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MONTGOMERY PRIZE DISTRIBUTION. The annual prize-giving in connection with the Church Sunday School took place at the National Schools 011 Friday. There was a large attendance. The Rector presided and paid a few words of en- couragement to the children. He urged them to make the best use of the din's of thrir vouth, to bf regular and punctual in their attendance at the Sunday School, and to second the efforts of teachers to instruct them in the principles of faith aud duty. Ho reminded the parents tnat the Sun- day School does not release them from their responsibility in regard to the religious inst ruction oi their children at home, and that it was their duty to set them a good example. He thanked the teachers for help and co-odcration and said that the large attendance at the Sunday School testified to the kindly interest of the t.eacheis in their important He congratulated the teachers, parents, and children upon the excellent attendance during the last year and this was shown by the number who had gained prizes and certifi- cates. Great praise, was dne to those who had made every attendance at the morning and after- noon schooi.—Mr 'lurnbnll, in seconding the vote of thaiiKS to the teachers, Sato howgra.tefui parents were for the w.rk done by the teachers in the Sunday Scrsool.—The children sang two songs very nicely at intervals daring the in ize-odving, ard after God save the Queen had been &une. the Rector gtive each child a bun and an orange. The following is the prize list:—Books earned by attendance tickets William Tnrnbui], Sarah Ann Davies. Agnes Gwiit," Emily Gwiit, Mary Emily Pryce, Georgina Davies, Beatrice Williams, Alice. I Williams, Catherine Wood, Maude Pryce, Mary Jones, Geo Weaver, Ed Weaver, Marv Weaver, Samuel Jones, Raymond Bright, Jno Whittingham, ¡ Wm "Whittingham, Lizzie Lowells, Annie Jones, (Castle street), Florence Hill, Gladys Wood, Susan Be&van, Maggie Pryce, Grace Tipping, Willie Jones, •Ed Prvce, Percy Wood, Arthur Davies, Annie Bebb[ Nora Jones, Ernest Jones, Charlie Jones, Ethel Annie Bason. Lizzie Davies, Annie Evans, Nellie Williams, Nellie Davies, John Bishop, Alick Wil. j lian s, Mary \Vilbams. Emily Williams, Minnie Williams, Frank Williams, Fred Williams, Wiliie Davies, Emily Bebb, Geo Evans, Myddleton Bright, Charlie Bason, Maggie Evans, Nellie Whettal, Tome Gittins, S A Whetiai, Mabel Maddox, Nora Maddox, Annie Mary Pnce, Annie Turnbull, Rboda Owen, Rose Russell, Martha Russei, Lizzie Turnbull, Daisy Tipping, Lizzie Evans. Sarah J Evans, Sophy Williams, Hilda Davies. Edith Pryce, Nellie Williams (Backyard), John Cheese, Pryce Williams, Margaret Rogers, Nellie Davies (Police Station), John Beavan, Walter Pritchard, Elizabeth b I Pritchard, George Yvm Davies, Edzabeth Grice, Charlotte Crowther, Susan Bunnor, Thomas Cheese John W Davies, Kitty Lewis, Margaret Peitchard, Wm Pritchard. for the two best attendances in each class, wiiws there are more than two the attendances are equal— Rev E Brown's class t Thcmas i"a ng, Fred Harris. =\1 r Tipping"s class: John Whittingham, Arthur Williams. Mr O R Owen s class: Samuel Jones, Ed I'ryce, Pryce Williams, Wm Whittingham, Percy Wood. Miss Evans' class: Ed Weaver. Henry Pryce, George Weaver, Alec Williams, Wm Pritchard. Miss Bryan's class M Beedle, Edith Lloyd, Ruth Wil- Mrt. Brown's ciass: Rebecca Jones, N Wiiiiams. Mrs John Davies'class Annie Jones, ;3üphy Wil- lift-ms. Maggie Pryce. Lizzie TurRbull. Grace Tipping. Miss II Davies' class A^ne* Gwiit, Emily Gwiit, Eveiine eavei.. Lizzie Pritchard, Sionie Davies. Lizzie Davies, Minnie Williams, Hhmia, Owon. Miss Eaton's class, Maggie Evans, Katie Wood. M 1^3 E M Davies' class Gladys Wcod, Maggie Pritchard, Lizzie Grioe. Miss Annie Allan's Class: A::I1;c Bebb, Emilv Bebb, j Annie Jone: Yera, Jones, George Evans. Miss Befftle's class Annie B;t"oI!, Annie Tarnbu'l. Miss t Nellie olais: Mary Pryce. May Weaver. 1 Beatrice Williams, Alice Wiiuams. Annie Evans, j Emily Williams and i-.i&y Williams. Moraine School: Boys, John Whittingham, Pryce Williams, Ed Pryce, and Wm Whittir.gham. Girls: Agnes j Gwiit, Emily Gwiit, Maggie Evans, Katie Wood, Maggie Pryce, and Lizzie Pi itch ard. Eoys (in- j J fant-a) George Evans, Alec Williams, Edward i Weaver, George Weaver, William Pritchard, and Henry Pryce. Infants (girls) Maggie Pritchard, S A Whettal, Lizzie Grice, Mary Pryce, Minnie Wiiiiams, May Weaver, and Annie Evaus. Certificates gamed by those who Lave not missed more than five at tendances: Agnes Gwiit, Emily Gwilt, Eveline Weavei, Lizzie Pritchard, Nellie Davies, Lizzie Davies, Minnie Williams, Katie Wood, Maggie Evans, Annie Jones, Sophy Wil- iiams,^Maggie Pryce, Gladys Wood, Maggie Prit.ch- ard, Lizzie Grice, Tho? Evans, Sam Jones, Ed Prvce. Pryce Williams, Wm Whittingham, John Whitc'ing- ham, Annie Bebb, Emily Bebb, Ed Weaver, Henry Pryce, Annie Evans, Geo Weaver, Aloe \Vi!.iaui8, Mary Pryce, May Weaver, 33 (maximum). The i above 29 made every attendance and received p'V, Vl framed ceiuificrtte =. The following are in order of merit: Beatrice Williams, A Williams, E Williams, May Williams, Annie Evans, W Pritchard, George Evans, Vera Jone-, Annie Jones (Kerry Street), Percy Wood, Fred Harris, Grace Tipping, Lizzie Turnbull, Lizzie Evans, Martha Jones, Rebecca Jones, Beatrice Harris, Charles B Williams, Arthur B Williams, Walter Pritchard, Charles Davies, Hilda Vaughan, Jane Maddox, Jane Whittingham, Daisy Tipping, Charlotte Crowther, M Beedle, Nellie Williams, Edith Pryce, Nellie Davies (Police Station), Edith LJoyd, Hilda Davies, Susan Beavan, William Harris, Annie Bason, Harold Tnrnbull, Marian Farmer, Ruth Wiiiiams, Annie Turnbull, Ben Maddox, Thos Maddox, Alary Maddox, M J Vaughan, Morffvdd Jones, and Rhoda Owen. Miss Bryan and the Rectur yave a special prize to the following children, who have made full attendances at both morning and afternoon school during the past year: John W nittingham, W.m WhittilJgham, Margaret Pryce, Edward Prjce, Catherine Wood, Agnes Gwiit, Emily Gwiit, Margaret Evans, Elizabeth Pritchard, Pryce Williams, Alec Williams, Ed Weaver, Geo Weaver, Margaret Pritchard, Elizabeth Grice, Mary Pryce, Minnie Williams, May Weaver, Henry Pryce, and Annie Evans.








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