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LLAXGADFAN CAIIOL Skeyice.— (ia Friday evening week the Epipnany Carol Service was celebrated iu the Parish Church, which was crowded. A short even- song—fally choral—y.-as intoned by the R*v D C Jpnes, Rector, after which carols were rendered by parties conducted be Messrs R Mills J Owen, E Price, and D Roberts, the latter party being from ) Llanerfyl. Mr D Roberts sang of Zion" with great taste. The service throughout was very impressive. P Audit.—The half-rear]R audit the Llj mystyn estate was held at Cann Office hotel on Tuesday last, by Mr Forrester Addie, assisted by Mr Manford ar.d Mr Davies. There was fA, large muster of tenants- Tie company sat down to a dinner provided in Miss Owen's usual bounti- ful style. When the tables were cleared Mr W For- rester Addie. who presided, proposed the health of The Oueen and the Prince and Princess of Wales and other members of the Roval Family." Then followed the toast of "Lord and Ladv Powis," proposed by Mr Hnehes, Ffridgowney. Mr Hughes referred to the loss which his Lordship had sus- tained last August by the disastrous ifre at Llvroys- tyn Had. The feast wis received with great enthusiasm. Mr W Forrester Addie proposed the health of "The tenants of the Llymvstvn estate," and said he was always very pleased to co'me among thera. ar.d at the cheerful'way in which they came forward to pay their routs. He also said that Lord Powis was very much touched by the sympathy with his Lordship which they and all others had shown when Idymystyn Hail was burnt- down. This toast was coupled with the names of Mr D Davies, Tycyfedw, and Mr Robert Hughes, j Ffridgowney, who suitably responded.-Th( Rev 1) C Jones gave the toast of Mr Addie," and s( in Mr Addie they had a friend to whom they could go at all times, and that the tenants under him were happy and prosperous. — The toast was received with great acclaatmation.—Mr Addie gave the toast of Mr Owen, Miss Owen, and Mrs Williams, Cann Office." and wished them a long continuance of life and health to carry on the | house so honourably connected w;th their names. j —During the evening songs were given by Mr E iiharrs, Mr Torn A r.ley, aud Mr J Davies, Lluast. XEEWEKN. War Fukd.—On Friday week a concert wes given iu the fchooJrouE- in nid of the fund for the equipment of the Impeiia! Yeomanry. The room was crowded with patriotic sublets of the Queen. Mr T Morgan-Owen, J.P., H.MI, Maesfron, pre- sided, and be was introduced by the Vicar, the Pe. D Stephens, and received with loud applause. He said In the first place allow me to wish you one and all every good wish for the year just be- gun (applause). So f-ir it has been a very serious year for us, as oar forces in South Africa." who are bravely battling for what is just and right against what is brutal and wrong, have not been very suc- cessful but we hope for better results ere long (applause). In certain quarters our right to im.e: fere in S-nth African riiairs L been put to the question. Let me, therefore,very briefly put the case before you in a figurative manner. Some years ago chief partieR concerned might be represented by the respective positions of tiiree men. The one was on the ground struggling in the throes of death, while the second grasped him by the throat with the one. hand and poised aloft with the other his spear. But ere this weapon reached tre heart of the qniverintr wretch beneath it, a third man appeared and waved a..ide the triumphant foe (cheers). Well, my friends, the man on the ground was the Boer. The man who wished to wip? him out was the Zulu. The man who rescued the Boer was the Briton (cheers). Now, do von not think that under such circumstances as these the Boer would for ever be beholden to the Briton, and that to the end of time be would endeavour in every possible way to show his gratitude to him (cries of Yes, yes."). But what happened ? Ever since since his deliverance from the clutches of the ZUlU, the Boer has plotted and schemed against, the Briton (cries of Shame."). The position of the Briton in the Transvaal was that of hewers of wcod and drawers of water." He had no voto foi and no representative in their Assemb;ies-his children were obliged, whilst in school, to give up the language of their mothers and to speak Dutch—(shame)—and meanwhile the Briton had to pay almost all the rates and taxes- j (laughter)—and he aDd his were treated as beings inferior to the Boer. Was that right? (Cries of no, no.") The Boer filled his country, on "the slv, with guns, cannon, and ammunition, and when he thought he was quite ready for the Briton, who had allowed himself to be duped, the Boer threw off the Sovereignty of the Queen and said he would j sweep the Briton into the ocern (laughter). How- ever, he has not. done so yet-(Jaughter)-and I do not suppose he ever will do so, as the British Lion is -it his heels and will in the course of time make hit lair in Pretoria (cheers). I have said that onr days are serious ones and they remind us of the time when Napoleou Buonaparte threatened to invade England. Then as now our country roused itself as one. man and stood to arms. Then as now a Sir Watkin Williams-Wvnn assembled the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry to defend and to fight for their Fatherland — (cheers) —aud it is pleasing to know that the proceeds of this concert will be giver, in aid of the brave men who have volun- teered to join the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry (ap- pltiti;- programme was as follows Song, "The Briti.-h Lion," Mr W Morris: harp solo, Gweuith Gwvn," Miss Morgan-Owen reading, W hic-h would you choee !,(-v D Stephens; song, Jack's the boy for work," ír M Morgan-Owen so,g, Foiir jolly smiths," Mr C Morris; songj of the Queen," Mr Q.uin; song, "The curtain drops," Mr L Sykes A little farm well tilled," Messrs C and W Morris and R Preece: song, The Absent-Minded Beggar," Mr R Preece p Men of Harlech," M■cs xviorgan-Owen Soiig, Canity," Mr M Morgan-Owen; reading, On purser" Rev D Stephens; duet, The pilot brave," Messrs W Morris and R Preece; song, 1 hey all love Jack," Mr C Morris; soug, True as the," Mr L Sykes; duet (in character), Country courtship. Mrs Quia and Mr R Preece. The accompanists were Miss Morgan-Owen and Mrs Qnin who performed their ardaous task's in an ad- mirable manner All the items received weii-de- eacores- An did not respond, but in some case*- the- audience would not be denied. As wen as being encored and responded to in Paru 1. of the program me, that popular song, "Soldiers of the Queen," was given by special request in Part II. and each time the chorus cauie round the whole' company joined in heartiiy. The stage had been nicely decorated with plants kindly sent from Maesfron, which with the aid of the footlights pre- sented a very pretty appearance. The usual votes of thanks were given to the chairman, the per- formers (especially those from the adjoining parish) to MrPheby for the loan or his piano, the audience for their heaity support to so worthy an object, and any who had in any way assisted. The singing of the National Anthem brought a very jolly even- ing to a close. Ail the expenses were verv gener- ously borne by Mr Morgan Owen. The proceeds amounted to over zC4, The collection taken after the singing of the Absent-minded Beggar was 16s.




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