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4 WELSHPOOL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. The continued existence of the Welshpool Horticultural Show, the most popular and most patronised event of the who.e ear m this locality, hangs in the balaiiee. The Earl of Powis has for several years inti- mated to the Committee that there were reasons why the show should be held at some time other than during the first fort- night in August, and the Committee have, so far with success, urged that the show should be held on the Thursday following the August Bank Holiday, believing that 9 r, on that day a greater degree of patronage ZD would be afforded than on any other day. The Earl has yielded to the wishes of the Com- mittee on several occasions, but now comes a deadlock. To put the matter plainly, asection, possibly the majority, believe that to h )ld -jvjrltv., i the show on any other date, other than the one selected, means courting failure, and they have decided that after the result of last year's event, as they have no hope of carrying the show to a successful termina- tion, they cannot fritter away the savings of former years, and the show will not be held in 1900. Should the general body of subscribers confirm this decision, the festivity for 1900 will be declared off. The Earl of Powis on his part has intimated very firmly that he cannot allow the Park to be used for the purpose of the shov during the first fortnight in August, but that lie will willingly grant the use of the Park on some other date, to be mutually agreed upon. Nothing is to bt gained by conceal i nig the fact that many people believe that the Earl is desirous of quashing the whole affair and that he is acting ir an arbitray spirit. On the other hand Lord Powis, as the owner of the Park, might believe that the Committee have acted in a dictatorial spirit in insisting that they should have the Park on this particular day, or that they would hold him responsible in a moral sense, for depriving the large number, who appreciate this annual event, of their enjoyment. Lord Powis has the right, as the owner, not only to say whether he will grant the use of the Park or not, but also on what date the Show shall be held. So far as we can see both Lord Powis and those who insist on a particular day or none, are acting under a misconcep- tion. Lord Powis is under no obligation to give his reasons why the first fortnight in August does not meet with his approval. but from what we know his Lordship has his own personal reasons, while on the other hand it is probably a bona- tide contention that this one day is the best for the show. It seems to us that. as matters now stand, the only course open is to throw up the show or conduct it on different lines, that is, more as a hor- ticultural exhibition than as an entertain- ment. We hope sincerely that this pleasing function will not be allowed to fall through, and that efforts will be made to arrive at a better understanding with Lord Powis on the matter. It would be a great pity were such an exhibition allowed to fall through, and we trust the committee will strive to come to some other decision which will properly respect the rights of Lord Powis, as owner of the land., and at the same time attain the end in view.