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CARDIGANSHIRE JOINT POLICE COMMITTEE. The quarterly meeting of Cardiganshire Joint Police Committee was held at Lampeter on Thurs- eL day. There wera present: Mr Morgan Evans, chairman Messrs D C Roberts aud C M Williams, Aberystwyth; Nicholas Bray, Goginan Ed Jones, Elgar; Major Price Lewes, the Rev J 1 Griffiths, and Mr J M Howell, Aberayron; Messrs John Fowden; Evan Richards, Penuwch; David Davies, Felindre Lieutenant Evans, Llandvssul; Messrs J Powell, Blaenwern H C Fryer, clerk; Howell Evans, chief constable and W Davies, surveyor. SALE OF DRINK TO CHILDREN. A petition was read from Aberystwyth against selling intoxicating drink to children.—It was re- solved that the Chief Constable request publicans to discontinue the practice in the common interests of morality and good government. CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. The Chief Constable reported as follows:- Gentlemen,—I have the honour to report for your information that the present state of the Force is as follows One chief constable, one deputy chief constable, one superintendent, five sergeants, and thirty-two constables. I append a copy of the allocation return, which shows the present dispo- sition of the Foroe; also a return showing the num- ber of persons summoned and apprehended, nature of crime and how dealt with, for the quarter end- ing 31st ultimo, together with a return showing the distribution of cases proceeded with under" the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Acts within the several petty sessional divisions for the same period. The total number of persons proceeded against during the year was 1,173, which shows an increase of eighty-two as compared with the corresponding year (1898). I append a return showing the num- ber of officers and constables in each class, as well as their pay; also a return of constables doing extra duties, with allowances for the same. On the 22nd October last I promoted P.C.'s Lewis Davies, 21, to the rank and pay of a merit class constable; Richard Jones, 11, to tHat of a first- clasg constable; and Charles Charman, 30, to that of a second-clasfi constable. On the 20th November last P.C. Thomas L Rowlands, 13, was promoted to the rank and pay of a second-class constable. About five p.m. on Saturday, the 25th October last, a young i pony attached to a milk cart, belonging to a man V named James Stephens, was left unattended to near I Messrs Stead and Simpson's boot shop in Great i- Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. Just at that time the Lion Hotel 'bus was coming down the street and by its noise the pony bolted away at a terrific rate down the stre,-t. Near the London and Pro- I vincial Bank in North Parade happened to be P.C. f John Jenkins, 23, who pluckiJy rushed at the i animal's head, and while endeavouring to check its progress he was thrown some yards away and had a narrow escape of being run over. Fortunately, however, he succeeded in reducing the speed of the pony and diverting its course and it was easily stopped a few yards further on. The plucky action of the constable was highly appreciated, as it was done at considerable risk, and some of the onlookers spoke to me of his conduct in high terms. The streets were rather full of people at the time and 1 i the action of the constable, I have no doubt, averted some serious accidents. Under the Act 22 and 23 Vict. C 32, S 24, and Sec. 24 of the Police Act, 1890, f you are empowered to grant gratuities to con- stables for courageous acts, and although P.C. John Jenkins, 23, did not actually succeed in bringing the animal to a standstill, he nevertheless ran a great risk, and I have therefore pleasure in recommending him to your kind consideration. The time has again come for supplying constables. with new clothing and I therefore beg to apply for permission to advertise for tenders in the usual I way. As the contract should be given out before your next meeting, I hope you will appoint a committee with power to open and accept tenders as is usually done. I visited all the police stations during the quarter and am of opinion that the I police stations at Aberayron and Aberystwyth f should now be painted. I also beg to state that neither the wall nor shed at the bottom of the <. garden at the Cardigan Police Station (referred to in my report of the 7th July last) have yet been repaired. With those exceptions, I found every- i thing in order. Eleven occasional licences I and ten extensions of time were granted 1 during the quarter. The Chief Constable's I report was adopted. With regard to Talybont Sessions room, it was resolved to ask the magia- ? trates to meet on Saturdays instead of on Thurs- days, whereby they would obtain the continued j use of the schoolroom, as magistrates' meetings would not then interfere with school work. The appointment of an extra policeman was agreed to, Mr D C Roberts observing that he did not think an extra man was wanted, but the Homo Office was able to force the Standing Joint Committee to make the appointment. It must be understood, however, that the extra man would meet the demand of the Home Office in regard to New Quay. Aberayron Council was granted the use of the County Hall for the purposes of a public library conditional on making good all damage. One week's extra pay was granted to P.C. John Jenkins (23) for stopping a runaway horse in North Parade. Thy Chief Constable was requested to proceed against persons leaving horses on the streets with- out any person in charge. OCCASIONAL LICENCES. Mr J M Howell, Aberayron, called attention to the action of Mr Thomas Griffiths, Aberyst- wyth, in signing, out of court, occasional licences for masonic banquets contrary to the resolu- tion of Quarter Sessions and the Standing Joint Police Committee. Some months ago Mr Griffiths had been asked to conform with the resolution and he (Mr Howell) wished to know if any reply had been received. The Clerk (Mr H C Fryer) replied that he wrote pretty strongly to Mr Griffiths and received no reply of any sort or kind.—Mr J M Howell then moved that the Clerk should write and ask Mr T Griffiths to conform with the usage of the county magistrates. —Mr Williams said the Lord Lieutenant was opposed to the granting of licences or extensions out of sessions.—Mr Morgan Evans (chairman) said it prevented uniformity, for Mr David Thomas bad granted an occasional licence out of sessions for a fair and the booth to which it was granted was kept open one hour after the others had been closed. —Mr D C Roberts did not think Mr Thomas Griffiths was altogether to blame. The licence was probably left to the last minute and Mr T Griffiths probably thought it would be hard not to sign it. He thought. the landlord ought to be asked to see to it in future that application was made in good time at the sessions.— Mr J M Howell said the county magistrates had loyally conformed to the resolution, and if they saw the intelligent leaders of tho county at Aberystwyth disregarding it, they would do the same. He therefore pro- posed that Mr T Griffiths bo asked to conform. —Mr Edward Jones seconded the proposal and it was agreed to.