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LLANIDLOES. WAR FUND.— A meeting of the General Com- mittee to consider the disposal of the War Relief Fuud formed in the town was held in the Public Rooms on Monday afternoon. The Mayor (Mr E Davies) presided. After a long discussion it was decided to postpone the consideration of the matter to see how other local funds are distributed. The Mayor stated that several persons in the town were now receiving through him relief from the County Fund, and an opinion was expressed that the Llan- idloes Fund should be transmitted to that quarter. The fund now amounts to £89, but with £7 10s already collected at Llangurig and promised sub- scriptions it is expected to exceed £100. AT THE FRONT.—Mr W Shepton, formsrly of High street, Llanidloes, who was employed on the railway at Norvals Pont when the war broke out, and wasobliged to escape from the Boers leav- ing his belongings behind, in a letter written home on Wednesday, from Naauwpoort where Gen- eral French is operating, states that on Christmas Day they had to fish the Boers out of the river who had stones tied around their necks to keep them down. The stench was something awful. He along with others had to keep following soldiers to bury the dead, and they had to undergo many hardships. It was terrible to see tho men coming in with their legs and arms off. THEFT OF £5 AT TIIEFEGLWYS. At the Llanidloes Police Court on Wednesday, before Messrs Edward Davies (Mayor) and Daniel Davies, Owen Jones, a tramping clock-cleaner, was brought up in custody charged with stealing a purse containing the sum of £4 19s 6d, the pro- perty of Thomas Swancott, Old Vicarage, Trefeg- lwys. Inspector Lake conducted th" case on behalf of the police.—Thomas Swancott said on Wednesday the 10th inst, about 8 in the evening he was at the Red Lion Hotel, Trefeglwvs, and called for two glasses of ale, and gave £1 for the drink. He received 19s 9d change. He put 19s 6d in his purse, and the other 3d in his pocket. He thought he put the purse in his pocket, but he did not happen to look if he had done so until Friday night when he found he had lost it. William Edwards, David Mills, John Edwards, and the prisoner were present at that Inn. When he found his loss be went home and asked his mother if she bad seen it on the room, and she said "no." The purse container) £4 10s. in gold and 9s. 6d. in silver. On Saturday last, the 13th inst., he gave information to the police. He did not see the prisoner handle the purse.—David Mills, Tal- garth Farm, said on Wednesday, the 10th, he was at the Red Lion from 8 to 10 in the evening. W Edwards, J Edwards, T Swancott and the prisoner were there. He went out and returned in a few minutes to find the prisoner in his seat. One of the company asked him (Mdls) what was that on the chair. He took hold of it and found it to be a purse. It was made of wash leather. On being asked no one owned it, and he then put the purse on the table. The prisoner, a fow minutes after- wards, asked him if he (Mil's) owned the purse and he replied no." Prisoner then put the purse in his pocket. He did not see what the purse contained, but believed from the rattle that there was a lot of money in it. Prisoner shortly afterwards went out. Later on ho saw him coming out of the other inn, and go in the direc- tion of Llauidloes. The purse, when found, was on the chair 011 which Swancott sat, and 1JO OIW sat on it after he left.—Evidenco having been given by Wm Edwards, Talgarth Mill; and John Josiah Jones, the landlord of the Red Lion Thomas Rowlands, watchmaker, Long Bridge street, Llan- id1oes, said on Thursday, the 11th inst., prisoner called at his shop at 10 in the morning, and asked if he had some cheap old watches to sell. He told prisoner that ho had no old ones, but had some cheap new ones. Prisoner purchased one at the price of 6s 6d. The watch produced was that purchased. Prisoner tendered him half-a-sovereign and in return received 3s 61 change. In prisoner's hand he also saw two or three sovereigns.—P.C. Rees, Trefeglwvs, deposed to arresting prisoner at Brecon on the previous day (Tuesday). In his possession prisoner had two watches, two Albert chains, six spectacles in case and three without, two eye glasses, and £1 2s in silver and 2d in copper. On the way from Brecon prisoner on being charged with the offence replied" That one of the young fellows in the company at the Red Lion gave him the purse. He put it in his pocket thinking it was a Tobacco pouch. He then went out, and on examination found it contained money. The purso and money fell to the ground, and all he could find was £2 in gold and two or three shillings in silver. He failed to find the purse and on going back to the public to inform the landlord there was money in the purse, no one was in the house. He may have gone into tho wiong house, there being two iu the village. He then wem in the direction of Llaridloes and slept in a farm buiidiug that night. He admitted buying the watches at Llauidloes and Builth." On the charge being read over prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to one calendar month's imprisonment with hard labour.









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