Messrs. MURPHY & ROWLEY SURGEON DENTISTS, I TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Honorary Dentists to the Aberystwyth Infirmary awl Cardiganshire General Hospital. Mr ROWLEY visits MACHYNLLETH — Every WEDNESDAY AFTEROON. Attendance from 2 to 5 o'clock at Mrs, J, Hughes s, Dovey Yiew, near the Railway Station, TOWYN—The Second Luid fourth Friday iu jack month, from 2 to 5 o'clock, at Mrs. J oner's *3, High Street, near the Railway Station. At Home at ABERYSTWYTH MONDAYS TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, and SATURDAYS. CONSULTATIONS FREE. /•* J. HUTCH INGS, NATURALISTS & GUN MAKERS. i1, BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH ESTABLISHED 1851. BIRKBECK BANK Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. TWO and A HALF per CENT. INTEREST al- >wed on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. TWO per CENT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS on minimum monthly balance, when not drawn below 100. n STOCK, SHARES and xYNNUITlES purchased »id sold. SAYINGS DEPARTMENT. For the encouragement of Thrift the Bank re- ceives small sums on deposit, and allows Interest monthly on each completed Ll. BIRKBECK BUILDING SOCIETY. HOW TO PURCHASE A HOUSE FOR TWO GUINEAS PER MONTH. BIRKBECK FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. HOW TO PURCHASE A PLOT OF LAND ,jIR FIVE SHILLING PER MONTH. The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with full parti- .1-re, can be obtained post free on application to FRANCIS RAYFNSCOFT, Manager. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY FROM £ 10 AND UPWARDS on borrower's own promissory note, AT MUCH LOWER INTEREST THAN USUALLY CHARGED. The undersigned has been establisbed for MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY, and has always conducted Business under HIS OWN NAME. He has always endeavoured to act in a fair and straightforward manner, and has received MANY HUNDREDS OF LETTERS OF APPRECIATION AND THANKS from those who have dealt with him. NO PRELIMINARY FEES CHARGED. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. PROMPT ATTENTION TO INQUIRIES. Prospectuses, Terms for Advances, or any informa- tion desired, will be supplied. FREE OF CHARGE, on application, either personally or by letter, to GEORGE PAYNE, ACCOUNTANT, 5, TOWN W AL L S, SHREWSBURY. WEDNESDAYS AT 1, CAMBRIAN BUILD- INGS, OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY. (Next to the Cambrian Railway Station). ESTABLISHED 1870. WEDDING CARDS. VBW SAMPLE BOOK now open to inspection at the 'County Times Office, Welshpool. SALTER AND ROWLANDS, PROPRIETORS. JOHN LLOYD & SONS, TOWN CRIERS, BILL POSTERS & DISTRIBUTORS, HAVE the largest number of most prominent Posting Stations in all parts of Aberystwyth Mid District. Having lately purchased the busi- ness and stations of Aberystwyth Advertising and General Bill Posting Stations, they are able to take large contracts of every description. Over 100 Stations in the Town and District. Official Bill Posters to the Town and County Councils, G.W.R. Co., Cambrian Railway Co., all she Auctioneers of the Town and District, and other public bodies. Private Address— 18, SKINNER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. TOWYN-ON-SEA AND MERIONETH COUNTY TIMES A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR MERIONETHSHIRE. EVERY THURSDAY. ONE PENNY. Pull and Impartial Reports of all Local Events. General News. Markets. Notes. A FIRST-CLASS ADVERTISING MEDIUM. PUBLISHERS SALTER AND ROWLANDS, 21, BERR1EW STREET, WELSHPOOL. BOURNEMOUTH. — Intending Residents in or Visitors to Bournemouth, Boscombe, Parkstone-by-Sea, Swanage, &c., should advertise for houses or apartments in the Guardian series of newspapers, published simultaneously at Bourne- mouth, Boscombe, Branksome, Parkstone, Poole, Wimborne, Blandford, and Swanage, Scale same as P.O. telegrams, 12 words 6d; d for every additional word. Three insertions at the price of two. Diamond Jubilee enlargement to 64 columns.— Address Manager, Guardian, Bournemouth. TSLE OF WIGHT EXPRESS AND COUNTY JL PAPER" (price one penny), published at Newport every Friday, is an old-established, and the best and most popular paper in the Isle of Wight; its circulation is varied and increasing; it goes in the homes; it has agents in every village in the Island, and branch offices in every town. 'Wanted" class of advertisements, 20 words 6d; trade advertisements at favourable rates.—Write estimates to the Chief Office, High at, Newport, l.W A PARTMENTS.—To all having Apartments to A Let. Do not lose pounds by having your apartments empty, when for Is (or three weeks for Za.) you can have a 30-word advertisement in six aewspapers circulating in districts which each year 4end thousands of visitors to Mid-Wales. Names if Papers: Leyton, Leytonstone, West Ham, Wan- rtead, Woodford and Forest Gate, Manor Park and (lford Express and Independent.—Address: Inde- pendent Office, Leytonstone, Essex. TOWYN -ON -SEA. Persons requiring House, or Apartments in the fashionable and popular seaside resorts of Towyn, Barmouth, and Aber. dovey, should send their advertisements to the Tou-yn-on-Sea and Merioneth County Times 21 words Is. Offices: Towyn-on-Sea and Welshpool. A SITUATION VACANT Will always bring the Largest Number of Replies by Advertising in the COUNTY TIMES." If there is anything you Want Advertise in the COUNTY TIMES." If you have anything you wish to Sell, Advertise in the COUNTY TIMES." THREE LINES FOR ONE SHILLING. IN ALL E DITIOS of THE "COUNTY